Halloween Nails - Creepy Cobwebs!

Hello there lovely readers!

Find myself channeling my inner Marlene Dietrich whilst still recovering from old friend the flu who has decided to linger around, flattered I am definitely not! Anyway some cheering up was required so I hot footed it the capital with some friends for a few random adventures this weekend including introducing the mateys to the yummy goodness that is Bubbleology Bubble Tea! If you haven't tried it loves...rectify asap! We then headed off to a comedy club to enjoy a bit of stand up & grub which definitely delivered on the laugh factor as the awesome Paul Choudhry just happened to be performing that night! I honestly didn't think I'd enjoy stand up comedy that much but all the comedians were brilliant & I even got a picture with Paul, weekend made! ;)

So we are coming up to that time of the year where all the ghouls & goblins like to come out to play & lets face it, humans of all ages can't help but get in to the spirit of things! I do love Halloween I confess & one way I love to join in is with some Halloween fun on the nails! I hope to get my nail on & create a few different Halloween manis this year starting things off today with some Creepy Cobweb Nails...

Now I'm not satisfied with how these came out AT ALL but figured hey, I've done it so I'm gonna roll with it! Lol! Got to love a mani fail eh? I think I definitely should have gone for a darker base for sure but I'd been wanting to try this Sephora polish which goes by the name of Its Time To Rock for yonks!

Its a gorgeous polish, just perhaps not ideal for this mani. It's Time To Rock is a gunmetal grey with lots of coloured glass flecks giving it a beautiful duo-chrome/foil like quality. Lovely formula & quick drying, here I applied two coats.

Next I used Models Own Nail art pen in White for the cobwebs which are created by simply drawing 3 lines from the corner of the nail all the way across before adding the rows of small slightly curved lines to create the web. I couldn't resit adding a bit of silver glitter on top because well...you know...there always room for glitter ;)

Finally for the wee spiders...errr yes...I put spiders on my nails. Me...a well known arachnophobic...it just doesn't make sense really does it? A therapist would have a field day with that. But I digress, for the spiders I just stuck on a black nail art stone before drawing on the legs with a Models Own Nail Art Pen in Black. And yes, my spiders have six legs instead of eight...I figured that made them a tad less terrifying & has nothing at all to do with the fact that I ran out of space...

A coat of top coat to finish & you're done. Also apologies for the not so great pics, camera & I did not seem to be getting on...I definitely want to try this design again with a darker base & perhaps use a nail art brush & white polish to draw the web instead of using the pen as it was a bit fiddly!

Thanks for reading dolls! More Halloween nails definitely coming this way soon!

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. the little spiders are so cute! really good post, instructions are so clear!

    alex / catsandvodka.blogspot.co.uk


    1. Awww thank you so much Alex! I so wasn't happy with how these turned out at all haha! So happy you found it helpful! :D xoxo


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