Spa Times & NOTD - Most AMAZING Glitter Part 2 with Models Own Pink Fizz!

Good evening my lovely readers, how’s your week going for ya? Can’t complain down my end, the weathers been glorious & thankfully I don’t have to think about work till next Monday *high five* Enjoying a few days off for some chillaxing times which they have been for sure so far. Yesterday I headed back to London for the day to spend some time picnic-ing in the park with my lovely & beautiful American friend Jene, whom I actually met on a train of all places! But I honestly feel like I’ve known this gal me whole life we get on that well, big love to ya girl! Then later on I headed on down to a lovely event hosted by Montagne Jeunesse in Covent Garden that my amazing blogging big sis Mrs A invited me along to that was muchos fun & which I’ll write about soon! 

Today, mumma bear & I went for a day of pampering as her birthday treat at Fredericks Spa located in a town not too far from us. This is the 2nd time we’ve visited this spa as we had such an incredible experience the 1st time, everything from the spa itself, to the staff & the treatments is just amazing. We were looked after so well, spending most of the day moving from sauna, to Jacuzzi, to lounger for a nap before repeating the process again, &then treated to a divine lunch in the sunshine by the pool before going for our treatments of a blissful body massage & facial. It was glorious, though I have to say, as big a fan as I am of massages, I always get so awkward when lying on the table, do you? I don’t know, I always worry that I’ll do something completely embarrassing,  like accidentally pass wind when the masseuse presses too hard on my back thus making a complete tit of myself…anyone else get that?? Anyone?? *tumbleweed* Of course with these thoughts running through my head I kept breaking into fits of insane giggles, but thankfully my lovely masseuse put it down to a tickly back & the tenseness being work stress related… ;)

Moving on to today’s post my lovelies, you must know by now my immense love for all things glitter, most notably nail polish! Sparkly nails just make me happy :D You may remember the incredible glitter polish I blogged about not too long ago? Aptly titled “The Most Amazing Glitter Polish In TheWORLD”?? Well the polish I have to show you today is a VERY close runner up in my opinion so bloomin stunning it is, so without further ado…I present to you…the BEAUTIFUL…Models Own Pink Fizz
*sighs* Wow…that is a glitter BOMB of a polish worthy of putting one in a glitter induced coma non? I first saw this polish on the lovely Michelle’s blog & knew I needed it in my life immediately & darn it did not disappoint me!

The glitter is so densely packed in Pink Fizz that this is just two coats applied & the whole nail is completely coated in sparkly pink goodness that will make the inner princess in every girl smile with delight. I’ve honestly never had so many compliments on my nails than when I’m wearing this polish, shopping assistants at tills, random ladies walking past me then grabbing my wrists freaking me out into thinking I’m about to be mugged (not gonna lie, that was quite scary at times) but all asking what this polish is & where they can get it from. 
This will most probably be one of the few polish’s I own that will actually need to be repurchased eventually, I am that in love with it :) Models Own polish’s retail for £5 & are available online & in Boots. My eye has also caught the stunning looking Emerald City glitter & I’m anxious to see if it’s as divine as its pink sister, perhaps when I next past the Models Own counter it will find its way ‘accidentally’ into my basket ;)
Thanks for reading dolls! Have you tried Models Own Pink Fizz? Do you have a favourite glitter?

Lotsa love to ya!


Asian Wedding OOTD & Makeup Look - Red & Black

 Ello ello sweetpeas! Enjoying the weekend? For once I’m actually NOT wailing in despair at the thought of going back to work seeing as next week will be a nice short one for moi. Tis mumma bears birthday tomorrow, she is of course turning 40 again as she has been doing so for the past errmm…few years ;) As a birthday treat the two of us will be heading off to a spa on Thursday for a day of pampering & relaxation, I literally cannot wait! The spa we’re going to is one we went to last year & really enjoyed so we’re both really looking forward to going back. :D
Yesterday saw a successful shopping trip including a pretty new bathing suit from H&M for aforementioned spa trip as well as finally picking up a gorg coral chiffon waterfall dress that I cannot wait to wear, I’ve been seeing them everywhere & held back from buying for some unknown reason but no longer! So pretty & feminine it is! There were lots of other colours available too including a divine mint green & pastel blue…I’m tempted to get more! Eeeep! :-/

You may remember me mentioning that I went to a family wedding recently, it was as usual a fun & food filled affair with plenty of colour as is the norm with Asian weddings ;) Here’s what I decided to wear as well as the makeup look I went for…

This outfit was made for me by an aunt & is one of my favourites, red is definitely one of my favourite colours to wear when it comes to Asian weddings! I especially love the jewelled detailing on the front & decided on my black & gold spiked heels from Dolcis & a gold & ruby antique-y artificial jewellery set to wear with it. 

For my makeup I decided to go for a heavy black smokey eye look, with bronzed cheeks & my usual nude lips…I WILL venture into bright lips one of these days! ;)

Face – Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer, MAC Studio Tech Foundation in NC35 & MAC MSF Natural in Medium
Cheeks – Barry M Natural Dazzle Bronzer to contour & Victoria Jackson Bronze Shimmer on cheekbones
Lips – No7 Nude lip liner, Carmex & Sleek True Colour lippie in Naked
Eyes – NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean (applied over entire lid) Black eye shadow from NEXT smokey eye palette (patted on top & smoked out to crease & outer V) MAC Fluidline Blacktrack Gel Eye Liner (along upper lashline, waterline & winged out from the corners) finishing with 17 Maximum Volume Mascara.

Hope you liked the Asian OOTD & FOTD my lovelies! Thanks as always for stopping by! Till next time!

Lotsa love to ya!



NOTD - Emerald Nails Two Week Manicure with Nails Inc Piccadilly Arcade!

Evening dolls! You all having a good week so far me dears? Soooo cannot wait for the end of this week to arrive already, been coughing & sniffling away like nobody’s business! I’ll blame it on the weather ;) This weekend will be seeing the big bro & sis-in-law traveling down to visit for a while which will be lovely, plus I’ll be meeting up with my best friend from all the way back in first school on Saturday. We only recently found each other again through that glory of glories that is the Book of Faces, of which admittedly I am NOT the biggest fan of, being more of a Twitter girl, but it got me one of my bestie’s back in my life so it does had its merits! :D

Just a quickie post for today, I thought I’d throw a bit o’ sparkly glitter your way my fellow magpies ;) When on one of my London trips I popped by the Nails Inc bar in House of Fraser Oxford Street for a 2 week manicure, something I’ve wanted to try for a while so thought what the hell, why not treat myself? A 2 week manicure is basically 3 coats of clear gel which are applied to your natural nail, topped off with a colour of your choice & finished with the Nails Inc Kensington Caviar topcoat, promising you a lovely manicure that lasts up to 2 weeks.
Me of course being the complete glitter junkie that I am opted to have one of the stunning looking Nails Inc glitter Nail Jewellery polishes applied on top of the gel, Piccadilly Arcade to be precise, a most stunning & absolutely jam packed emerald green glitter…it is BEAUTIFUL.

What did I tell ya? Is that a stunning green glitter or what? Totally brings The Wizard of Oz to the mind or is that just moi? The manicurist applied one coat of Piccadilly Arcade over Nails Inc Black Taxi to really bring out the sparkle! 

With regards to the longevity of the 2 week manicure, well me being a person who changes their polish on a pretty regular basis, I knew I would find it hard to last a whole 2 weeks! I found that the polish was starting to chip around day 4 so yup, off it went! The gel itself was fine for another few days but it did start to peel a bit, looking untidy, so I decided to just remove it completely after a week, by soaking in acetone polish remover then peeling away. However I DID find that my nails grew quite rapidly whilst under the gel which was a bonus!  But the 2 week manicure set me back around £40 which I think is a bit steep for what it is, especially as it didn’t really last a whole 2 weeks. I could probably get something quite similar done for half the price in a local nail salon. So twas nice while it lasted, but I don’t think I’ll get it done again…That green glitter however…that baby is going on to my “must have without fail asap” list for sure!

Have you tried any of the Nails Inc Nail Jewellery polishes? Have you had a 2 week manicure before? If so what did you think?  Thanks for reading glitter babes!

Lotsa love to ya!


A Bit O' Beauty Hauling...Haaaii! :D

Well hey there my beautiful strangers! Blimey tis been a while non? How have all of you lovelies been? Hope you’re keeping well, & my it does feel good to be back on the ol’ lappy top again that’s for sure :) To be honest I just needed a bit of a break, not from here mind you, I love blogging life too much! But work stress amongst other things were getting to me a tad, hence the lack of posts, so I decided to high tail it to my fav city London this weekend past to spend some fun & all round chilling times catching up with friends including my beautiful fellow blogger babes Halima & Amina :) Was definitely JUST what I needed, had the most amaze time as I always do when with these gems & I’m already looking forward to the next get together! :D 

                                                                            Me, Halima & Amina <3

For today's post I thought I’d share with you some hauling of the makeup/beauty variety that I’ve done lately (more than is absolutely needed, but hey…what can I say? Beauty blogger innit? I MAY have a problem) including a few favorites that have been re-purchased.  I of course visited that mecca of mine that I always find the time to “just pop in & browse (*cough* spend! *)” within…Boots! :D

I’ve been using No7’s skincare range for a while, the Soft & Soothed Cleanser & Toner are perfect for my skin & keep it feeling clean & fresh in the morning, but I am currently looking into other brands for skincare to try, the names that seem to be quite popular are Caudalie & Kiels? Any recs will be most welcome. As you know I loved the Garnier BB Cream, so when finding myself with a £5 voucher for No7, decided to pick up the No 7 BB Cream (RRP £12.95) to try out also! Will let ya know how I get on. Of course no beauty haul is complete for me without a polish purchase, so I finally allowed myself to get the divine looking Sparkling by Revlon, its pink…& its glitter…BOOM! And speaking of pink, I stumbled across this Limited Edition No7 lippie “Brigette” on the clearance shelf for a baragainous few quid so into the basket it flew! It IS out of my comfort zone ya might say…think BARBIE…but what the hey!

The clearance shelf also had a few other goodies on it including this base coat from Total Nail RX that will hopefully strengthen up my weak nails, as well as this fab nail polish remover pen which I am absolutely devastated to learn has been discontinued! I’ve loved using these for cleaning up around the nail quickly & easily so pretty gutted about that :( I also grabbed me another pot of Pretty Quik nail polish remover (RRP £2.50) an ace product which I’ve blogged about before, such a quick & easy way of removing nail polish! Love it :)
I also grabbed these awesome polka dot Nailease nail wraps, which I’ve used before & loved, some small rubber bands because…well you can never have too many of those right? & some make up sponges too, not just for my makeup needs but I also want to work on my sponging technique with nail polish ;)

 Please excuse the god awful quality of the pics, you know when some days your camera absolutely refuses to cooperate despite you taking 60323461 photos? This was one such day. Anyhoo, the last few items I picked up in this haul was my, now regularly re-purchased face powder of choice, Rimmel’s Match Perfection Compact Powder in 201 Classic Beige (RRP £5.99). I use this powder every day, sometimes even alone when I want to wear light makeup, it’s great for giving a smooth, matte finish & is the perfect shade match for me. I don’t know about you lovelies but I HATE having to find foundation matches, especially in department stores where the EVIL light tricks you! Let’s just say I’ve had experiences where I thought the shade I’d picked was perfect only to find once worn it looked like I’d been seriously Tango-ed! Hmm. The other item I picked up which is another re-purchase is the Loreal Super Liner Carbon Gloss (RRP £6.49) I am absolutely LOVING felt tip style eye liners at the mo, they are so quick & easy to use for creating a pretty flick & this one is perfect for that. The dense sponge like tip makes it very easy to draw on a nice smooth non-wonky line, it really is brill! :)

And thus we reach the end of this beauty haul…for the time being! Lol! Thanks so much as always for stopping by my dears! Have you tried any of these products? What are your favourites at the mo?

Lotsa love to ya! 


NOTD - Lady Gaga Paparazzi/ Mickey Mouse Inspired Nails!

Evening my dear readers! Fair thee well? Tis Friday tomorrow! Another wonderful thing about bank holidays, they make the next weekend come around super-fast :) Up to anything nice? Hoping to pay the hairdresser a visit this weekend for a little choppy chop session, as the ends are beginning to look a tad straggly i.e. DEAD.  Might ask for a few layers to be added here & there also to give it a bit of va va voomness but will definitely ask & pray to the hair gods that the stylist will listen to me when I say “JUST a trim” Tis the reason why I don’t like going for haircuts, I wish to grow & keep my hair long yet whenever I go, the hairdresser proceeds to take half of it off! Most traumatising.

Anyhoos, moving on my lovelies, with all the fab, bright nail polish shades to choose from out there (neon’s are like SO in right now didn’t ya know?) how do we feel about lovely, in your face,  blindingly bright yellow nail polish? Yay or nay? I guess it depends on the shade of yellow in particular, I mean anything down the buttercup and sunshine yellow toned route would definitely appeal to me, as long as it doesn’t have any touches of errrm…vom about it  ;) I personally love a vibrant yellow polish, its amaze how doing something as simple as putting a fluorescent bright shade on your nails can just uplift your mood :)  
Here I’ve used one of my favourite yellow shades from Rimmel, the beautifully bright Sunshine, which is  a gorguz vibrant yellow & incorporated some funky nail art, inspired by the Marvin y Quetzal yellow, Mickey Mouse-esque  unitard outfit Lady Gaga wears in her Paparazzi video :D I love it! And you know my love for all things Disney! 
                                                                                        Source - Google Images

What do you think my lovelies? I’m totally in love with this nail art design, not only am I so happy with how it turned out, but it has to be the EASIEST nail art EVER! And you can do it in any combo of fabulous colours you fancy. All you need is two polish colours of your choice, a hair bobby pin &….errr yeah that’s pretty much it! :D
Here I’ve used two coats Rimmel’s Sunshine as a base & for my little Mickey Mouse’s, just dipped the hair bobby pin in some Rimmel Deliciously Dark, a lovely deep purple, & placed one polka dot for the head, adding two more on top of the dot on either side for the ears, carrying on till you have about 3 on each nail. Finished with a slick of topcoat & you’re done. What did I tell ya? Easy peasy lemon yellow squeezy!  :D 

 Hope you liked the Gaga Paparazzi Mickey Mouse Nails! Thanks for stopping by sweetpeas!

Lotsa love to ya!


Getting Into The Spirit - Jubilee Nails, OOTD & Quirky Shoes!

Hey there lovelies, Happy Jubilee Weekend! Hope you’re all having a ball whatever you’re up to :) The hopes of getting some sun, sea & sand today didn’t exactly go according to plan, not only did my mate & I find it near impossible to shift our lazy bum selves from the comforts of our warm beds but looking out the window this morn, England appears to have decided to be a bit of an arse again with the weather! *le sigh!* So today Jubilee celebrations within this household have consisted of pigging out in a most glorious fashion. High five! Though after a pretty hectic weekend including a girlie night Saturday & the wedding last night, a days bed rest has been just what the Dr ordered for this geriatric. :-/

However, surrounded by all the wonderful patriotism, I did want to get in to the spirit of things of course, so what better way than with a Jubilee mani, albeit a bloomin abysmal one! But hey, ho I went with it, had a play around with the new nail art brushes that recently came in to my possession & wacked some most wonky union jacks on to the nails along with a diamond glitter accent finger :)

Yah, I know…you should see the other hand. But they actually don’t look half bad from a distance & some kind soles did comment on them which was most sweet & did cheer me muchly. For the flags I used Barry M 292 (my bottle is an old one & doesn’t have a name on it!), a lovely deep blue of which I applied just one coat, then with me art brushes used No7 Snowflake for the white & Nails Inc Villiers Street for the red. The accent finger is a coat of Face of Australia Molten Metallics Nail Enamel in Titanium & my fav Deborah Lippmann Today Was A Fairytale applied over for some sparkly diamond effect :)   
My outfit of the day involves this pretty white silk polka dot dress with lace collar that I picked up in an independent boutique a while back now & what has got to be my most FAVOURITE shoes in my cupboard, I just love them too much & couldn’t wait to share them with ya!

 Dress - Independent Boutique, Leggings - New Look, Belt - Gifted, Shoes - Irregular Choice

The shoes in question are from Irregular Choice which I picked up on Portobello Road the last time I was in London. I have been wanting a pair of Irregular Choice shoes for absolutely ages after falling in love with all their quirky & beautifully unique designs & now I finally do! They are just so pretty to look at let alone wear but damn I will wear the hell outta these bad boys fo’ sure! I just love everything about them from the design to the awesome print which includes, polka dots, gingham & roses in an abundance of baby blue & pink…what more can a girl want from a shoe? 

 Thanks for reading my beauts! What have you all been up to this long bank holiday?

Lotsa love to ya!