Getting Lippy - Maybelline Baby Lips!

Hello there lovely readers!

A family wedding affair is on the agenda for moi today but that won't be till the evening, so thankfully that leaves plenty of time to prepare. Asian weddings usually guarantee a jolly good time so looking forward to it :) 

Now every once in a while there is a product released that has the beauty world in a tizz over...one such product was the muchly anticipated Maybelline Baby Lips range that I confess I completely succumbed to as well. And happily too...as they are blooming fabulous & currently hold position as my number one favourite lip product.

I've mentioned it many a time about how I suffer from terribly dry lips, truly a bane on my life it is. So whenever an exciting new lip balm/product is released that promises hydration & moisturisation for those lips I'm normally drawn to it like a mouse to cheese. And man...these babies did not disappoint. I initially picked up only two from the range, Hydrate & Cherry Me but I've since gone & nabbed the other two tinted balms from the range as well I love them that much.

Hydrate is a colourless balm that I use as a perfect base moisturiser before applying lipstick which simply glides on top of it. Cherry Me is a delightfully scented red tinted balm that’s colour can be built up on for a more pigmented finish & just leaves the lips feeling so soft & super moisturised. These babies also have an added SPF20....win.

These little wonder balms are only £2.99 a pop & are available to pick up from most Maybelline makeup counters. I also have Pink Punch, which is a pretty pink & Peach Kiss, a nice nude toned shade, both equally as lovely as Cherry Me & all are carried about my person at all times. I really do hope they expand the range & introduce a wider range of shades!

Thank you for reading lovelies! Have you tried Maybelline Baby Lips? Do you have any other favorite lip balms recs?

Lotsa love to ya!



  1. OOH I love me some Baby Lips too!! And they smell so yummy too!

    1. They are pretty darn amazing aren't they hun?! Wish they would release more, I've seen the huge range in the US, looks fab! Oh UK why you so sloooow?? ;) xoxo


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