NOTD - Peridot Nails for August!

Hello there lovely readers!

Tis the month of August already, the birthstone of which is the stunningly pretty Peridot stone. On Instagram (aysh_xox) a few nail bloggers I follow came up with a periodical nails idea where each month, mani's are done inspired by the months birthstone, which I thought such a great idea & couldn't resist taking part in also! Last month was the turn of Ruby for July & now we have Peridot for August!

The Peridot stone is a gorgeous pale green gem with a yellowish gold twinge, such a pretty one! When pondering on what sort of polish to use for my mani I of course could only think of one, the infamous Chanel Peridot ;)
I've blogged about Chanel Peridot before & it is a truly stunning polish with its gorgeous olive green & gold duochrome finish. Its also a shade that's been duped many times now by many brands. 
I'll confess that this was my first Chanel polish & most likely will be my only one! I just think that you can get just as good quality if not better dupes for a fraction of the price!
Not entirely sure what this type of mani design is called but I'd seen a few which covered only two thirds of the nail leaving the bottom natural which I loved! After free-handing a semi circle, I applied two coats of Chanel Peridot & annoyingly smudged the little finger which I didn't notice till after but lets just pretend that didn't happen *cough!* Once dry I then applied some pretty Peridot coloured gemstones in different sizes along the semi circle before applying a good few coats of topcoat to seal them nicely into place.

Found myself wearing this mani for a whole week I loved it so much which is almost unheard of for me! I'm loving these periodical gemstone themed mani's so much! Next month will be the turn of the Sapphire which also just so happens to be MY birthstone, woop! ;D

Thanks for reading dolls!

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. My ultimate nail polish colour. Beauutiful nail art sweetie!


    1. Awww is it?! It is a beauty that's for sure 7 you know I love my duochromes! :) Aww thank you my sweet! <3 xoxo


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