NOTD - Metallic Mint Frost! :)

Hey hey & happy Friday to ya lovelies! *high five!* Blimey it’s been a grueling few weeks at work, but I won’t bore you with the details, just so super happy to have reached the end of this week & welcome the weekend with open arms *cue chariots of fire music*
Today was a good day….why? Because I finally picked me up the new summer Beetlejuice collection polishes from Models Own!! Eeeee! There they were in their entire beautiful glory calling to me whilst I was passing on my lunch break, sneaky KFC in hand. But then I found myself in a serious crisis situation when faced with not only the new Beetlejuice range but also the absolutely amazing looking Hed Kandi collection too! What to doooo?! I decided to attempt to be good & just get the Beetlejuice (I’ve said it 3 times now…uh oh *looks over shoulder) colours but now I cannot get those pretty glitters out of my head! So I’m thinking a return trip to Boots tomorrow first thing is on the cards to grab em before they go… Of course NOTD’s will be in order, cannot wait to try them out! 

Today I wanted to share with you lovelies one of the gorguz LA Colors polishes I picked up in my recent bargain haul post? This is the uber lovely Metallic Green, a divine, almost minty green foil & you know me, I do love me foils! I loves it I tell you! :D
Oooooh puuurdy! This here is two coats, which applied absolutely beautifully, very smooth with no streakiness whatsoever, & the finish is just gorguz. I applied the obligatory topcoat as well & was seriously impressed that there were no signs of chipping till the 3rd day of wearing. Considering I paid a most bargainous 99p for this polish I’d say that was pretty darn good! :D
After a coupla days I wanted to jazz it up a tad more, so applied a thin coat of Models Own Silver crackle over the mint foil & then on top of that, a stroke or two of my FAV glitter polish that is Deborah Lippmans “Today Was A Fairytale”…the result? Sparkly, frosty, minty goodness that was a big hit!! :D  BOOM!

Hope you likey! Thanks for reading my lovelies. Have you ever tried LA Colors polishes?

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Pink Lemonade (Well Hello Models Own Pink Fizz Dupe!) ;D

Evening to ya cupcakes! Isn’t it pleasant to come home after a long (oh so very long) day’s work & still have some lovely daylight outside to enjoy? :) Although I have to say, as nice as it is, putting a pleasant smile on this face rather than the usual grimace as if in in pain that’s normally the facial expression of choice after work, I do confess I am missing that extra hour spent in the land of nod! But hey, let’s hope the sun will compensate that ;)

Carrying on if you will from that extremely bargainous of bargains polish haul post I blogged about last time including those stunning LA Colors & Revlon polishes, I can’t believe I forgot to give this little polish here a mention! It’s one I also stumbled across recently, in Matalan of all places & it just so happens that this polish also cost me no more than a pound! Well what can I say? When a girl’s on roll…Haha!
Firstly apologies for the god awful pics loves, snapped these last thing at night & completely forgot to photo the next day which was an incredibly retarded move on my part because it actually looked so darn pretty in daylight! *smacks head*  

 Going by the title “Pink Lemonade” this polish is jam packed with prettyful baby pink glitters in a clear base & my first thoughts when gazing at this polish was “Ooooh possible Models Own Pink Fizz dupe?!?!” A lovely polish that I haven’t managed to get my clutches on yet! :( Looking at it after & comparing it to swatches I’ve seen I’d say it wasn’t THAT far off! I applied a coupla coats of this over “Nightshade”, a black jelly polish by 17 which is, I confess not one of the best black polishes I’ve come across, the reason being that it’s meant to be a one coater yet even in two coats I still didn’t get full opaqueness :( However it’s been perfect to use as a base polish for other colours so fear not, it shall still be used! :D
Now I did attempt to make the mani a tad more pretty by doing a rhinestone-y accent finger as you can see, however that took a bit of a downhill turn after using a cheapo topcoat to seal, which then decided to delightfully bubble around the stones…FAIL. Will I never learn? ;)  But let’s just use our imaginations & pretend those dastardly bubbles aren’t present…*cough!* :-/
Anyhoo, cheerios Matalan for my £1 Pink Fizz dupe! Knowing me…I will probably give in & eventually get Pink Fizz as well *cheeky grin* but until then I will happily use this baby whenever the desire for having pretty, sparkly pink nails arises :D 

Thanks as always for stopping by my beauts! 

Lotsa love to ya!


Beauty Bargains To Be Found In The Land Of The Pound... ;D

Ello ello me lovely readers! How the devil are ya? Aaah it does feel good to be sat down with the lappy top & blogging, I’ve neglected it muchly this past week! If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know that I’m currently enjoying a hell of a lot of lovely overtime at work right now which has been leaving me so shattered come evening time that even eating requires a gigantic effort…still manage to get that task done though, never fear ;) I swear I spotted some new & most unwelcome white hairs on my noggin this morning (ahem…I mean SILVER hairs…dunno why that sounds better but it just does) But hey, at least the pay packet next month will make it all worthwhile! Then I’ll be able to go get the hairs done (take that silver hairs!)…happy days. Speaking of, I think the time may have come to say bye bye to the ombre hair…for now at least. Love them muchly I do, but lately it’s been making my hair look very dry & weak no matter how many oils/treatments I apply! So I’ve been thinking of maybe chucking an all over colour on it…perhaps chocolate brown or something like along those lines? Let’s see shall we :)

Kinda excited about this haul post I’ve got to share with you lovelies! We all love a good bargain don’t we? I know I certainly do, especially when said bargain is beauty/makeup related! Recently I’ve stumbled across some fab beauty bargains, mostly of the polish variety, that I wanted to share with you my fellow beauty lovers ;D
                      L -R - Shocker, Metallic Green, Metallic Blue, Metallic Purple, Jewel Tone

First up are these absolutely yummy-licious polishes by the brand LA COLORS that I found on a trip to Staines shopping centre in a delightful little store called Beauty Base. The moment I walked in I had an almost seizure, as in front of me was row upon row of these beautiful polish’s in a spectrum of colours & the best thing of all? The sign in front of them declaring them all 99p each!!!! Yes! :D Had a hard time restraining myself I can tell you ;) But control myself I did & managed to come away with five lovely new polishes to try. Quite OPI like in appearance, the bottles are definitely generous in size! My weakness for foils & glitter is clearly evident in the ones I picked, but I guess the big test will be in application! NOTD’s with these babies to come & FYI…that glitter one on the end…??? The words “friggin” & “amazing” come to mind… ;)

The other place which I discovered to be a dark horse of beauty bargains is that wonderful beacon of value priced goods, a must have for all high streets in every town...POUNDLAND! Kid you I most certainly do not ;) Whilst making a quick dash in to grab a few packets of 100 Foam Party Cups, not for a party might I add, but for work as we are all just too darn lazy to use actual mugs for our tea & wash them after *side eye* my eye was of course immediately drawn to the makeup stand. First of all, I had no idea Poundland even DID makeup, but what I found there was even better!
A pretty Sally Hansen Diamond Strength polish in shade "Love In Bloom" which is a brand I haven’t had an easy time of getting hold of here plus a Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara! Then just when I thought it couldn’t get better, my eyes spotted these babies…
Revlon polish’s! Eeeee! I absolutely adore Revlon nail enamels, always finding their quality & colours fab & if I’m right in guessing they normally retail for about £6-£7 non? Well here were these absolute beauts for just a pound each…I think I may have had tears in my eyes at this stage…
                L-R -Touch of Mauve, Gold Get Em, Cloud, Peach Nectar, Ruby Ribbon

Now with these I DID have a hard time with the whole err self-control thing…how could I not?! ;) But very happy I am, not just with the colours I grabbed, perfect for the upcoming summer months but of course discovering this new found place for beauty bargain hunting! BOOM! :D

So next time you're in Poundland, have a wonder over to the makeup stand, ya never know what bargainous beauties you might find in there...

Have you acquired any fab bargains lately? Thanks for reading dolls! Till next time!

Lotsa love to ya!



NOTD - Nails Inc "Eagle Street" in a coat of Dreamy Glitter....

Evening poppets! Having a good weekend? Just got in from a Tesco shop with the big bro to pick up the bare necessities for a little Mothers Day pancake breakfast/brunch tomorrow :) By the way, am I the only one who breaks out in to that Jungle Book song like Baloo the bear (in my head of course, always in my head) whenever hearing those words?? *side eye* By bare necessities I of course mean ready to use packaged crepes, fruit & sauce... I mean I would make them from scratch but I don’t think mumma would appreciate the apocalypse that would occur in the kitchen if I did…so when you look at it I’m thinking of her really… ;) But of course my bro & I, being us, couldn’t even perform this task without making some sort of arsey blunder & only forgot the bloomin ice cream! Typical. Not just that but we happened to have a delivery this morning aka mumma’s gift which happened to have a huge Thorntons logo on the side...hmm, masters of deception we are clearly not. :-/

Anyhoos dolls, got a nice simple NOTD I wanted to share with you involving a lovely nude-ish polish from Nails Inc in “Eagle Street” & a super pretty glitter topcoat courtesy of NYX. I love how "Eagle Street" is not just your bog standard nude polish, having an almost milk chocolate-y tone to it…YUM :D As with most Nails Inc polish’s, the consistency is quite thick so you can probably get away with just one coat but me being a creature of habit went for the usual two.
Wanting to jazz it up a tad, I thought it would be the perfect time to dig out & try the prettyful & sparkle-licious topcoat by NYX in “Dreamy Glitter” which I picked up from a cheeky Cherry Culture Haul I did a while back. A mixture of tiny & large holographic glitters plus a few stars thrown in for extra measure in a pale pink clear base, it makes such a lovely topcoat to funk up any polish! :D

Thanks for reading my darlings! Hope you all have a lovely Mothers Day tomorrow whatever you may be doing :) Oh & Happy St Patricks Day to all celebrating today! :D No green mani though unfortunately…FAIL. ;) Are you fond of nude polish’s? What’s your favourite topcoat?  

Lotsa love to ya!


What I Wore....Baggy Trousers OOTD :)

Well hey there my lovelies! Almost forgot for a minute there that it was Friday so happy weekend to you all! Seems a bit odd to be blogging at this time as I would normally be at work but it makes a nice change I can tell you! Fortunately my weekend started early as I’d booked some days off work, mainly to go for a lovely spa day with the mumma bear yesterday which was really wonderful & much needed for both of us! Twas part of her Mothers Day gift which happens to be this Sunday, do any of you have anything special planned? I’m hoping to unleash the inner Delia & concoct a nice brekkie/brunch thing involving pancakes, fruit, maybe a sweet sauce of some sort…whether that will actually happen successfully is another thing entirely. Oh which reminds me, I need to pop by the supermarket so I can pick up some pancakes…

A blog post of the outfit variety today as I haven’t done one of those in a while! Grey clearly being the theme with this one & also includes one of my favourite pair of trousers in my wardrobe. Not just because of the gorguz dog tooth type print on them which I love, but damn they are just so bloomin comfortable! I could sleep in them even so comfy shmumfy they are, but I don’t. 
 Trousers - River Island, Polo neck - Primark, Cardigan - Next, Shoes - Debenhams, Beads - Primark, Hat - Accessorize

 I picked these up from River Island when they had one of their sales. Whenever I see that beautiful red sign in the River Island windows I always pop in & make a mad dash to the trousers as they seem to be the only shop who do ones that fit little old me perfectly with their fab petite sizes! Hence why I seem to have so many pairs from there… ;) 
With the trousers I paired a black polo neck from Primark & a wraparound waterfall-esque type grey cardigan from Next. The dove grey peep toe suede shoes I picked up in Debenhams & just fell in love with them, so even though they are a size 3 & not the 4 that I actually am, I still got them! I just make sure I don’t do a lot of walking when wearing them ;) Final bits to the outfit were just a string of beads & dogtooth print hat from Accessorize that reminds me of one of those riding hats? Although I wouldn’t go riding with this….as its soft & quite a bit of damage would be done to the noggin if I landed on it I think… :-/

There could be a possibility that I might have a slight obsession for dogtooth prints…what do you think? Thanks for reading my lovelies! What prints are you loving right now? 

Lotsa lov to ya!


NOTD - Goldfinger feat Nails Inc "Plum"

Greetings to ya my lovely readers! Hope you’re all well :)
Now we all like a bit o’ bling non?? I know I do, not just in the form of prettyful jewelery but also on the nails too, why not! Whilst having a little wonder through Debenhams department store a while back, my inner magpie’s radar picked up & went a tad insane-like when I caught a little sparkly glint from the corner of my eye, intrigued I went exploring & found this absolutely bling-tastic looking STAR false nail set by Julien Macdonald whom, I’m just taking a wild guess in saying, is a designer for Debenhams? Don’t quote me on that ;)
I’ll admit I was once a member of the gel/acrylic crew, yes :-/ But sadly & unsurprisingly my nails absolutely hated me for it! Eventually though I embraced the natural look, accepted my short “unable to grow past a certain length” nails & said bye bye to the falsies! Now, I’ve come across a few of these stick on nails that come in some really nice designs, (KISS & Broadway have some gorguz ones!) that look lovely on the nail if you’re after something a bit jazzed up & different, are super easy to use & even better don’t do the damage that gel/acrylics can do on the nails! Huzzah! :D
The instructions on application are pretty straightforward as you can see, perfect for this here clutz!  ;) So after I had matched up the right sized falsie to each of my nails, it was just a simple case of applying straight onto the nail & pressing down firmly for a few seconds et voila…
POW! Blinging metallic nails at your service baby! :) Pretty intense non? I did file them down a tad as I did find them just a little too long but overall, loved the finish look, definitely eye catching & plentiful compliments were received whilst wearing these! After a few days though I did begin to feel a bit like C3P0’s long lost sister, so removed each falsie, which came away very easily after soaking in warm water, except for the little finger. That’s another great thing about these falsies too I guess...it’ll get you out of doing the washing up! ;) 
Once that had been done, I then just painted the rest of my nails with the gorguz Nails Inc “Plum” which is one of the polish’s from back when they did their collaboration with Diet Coke? A really beautiful cream maroon red that applied beautifully in two coats & dries to a lovely glossy finish, loves it!
I thought the all gold little finger made a great accent nail & will definitely be using these for that purpose in the future! I picked up the gold STAR falsies for about £8.00. Next time I’m in Debenhams I shall be seeking these out again, I just hope they still do them! Remember seeing a fab red glitter set as well that would be perfect for channelling the inner Dorothy ;)

Have you tried any falsies from this range before? What do you think of metallic nails?
Thanks for reading lovelies! Till next time.

Lotsa love to ya!


FOTD - Green Eyed Girl.... :D

Hellooooooooo & happy weekend to you all my beauts, how is everyone’s faring so far? Very well I hope! Madame kitty & I have just partaken in a rather delightful & satisfying little KFC feast *pats belly* & are now lying across the bed like a coupla heifers….not much change there then. In other news, I seriously CANNOT stop staring at my nails today….one word….GLITTER BABY!! Okay that’s two, but it is stunning dolls! I tweeted a pic earlier & will definitely be blogging about this stunning new (& might I add extremely bargainous!!) glitter polish soon so keep your prettyful eyes peeled :)

I haven’t done an FOTD in a while so I thought I’d post about a makeup look I did for a relatives wedding not too long ago. You might remember I started a little series ya might say on a few wedding makeup looks I did? Well this is another addition to that, so isn’t exactly a Face of the Day, more Face From A Wedding I Went To A While Back…errr yeah. *cough!* 
The theme for this look was green as that was the colour of the Asian style outfit I wore which was made from a lovely lace like material. As usual I like to focus on the eyes mostly, so went for an Arabic-esque type look using just three shades & of course plenty of eye liner! Hope ya like!
Face – Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer, MAC Studio Tech Foundation in NC35 & MAC MSF in Natural Medium.
Cheeks – Barry M Natural Dazzle Bronzer to contour & Victoria Jackson Bronze Shimmer on cheekbones
Lips – No7 Nude Lip liner & MAC Crème D’Nude Lipstick
Eyes – Bright Matte Green shade from Coastal Scents 88 colour palette applied over whole lid, Barry M Dazzle Dust in shade 14 (Shimmery Khaki Green) in the crease, blended out into outer V & along lower lash line, Pale Gold from Coastal Scents 88 colour palette applied to inner corners & brow bone to highlight as well as along the lower lash line. MAC Fluidline Blacktrack Gel Eye liner along upper lash line & water line finishing off with Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara.     

Thanks as always for reading my lovelies! Till next time!

Lotsa love to ya!


A Delightful Little Swap With The Lovely Chelle! :D

Ello ello my sweets! Hope you are all having a good week so far? Not long to go now till the weekend loves. I’m hoping that the weather will behave itself a bit more this weekend than the last because it just occurred to me that we are actually in the month of March already (don’t worry, this is perfectly normal for moi…) which means one thing….car booty season should be starting up again! :D I absolutely love having a day out with matey’s at a good ol’ car boot, I do. Such a great place to spend the day (weather permitted!) & hunt down treasures for fab prices! Although more often than not I always end up coming away, not with the vintage clothes/jewels I yearn for but books….yup…I’m a nerd ;)

Anyhoos, on to the post my lovelies which I’m seriously over due in posting!! This is the delightful little makeup swapsie that I did not too long ago with my super sweet (and might I add recently engaged…EEEEE!) lovely friend Chelle from all the way over in the land of Oz, who sent my way some absolutely amazing beauty’s, thank you so much my darling friend! *huuuuuuuuugs* My jaw pretty much dropped & I near about wept with joy when I opened up the amazing package she sent me :)
                                    *squeals! Lotsa pretty new polishes & more to play with! :D
Three absolutely GORG polishes from the Australian brand Ulta3 in Mermaid Green, Antique Copper & Crystallina
My first ever Ozotic Pro polish’s! So excited to try these beauties out, don’t they look simply stunning?! From L-R shades 205, 608 & 505 *drooooools*
A beautiful Mode polish which is a purple glitter explosion in a bottle, a pretty lilac cream Face of Australia eye shadow & Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in “Rose Diamond”!! OMG I have wanted to own one of these ever since seeing some amazing swatches! YAY! Also a cute little watermelon lip balm & one thing that had me literally squealing when I saw it…Lucas PawPaw Ointment!! This stuff looks absolutely incredible & I’ve wanted to try it for the longest time after hearing really amazing things about it. It’s basically one of those 'one product does all' type ointments & has been compared to the illustrious Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. You must know by now how I go on about how I suffer from the most awful dry lip syndrome, well this stuff has been absolutely LUSH to use on the lips. Not just that though, this product can also be used on burns, cuts, grazes, as well as on the hands, elbows, face…even on hair & to help tame eyebrows! Like I said, this stuff is just pure awesomeness & I carry it around everywhere now :)
Some BYS goodies including a beautiful blusher in “Coral”, an extremely cool colour changing nail enamel in “Glitter Purple” & the lovely looking “Prima Ballerina” nail polish (I love the bottle!) Finally Chelle also generously included one of her fav cuticle treatments which is this absolutely yummy Apricot Oil (smells divine!) by Essie & now has pride of place by my bedside! Been using this baby every day, such an amazing product & my cuticles have never looked better! 
And of course couldn’t forget the yummy treats which disappeared in embarrassingly quick record time…
Awww thank you so so much my lovely Chelle, you spoiled me muchly my dear friend, can’t wait to try it all! Look forward to the day when I can finally give ya a great big hug in person!  :D 

Thanks as always for reading bellas! 

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - A Risky Red... :D

Hola my bellas! Aaaaaah Sunday’s, the day of rest…aren’t they just awesome? Had some plans on heading out today, maybe for a lazy pub lunch somewhere, but the moment I woke up & took a peek out the window….hello greyness! Well it didn’t really take long to decide on making the mad dash back to the warm & cosy bed & pretty much staying there for the day…good decision :) Plus I’ve decided that plenty of bed rest is needed after getting my new piercing yesterday ;) Hehe! Yup! Taking the bestie along with me, I went & got the double helix piercing I’ve been wanting for yonks :D I had actually wanted a triple helix (the outer part of the ear by the way) but well you see, my head is what ya might say, smaller than the average person’s head, so after the lovely lady who was doing the piercings finished the first two, we had a looky & decided that the three might be too much for my little ears ;) But I am muchos happy with them! :D

Just a quickie NOTD post for ya my lovelies today! Now you can’t go wrong with a classic red nail can you? Beautiful, sophisticated & suitable for pretty much any occasion, I do love me a red mani.  So I wanted to show you all the gorguz “Risky Red”my current favourite red at the moment, from the Boots makeup brand 17 & which I actually got in a free gift after purchasing two of their products a while back. This is one of the things I LOVE about this brand, the great dealios they have every now again, so next time you’re in Boots, it’s definitely worth having a looky! In this case, the offer was if you purchased two 17 products, you received a cutesy little makeup bag containing a mini nail file & three 17 polish’s including this stunning red, “Nightshade” (glossy black) & a glitter topcoat for free! The two products I chose were polish’s also (surprise, surprise!) so in the end got 5 polishes for the price of 2! Happy days!  
I opted for these two gorguz pastel-y shades, “Catwalk Couture” which is a beautiful pale blue with a subtle shimmer running through it & “Woo Me”, a prettyful lilac shade :) Can’t wait to try them!
“Risky Red” is definitely a red that delivers! The perfect, in your face, fire engine red, it is seriously gorguz & I received a lot of comments when wearing this shade asking what it was. Was in a bit of a rush so only managed to snap one pic rather than the usual 10,000 I normally do, so sorry about that :-/  Believe it or not this here was just one coat & I am a religious two coater! I also used a coat of the glitter topcoat to finish to add a subtle sparkle to it :D

17 polish’s are available from Boots & retail for just £2.99, bargains! :D Have you tried any of the 17 polish's? Thanks for reading my lovelies, till next time! 

Lotsa love to ya!