NOTD - Feeling Fruity with Models Own Banana Split!

Hello there lovely readers!

I don't know if its the lovely weather that is slowly making itself known to us at last of late, but recently I’ve been inspired to go a bit fruity if you will with my nails. Not only does it brighten up my mood considerably but I can also convince myself that it counts as part of my 5 a day ;) So I was thinking of doing a little mini series of fruity mani's starting off with one fruit which I probably consume the most...bananas! :D

There's really only one polish that was calling to be used for this mani, the supremely yummy Models Own Banana Split, which is one of the five super pretty pastel polishes recently released that also each carry a fruity scent! Even though I tried to be good & only picked up the one, I'm sure it comes as no surprise when I say now I WANT THEM ALL! ;)

Banana Split is a gorgeous pale yellow pastel crème, of which I applied two coats. The first coat was a tad streaky but I find that to be the case with most crème's & it sorted itself out nicely after a second coat. I'm absolutely in love with the colour & once the polish had dried I could definitely detect a subtle sweet scent of banana's! Yummy! :D

Carrying on with the banana theme I decided to throw on some split banana's on top using acrylic paint & a nail art brush. This is the first time I've used acrylic paint for nail art, but after hearing lots of fab things I thought I'd give it a whirl! 

I found it a tad hard to work with at first but perhaps I just picked up some cheapish paint. Plus I was also advised to maybe water it down a tad next time, so I shall do that! Using a thin brush & paint I free handed some curvy upside down V's which hopefully resemble split banana skins! ;)

To finish I applied a coat of Nails Inc Glamour Glitter topcoat but I'm kinda wishing I'd skipped that & just applied a glossy topcoat instead, sometimes less is definitely more but hey ho! Sparkle is always nice ;)

Hope you liked the Banana Mani dolls! Its actually now got me craving those super yummy foam banana sweets....must make note to pick some up! Till next time!

Lotsa love to ya!


I'd love to hear your comments & thoughts lovely people! They make me happy! :) Do check back as I will always do my best to reply back to you :) xoxo