NOTD - Chanel Inspired Quilted Nails

Hello lovely readers, hope you're having a good weekend!

Today I have some Chanel inspired quilted nails to share with you, this is a design I've wanted to try for absolutely YONKS & even though I'm not 100% happy with how they came out, for a first attempt I'm still pretty chuffed with the result & I hope you like them too!

What do you think? To create this design I started off with a simple black polish of which I applied two coats, here I've used Black Apple Black.

I then applied a thick coat of Rimmel Matte Finish Mattifying topcoat over the black which...yup you guessed it...makes the black polish lovely & matte! Who'd have thunk?!

To create the Chanel like quilted effect, I used a small blunt plastic knife that I found which might still have been too sharp edged for this sort of thing as the lines went straight through the polish when ideally you only need to dent it? But I wasn't sure what else to use & this was all I could find!

Using the knife & applying (light!) pressure by pressing on to the nail I created the 'quilt' like pattern by doing roughly 3-4 lines in opposite diagonal directions to create the diamond pattern.

Then using a spot of clear polish & a toothpick, I added the tiny golden balls to each diamond point to complete the design. To keep the balls in place I added another coat of the matte topcoat to finish which actually helped fill in the deep grooves a bit so woohoo! :)

Overall though I am loving this design, even though it did take bloomin yonks for it to dry as I wanted to keep it matte, so couldn't even apply a speed dry topcoat haha! But its classy yet edgy & who doesn't have a soft spot for a bit of black & Chanel?

Thanks as always for reading lovelies!

Lotsa love to ya!

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