NOTD - Models Own Red Sea with Chevron Tips

Hello there lovely readers!

Yesterday saw me visiting the capital for a way overdue catch up with my lovely blogger friends Saf & Ayshe. The day consisted of much eating, tea drinking & macaroon sampling in one of my most favourite places in the world Laduree, before more eating was done in a gorgeous Moroccan Aladdin cave of a restaurant hidden away in Covent Garden & lots of talking! A spot of cheeky shopping may have been done also ;) Then in the evening I met up with the fab Rhamnousia who has been a twitter buddy of mine for yonks & fellow Henry Cavill obsessive, so to finally meet up with the lady herself was brill & filled with much nattering & giggles. So all in all...a pretty ace day :)

Today's mani I have to share with you lovelies features the purdy Red Sea, which is part of Models Own Splash collection that was released around summer time last year & consists of a selection of pretty jewel like flakie polishes. Now I do love me a good flakie, I do :)

When these were released I decided to have a look at a few swatches first on other blogs & noticed that all five shades did seem to actually be rather similar to each other with the exception of Red Sea which is far more pigmented so I ended up only purchasing this & one other from this collection.

Red Sea is a gorgeous deep red jelly with shards/flakes of glitter that flash in tones of purple & red. Where the other four polishes in the collection seem to have very sheer tinted bases, Red Sea has a much stronger depth of colour that allows to it to even be used alone. 
However these types of polishes often truly come to life when applied over black to I decided to do some quick chevron tips before applying a couple of coats of Red Sea, just to get a feel of both!

Black polish really does make flakie polishes party! The flashes of purple & red really come out to sparkle prettily over the black tips. Application wasn't bad however due to the size of the flakie shards, I did experience a bit of curling up on the nail so you will definitely need to apply a good few thick coats of topcoat. Despite that though I do love the juicy jewel like effect!

Thanks for stopping by dolls! Have you tried any of the Models Own Splash collection? Till next time!

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. Love how this came out! I need to spice up my nails perhaps I'd go for this look. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Aww thank you so much lovely! Yes definitely give it a go, chevron tips are such a quick & easy fun way to jazz up the nails :) xoxo


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