Need A Little Motivation? LUSH Liquid Eye Liner Review!

Hello there lovely readers!

Now we all need a little motivation every now & again right? And what better way than with a bit o' colour & a vibrant bright eye to pick ya up a tad? Enter at this point this gorgeous liquid eye liner from LUSH, whom I already adore for their fab fun bath products & they've ventured towards make up too! I really do love my eye liner so twas very excited to give this pretty a go which I was fortunate enough to receive in a goody bag from a blogger event a while back.

Firstly how adorable is that packaging with the teeny dropper bottle & little hand written label giving it a delightful Alice In Wonderland like feel? Motivation is one of a range of coloured liquid eye liners available & is a stunning vibrant two tone peacock blue green shade.

The eye liner comes with a thin brush & makes creating a fine line on the upper lid muchos easy & this liquid liner, which is creamy in consistency definitely glides across the lid nicely. 

The formula really is lovely & looking at the ingredients which include rose petal infusion, almond & jojoba oils I can see why.

The creaminess of the liner allows you to blend it if you want to for a more vibrant make up look, however I've been loving simply teaming it with my usual cat eye flick black eye liner for a hit of colour. Starting from the inner corner just draw your line, going along the upper lashline, applying it as thick you wish, till you reach the outer corner. A simple yet stand out eye make up look that's super fast & great if you're not in the mood to reach for the eye shadows.

Definitely a pretty little eye liner offering from LUSH & the colour is right up my street. I managed to get a whole day's wear & didn't experience any of that annoying transference of liner on the upper lid that's quite common in eye liners. There's only one downer for me though & a big one at that...& that's the price...a wince worthy £14.50! Ouch. Hmmm yeah...that be not so nice LUSH & is something that seriously needs working on please & thank you? Lets just hope the longevity of it makes it worth it...a year at least! ;)

Thanks for reading as always dolls! Have you tried LUSH's eye liners? What did you think?

Lots love to ya!


  1. Love, love, love this! Great colour and adorable packaging, not sure I'm brave enough to go for a blue eye liner though. Thank you for sharing Honey :)



    1. Thank you sweety & you are most welcome! Its a lovely colour & I'm such a sucker for cutesy packaging! Ooooh give it a go huny, if doing the whole lid is a tad daunting then adding a small touch of colour to the inner corners also looks lovely! :) xoxo

  2. Usually I'm a black liner only kinda gal but this is really stunning! xx

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    1. Haha me too Rhi, I'm never without it! But am slowly veering towards more colours & this is such a fab alternative if you're not in the mood for eye shadow! xoxo

  3. OMG this is so awesome! i have a golden one and i have to admit they are pretty awesome!


    1. Thanks Andrew! Its a blinding colour isn't it? I absolutely adore blues/greens like this! I bet the gold one is just as stunning too, just wish they weren't so pricey! xoxo

  4. wow, I've just reviewed another blue one but after seeing this, I may have to pick this one up next time!



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