NOTD - China Glaze Marry A Millionaire!

Well hello there lovely readers!

Ooooh its been a wee while non? Life's being a tad hectic of late hence the absence on here but its all been good, much better even! If you follow me on Twitter you'll know I had some much needed good news last week in that I've been offered a new job :) I'm absolutely over the moon & super excited about my new role which will still be pharmacy based, which is the field I work in by day, but more behind the scenes. Hopefully I'll still be able to find time for this little space of mine on the inter-web, I can't imagine life without blogging now, it brings me so much joy so will deffo try me bestest! :D

On to today’s posts darlings, as this week has seen both Fireworks/Bonfire Night & Diwali celebrations, I thought I'd make my first post of the month a super sparkly glittery one! As its only like my favourite kind ;)

What did I tell ya? SPARKLE! o_O How awesome is that glitter?! This little pretty is China Glaze Marry A Millionaire which I snapped up in a blog sale (oh god blog sales...why you tempt you so!) This particular glitter was part of a fun Marilyn Monroe inspired collection back in 2011

China Glaze is definitely up there as one of my favorite polish brands, the quality is just fantastic & they always have the widest range of interesting fun collections! 
Marry A Millionaire is a gorgeous densely packed lavender glitter, with some deep dark purple glitters thrown in there too as well as lots of multi-chrome bar glitters that flash green & gold in different lighting's.

I applied two coats of Marry A Millionaire on a base of Models Own Mystic Mauve & Face of Australia Titanium applied on alternate nails, both gorgeous foils, the former being a shimmery lilac shade & the latter a beautiful metallic silver. Though after applying the glitter the finish was almost the same on both shades! :D

Not forgetting a thick coat of topcoat to smooth out that glitter & your nails are ready for dazzling & millionaire hunting! Hope you liked & happy celebrations to you all. Thanks as always for stopping by lovelies!

Lotsa love to ya! 


  1. oooh...I love the look of that China Glaze polish! x

    1. Thanks Kat! It's even more puuuurdy in real life Hun! :) xoxo


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