NOTD - Cracked Pottery Nails

Hello there lovely readers!

I have some new nail art to share but before then how's about a bit of a catch up before getting to that...

So...despite the year starting off in not the best of ways with bush fires, apocalyptic storms & of course being hit with a worldwide virus pandemic...I am still determined to try & achieve the goals I wanted to this year, especially after having such a rough 2019. This includes travel (though naturally one is holding fire for now...) better health (I finally bought a bicycle & will be attempting regular cycling when I can!) & one other thing that I have wanted to do for the longest time which is...POTTERY! 

I have wanted to take up pottery for years so I began my course a few weeks ago & kids...I am actually surprised at how much I have fallen in LOVE with it. Now this isn't the spinning wheel type pottery so alas no Ghost fantasy re-enacting can be done but hand craft pottery. I have a wonderfully talented teacher & its a nice small class so you get the attention you need. I've previously done creative courses, dress making to name one, where the class was too big & students were at different skill levels, so after 2 terms I STILL felt like I hadn't learnt much & still needed a lot of help, so I scrapped that. 

Nail art as you know has been my creative outlet for years & I'm so happy to have now found another. I honesty went in with two minds but Pottery has exceeded my expectations & I also believe its done wonders for my mental health. Every time I've left a class after creating a beautiful vase or bowl I've felt SO content. So for that alone I will definitely be continuing.

And naturally I couldn't resist transitioning this new creative outlet to my other love...nail art! So I threw together this pottery inspired cracked vase design!

When I think of pottery of my immediate thoughts are of vibrant blue & white with touches of gold...so I inevitable try to transition those vibes on to my nails.

I'm so chuffed with how it came out! I started with that beautiful blue base using one of my favourite cobalt blue polishes Barry M Blue Grape.

I then applied some white to the tips for my pieces of pottery, making each tip a bit different. On to the white tips I freehanded a delicate floral design using light & dark blue polish.

Then grabbing some gold & a thin brush, I outlined the edges of the white as well as adding some "cracks"  on top of the floral pattern to give the look of cracked crockery.

And finally, because my SNS has grown out (yes this is my latest addiction which I've had done twice now this year!) & I haven't had time to get them redone, I added on some clear rhinestones along the cuticle which not only adds some bling to the look but also covers up the visible nail line...WIN! Little life hack for you there to wing another week out of your SNS! ;)

Finish it all with topcoat for that glossy finish & voila! Pottery nails ready for pottery class. Hope you liked them lovelies!  Have you ever tried pottery? Thanks as always for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!


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