NOTD - Eye See You!

Hello there lovely readers!

Yesterday was a beaut of a day & twas spent doing one of my most favourite things...afternoon tea! I whisked my bestie off to The Royal Berkshire Hotel in Ascot as a little birthday treat for her & enjoyed a delightful afternoon of tea drinking, cake eating, wildlife watching in the beautiful grounds of the hotel & all round relaxing by the glorious fireplace. Bliss.

Later on whilst browsing in town we sought refuge in Miss Selfridge from that insane rainstorm that occurred & I ended up leaving with yet another cheeky dress purchase...darn you weather! *shakes fist at sky* Though the dress WAS on sale & mighty puuurdy ;)

Today's nail art I have to share with you lovelies is a quirky one & inspired by a design I'd seen from the awesome WAH nails. I follow WAH on Instagram & just love their amaze designs & its my wish to one day get my nails done from one of the fab WAH gals in London! Whilst browsing through Instagram the other day I saw this ace Eye design & just had to give it a try!

Haha what do you think? 'Eye' catching with a bit of sparkle & slight Egyptian vibe going on? ;) I altered the design a wee bit & did the eye design on opposite ends of the nails to mix it up a tad & gave my eyes super thick mascara coated lashes fit for batting ;)

For my base I used the polish that holds position as my number 1 favourite polish & one of the few polishes I own that's EVER been repurchased...Models Own Pink Fizz. Its one of the prettiest glitters ever, I adore the pale pink shade & the formula is great & fabulously opaque! Just two coats & the entire nail is covered with beautiful pink sparkle. Love!

To do the eyes I used some spare french manicure guides that I had lying around & helped create the curved edge. Placing the mani guides where needed, I simply filled in the space with white polish, removing the guides whilst the polish was still wet.

Using Barry M's Nail Art pen in Black I outlined the edge of the eyes before drawing on the thick lashes, about four to each eye.

Finally for the pupils I just added a large black dot of black polish using my dotting tool, finishing off the design with a smaller white dot inside the black pupil.

Adding a thick coat of topcoat to seal & shine,  finito! Hope you liked the design lovelies! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday & thanks for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!

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