NOTD - Valentines Dotticure with Models Own White Light HyperGel!

Hello there lovely readers!

So how many of you succumbed to the temptation that was the Models Own 50% off sale? *raises hand* Yup the sale was an event I'd been waiting for most anxiously so that I could not only stock up on nail art pens but also nab some of those new Hyper Gels!

However after I hauled I realised that I didn't get the White HyperGel...I mean that's just nuts...how could I NOT get the white? So in the words of Britney Spears, Oops I Did It Again & what do you know ANOTHER teensy weensy haul happened before the sale ended ;)

But all is right with the world as I now have the shade White Light which was the first Hyper Gel to get a test drive with this quick little Valentines themed manicure whilst also just having some fun with dots for today's post!

I started off with two coats of White Light & let me just say if the other Hyper Gels are like this one then I'm a happy bunny! I always worry with gel effect polishes that the formula will be gloopy but that's not the case at all with these. Application was lovely & smooth & the finish is just so gorgeously glossy & opaque in two coats, I love it!

Then for the easy peasy arty bit I simply added a heart in the centre of each nail using Nails Inc St James for my red & a dotting tool, placing two dots next to each other before joining at the bottom to create a heart.

Using the same red & my Models Own nail art pen in pink I just surrounded the heart in swirls of dots to finish. Not forgetting a nice thick coat of top coat to seal & shine & that's it! :)

Hope you liked the Valentines themed mani dolls! The Models Own polishes retail for £5 and are available online. Have you tried the new Hyper Gels?

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. Judging the picture from my blogger newsfeed i love love your mani, its really adorable. But on your blogpost itself for some reason all the pictures doesnt want to show through at all. I wish i could see them all :( maybe perhaps something wrong w my phone i dont know but nice post :)

    1. Hi hun! Gaaaah how frustrating! Yes unfortunately sometimes my photos don't show up on the mobile version! But if you switch to the web version or just click on each pic individually the photo should come up :) Thank you for your lovely words! xoxo

  2. Love it!! perfect for valentines xx


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