Afternoon Tea Adventures - The Keepers House London

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So I've been a busy bee lately & by busy I of course mean eating ALL THE CAKE at some rather delightful afternoons teas...a VERY important task I'm sure you'll agree, which also means I have more reviews coming your way! I take my cake eating & tea sampling very seriously...its a hard job but I guess someone has to do it...

Today I'll be writing about the afternoon tea at The Keepers House Restaurant which is situated near Piccadilly Circus inside the Burlington Royal Academy of Arts. I was meeting my chums Ram & Saf for a good catch up sesh in the city so I suggested going for an afternoon tea as I always do & this one came up on my latest perusal of the afternoontea.co.uk website...having never tried & also loving the central location I decided to book it for our 3 way date.

I confess I was a little worried when we arrived, as of course Burlington House is famous for its art exhibitions & I thought for a moment that we would be having our afternoon tea in the museum cafe...but thankfully I was put at ease when the information desk directed us downstairs to the lower ground floor where we found the delightfully dark & Gothic atmosphere of The Keeper House Restaurant.

Surrounded by comforting forest greens tones & vintage decor, we were led through to the intimate restaurant where our table was waiting for us. 

After being handed our menus we first all chose our teas of which there was a really nice mix of strong & fruity, as well as coffee & hot chocolate options. I decided to go for the Lapsang which was really lovely, not too strong but still full of flavour.

Our teas arrived in the most gorgeous terracotta Chinese style teapots, I adore these as they look so pretty, the only downside however is that due to their dinky size & our tea addictions we DID have to get quite a few refills! But this was done no problem.

Whilst waiting for the afternoon tea we were perfectly content just sipping our teas, taking in the ambiance whilst catching up on each others gossip. The food itself did actually take quite a long time to arrive, when we inquired about the delay, the waiter explained there was some sort of mishap in the kitchen but didn't elaborate...but seeing as we had plenty to catch up on we didn't really mind.

When the lovely treats finally arrived we were more than ready to get stuck in! As usual everything was arranged beautifully on three tiers starting with the savouries at the bottom which is always my favourite place to begin!

When booking I did mention that my friend was vegetarian, however we were still given meat. But a quick mention to our waiter rectified this easily & some more vegetarian sandwiches were brought out which was fine.

On the second tier came the buttermilk scones with clotted cream & jam which were very generous in size & deliciously filling!

The topmost tier most certainly couldn't be ignored & contained slices of lemon drizzle & carrot cakes...traditionally simple yet so satisfying as well as some mini chocolate tarts which were incredibly moreish!

Throughout our time there our teas & waters were filled regularly by the attentive waiter & before we knew it a good couple of hours had flown by! The atmosphere in the Keepers House is so soothing & intimate, which is my favourite way of enjoying a relaxing afternoon tea without being rushed at all. And all this for an amazing £18.50 per person which I think is fantastic for a really great quality afternoon tea, I definitely will be back, perhaps next time with mumma bear in tow :)

Thanks as always for reading! You can find all my afternoon tea reviews HERE

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  1. This looks so lovely, great post.


    1. Thank you so much Rosa, it was really lovely, I highly recommend it! xoxo


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