NOTD - Barry M Indigo & Maybelline Flash Cosmic!

Hello there lovely readers!

Tis been a productive one down this end with moi finally taking on the task I've been holding off for weeks...organising my polishes. It was a wee bit daunting...& I needed to lie down afterwards...but I did it! No longer am I finding polishes by the tv, under the bed, in teacups, within the kitchen cupboards (yup, that's right) but all are happily tucked away in some fab & cheap drawer storage I picked up in Asda's no less. I would of course love to own a helmer for all my polish storage needs but I just lack the space so these suit me fine, I may even do a post sometime?

Moving on I wanted to share with you lovelies one of the nail polish combos I am loving at the moment featuring an old favourite of mine plus a super fabulous funky topcoat that is simply stunning! The trusty favourite in question is my good ol' Barry M Indigo & the special little topcoat is Maybelline's Flash Cosmic.

Starting with that lush Barry M Indigo, this was one of the first Barry M shades I bought into my collection & my love for it is still going strong! A beautiful, vibrant pick me up purple blue, its one of those fab shades that just lifts up my mood so much, I adore it! This was a rush mani jobby so only one coat was applied however as you can probably tell it definitely is a two coater for a fully opaque finish.

Now to this little gem of a topcoat, I don't own many Maybelline polishes but I'm loving a lot of their recent additions especially the Polka Dots range which I recently blogged about. Flash Cosmic has actually been around for donkey's yet only now have I been giving it the loving it truly deserves. 
A gorgeous iridescent pearly blue glitter suspended in a cloudy base which dries clear, it gives the prettiest opal like sparkle to the nails, a really fab way to jazz up any polish colour & I'm loving it with the Barry M Indigo! I've recently worn it over a pale lilac too & the finish was so beautiful!

I anticipate this little topcoat will be getting a lot of usage, can't wait to try it over a spectrum of different colours!

Thanks as always for reading dolls. Have you tried Flash Cosmic? Do you have any favourite nail polish combos at the moment?

Lotsa love to ya! 



  1. I think the Indigo actually looks pretty damn good for one coat here :) really opaque! The top coat definitely adds something really special to this! xx

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    1. Aaaah thanks Rhi! I'm such a religious two coater that I always feel a bit strange just doing the one! ;) the Maybelline topcoat really is rather special isn't it? :) xoxo

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Hun! Barry M indigo is one of my favs & I think this could be my new favourite topcoat too! :) xoxo


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