NOTD - What A Stud!

Hello there lovely readers!

So it would appear I've got a bit of an obsession at the moment...studs. On everything. Studs...everywhere...have at all the studs. I'm just loving them, I have a studded bag which I adore, studded leather driving gloves that are always about my person, studded shoes that come out every now & again & I thought...hmmm I fancy me some stud action on my nails...so I did.

Please forgive the abysmal photo quality loves, though I know I'm no photographer these really are dire but blame it on the dreary weather! Even the bathroom lighting could not save me. Anyhoos more importantly what do we think of the studs?! Like? I am in stud heaven!

First up lets talk about that pretty base right there which is one of my best bargain finds courtesy of Miss Sporty. Now I'll confess I usually walk right past the Miss Sporty beauty counter due to the assumption that its mostly aimed for a younger demographic however this little sparkly caught my polish radar & I'm so glad as its a beaut!

This is Gorgeous Red from the Oh My Gem! range & is a red jelly filled with not just sparkly red glitters but also purdy purple glitters too giving it a lovely edge! This here was two coats applied & the formula was fab to work with, leaving an opaque finish & quick drying time! And the best part? These babies only cost £1.99. Yus. I really hope they release more shades in this range.

Now those studs! Sorry...what can I say? I'm a wee bit obsessed about the studs *cough* I found this little box of nail art studs sitting all by its lonesome on a Boots clearance shelf for just 50p...so naturally they had to come home with me. I believe they are from the brand Seventeen another fab bargain brand in Boots! I simply applied 3 studs to each nail using an orange stick dipped in clear polish after applying the second coat of Gorgeous Red so that they adhered to the nail.

Finish it all with a thick coat of topcoat to seal those studs in place & voila! 3D stud-tastic nails ready to rock! Quite possibly the easiest nail art ever, so eye catching & on the receiving end of many a nice comments! :)

Hope you liked the mani lovelies! Have you tried using studs in your nail art? Thanks for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. Can't get enough of nail studs! :) Xx

    1. Haha! Glad I'm not the only one! They are ace though & such a fab way to create quick & funky nail art, I want mooooore! :D xoxo


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