Ombre! Ombre!

Arrrriba! Hola amigos! Como estas???.... Okay, I shall revert back to English now, sorry loves, just got caught up in the moment there. So how have you all been? Anything exciting planned for Halloween this year?? Shall be a quiet one down this end but I did attend Thorpe Parks Fright Night last week which was certainly a barrel of laughs & then some :D I’m telling ya dolls, there really is no other feeling quite like being chased by an insane person wielding a chainsaw….good times.
Yesterday I went along to the Excel Exhibition Centre for a lovely day at BINTM (Britain & Irelands Next Top Model) with the lovely Saf, who so kindly invited me to go with her! What a sweetheart, thanks so much hun, had such a fab time! But will probably do a separate post on that as it was quite a busy day & I won’t lie to ya...some things were bought ;)
Today though, I just HAD to share with you lovelies the recent adventures that my hair has been on recently. If you follow me on twitter (clickety click on the button on the side to find me on there) you’ll probably know that I have wanted to go down the “ombre” route with my hair for yonks! After seeing it in all the mags I just totally fell in love with it! But I’ve always been very cautious, especially after hearing many an “ombre gone wrong” horror stories! Plus I thought with my Asian colouring it may not suit moi? I knew for certain that I wouldn’t be able to do DIY ombre as I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I would make a complete hash job of it! 
But whilst having the hairs trimmed recently, I had a bit of extra time on me hands so thought…what the hell...let’s do this! Had a bit of a heart attack moment when, after trying to explain to the hairdresser about ombre-ing, whose first language is not English, thought she hadn’t really understood a single word of what I meant!!! But then I popped out the Blackberry & bought up some images for her to have a looky & she finally got me :) I won’t say I was relieved just yet, still had the whole process to go through & to say I was absolutely bricking it is putting it lightly. But an hour or so later my time in the hot seat was up & the time had come to see the finished result! The verdict dolls?? I absolutely friggin loooove it! Here are a few piccies.... (snapped with blackberry! No camera…)

What do you think lovelies? We decided to go for a more caramel-y autumn toned gold rather than a full on light blond which I think suits my current hair shade a lot more? Who knows though, I might consider going lighter next time! Now I’ve jumped that hurdle & done it there’ll be no stopping this gal! Was so happy I MAY have actually hugged my hairdresser….hope I didn’t freak the poor woman out, but I’ve taken her details so that she can do my hair for me next time too as I was very happy with finished result. I also loved that she actually listened to me when I said that I just wanted the teensiest amount possible trimmed of at the ends, in the past when I’ve said this, the hairdresser proceeds to hack half of it off! Most traumatising.
In a recent trip to London town I visited my lovely friend Amina for a good ol’ catch up session & whose head I’ve done in countless times about having her do my make up for me as she is one supremely talented lady. So she did! Using a variety of products including NARS & Shu Uemura she did a lovely brown smoky eyed look that went with my new ombred hairs perfectly! Haha! Thank you muchly my darling!

Thanks for reading my lovelies. Have you ever gone “Ombre”?? If so what did you think??

Lotsa love & hugs!


Lucky Number "17"

Hey there honeybees! Judging by the “whizz!” “bang!” & “woooosh!” sounds coming from outside I’m guessing Happy Diwali wishes are in order for all those celebrating! Hope you’re all having a fab one! Not from Madame Kitty though I’m afraid…she is filled with a lot of errr tenseness right now…I’m a tad afraid….& poor thing has absolutely no clue that it’s going to be bonfire night soon as well :-/
But ooh what’s this?! Blogging two days in a row? Wooo! Must be new record for me ;) haha! Seriously though, I really do hope to be able to blog more often as I do enjoy it so much & I have tons I want to share with you beauties! If only work would allow me to do so!  *sigh!*
Apologies for the title of the post, was just recently watching the film Lucky Number Sleven & I guess it kinda stuck & felt it went well with the post :) I wanted to share with you some lovely products I’ve recently accumulated from one of my current fav brands at the moment, 17 Cosmetics, which is available in Boots. I’ll be honest & say that this was a counter I normally always walked straight past, instead making a beeline for the more well-known high street brands, but after seeing the delightful looking Mirror Shine lippies pop up here, there & everywhere on the blogosphere I was itching to give them a try! And whilst getting hold of a couple o’ those, I managed to get a few other delightful bits & bobs too!
Firstly the Mirror Shine lippies, I’m sure you’re all familiar with by now! I knew I had to give these lipsticks a try (yes, even this most known non-lippie wearer!!) after hearing about their lovely moisturising, non-sticky formula. And they didn’t disappoint! As you probably know by now, I suffer from very dry lips, but with these lovely glossy lipsticks, I found I didn’t actually need to apply a layer of Carmex beforehand as I normally do on those rarest of occasions I actually wear lipstick. They glide on beautifully & give a really nice, fuller look to the lip with a hint of colour. I went for the two nude tones in the range (surprise, surprise!) Bee Hive & Nudist Peach.
Bee Hive as you can see is a pinkish toned nude that looks really pretty on whilst Nudist Peach is more beige-ey toned? Totally love them both & have been wearing them on a regular basis as they go with pretty much everything. These little beauts retail for only £4.59 but keep an eye out online because when I got these they were half price!  & I don’t know if this is a regular thing with 17, if it is then I am loving them even more, but when you buy two of their products you get a free gift too!  At the time I bought these the free gift was this lovely nude palette which was limited addition so uncertain if it’s still available. But after a bit o’ research I’ve found that the eye shadows & lippie in the palette are from 17’s permanent collection! But I really love 17’s eye shadows; remember the vintage palettes a while back? So creamy & pigmented & lovely shades!
Wasn’t long before another hauling sesh occurred with 17, but this time I was on a mission, knowing exactly what I wanted…tis the amazing looking & long time lemming after by moi magnetic polishes! Eeeee! 
I have been waiting in anticipation for these babies to come out & cannot wait to give them a whirl! I picked the Grey & Blue shades, but the Green & Purple look gorguz also & if my Boots had had those colours as well I would’ve no doubt have grabbed them too! ;) And now is the perfick time to grab em dolls as Boots currently have them at an introductory price of £4.99 (original retail £5.99) & not just that, but again if you buy two 17 products you get a free gift! What’s not to love?
The free gift in question is the Femme Noir set which includes a pretty silvery eye shadow in Night Sky, a liquid black liner & a yummy looking Ultimate Volume lip gloss in Very Berry :)
Loving the look of all three products! I'm thinking the eye shadow would be great for a shimmery smokey eye look, whilst the gloss looks beautifully pigmented & lush. & you know my strong love for all things eye liner! The 17 one is actually quite nice, with a lovely thin brush, perfick for creating a nice flick.
Lastly I also picked up the top coat touch dry polish from the No 7 range as after making my 17 purchases I also got a lovely £5 off voucher too! Yup they're back lovelies! I’d heard from a lot of people that it’s a pretty damn awesome top coat & I’ve kind of made it my mission in life to find the perfect one. Could this be it....?
Will keep you lovelies posted & of course get to work on some NOTD’S with my new magnetic polishes! Thanks as always for reading my sweets, till next time!

Have you tried anything from the 17 cosmetics range? If so, what’s been your favourite?

Lotsa smooches!


Le Chocolat NOTD! :D

Greetings sweetpeas! You all good?

So did you lovelies know that it was National Chocolate Week last week? Or was it the week before last now? Hmm, either way it doesn’t matter because all I know is that I did NOT have the pleasure of receiving that particular little memo. I only realised that this blessed event was occurring halfway through the week & my only thought was “What?!?! That’s half a week’s worth of excessive chocolate consumption time already lost!!!” I had some serious catching up to do. So cue mad dash to my local newsagent to get the suitable ‘family size bag’ supplies of treats. Yup, I had no shame at all over my overflowing basket & proudly lifted my goody's, happy grin & all, onto poor Uncle U’s till (he’s not really my Uncle) I think he did have a bit of a shocker though at seeing all that confectionery goodness bless him, but I just looked at him saying “It’s okay uncle….its National Chocolate Week???” his reply, with a bit of slow nodding thrown in….”Ooooh is it really bayti???” the whole time his eyes blatantly saying “Yeah, alright luv, whatever ya say!” :-/ Hmm poor guy, I guess he must be used to crazy/stressed looking woman making mad dashes in to his shop for a sweet fix when it’s THAT time of the month...actually wait a minute…slight possibility that could’ve have been moi also…. :-/
Anyhoo! Moving on, to get in to the whole chocolate week thang I also decided to go for a suitably delectable chocolate shade for the nails. Why not! So ‘twas the perfect chance to give a newbie that recently came about my person a whirl. The polish in question is the gorguz Resist & Shine Titanium from Loreal in Black Ruby. I think this is the name of it because, actually dolls, it doesn’t have its name written anywhere on the bottle which is a bit of a nuisance! But after a bit o’ browsing online, I’ve found that Black Ruby or Black Red (no. 734 if ya wanna get specific) is what this beautiful polish is called! And beautiful it really is, in fact I’m loving it so much that I think this baby can have pride of place as my No,1 favourite polish! Although I am sure that this will no doubt change by sometime next week... 'tis true, the status of Aysh’s favourite polish of the moment changes as often as Cher changes her wigs but it’s only because there are just far too many puuuurdy polishes out there to try non? ;)  Righty ho, time for some piccies?!!
What did I tell ya? Isn’t it lovely? This is the first ever polish I’ve bought from Loreal & will def not be the last. Please excuse the totally crummy application, I clearly got sloppy in the over excitement & sugar rush. Was just drawn to the spectrum of lovely colours within this polish of which there seem to be a fair few! I tried capturing the shimmering tone of gold, red, bronze & brown that all seem to be present & was really anxious to see how it would transcend on the nail! Can safely say it did not disappoint :)
I just love the beautiful rich dark chocolate colour! It wasn’t what I was expecting mind you, but I absolutely love! And you can see some elements of deep red shimmer running through it also, just gorguz! I do love me a dark nail; this can make a fab alternative to full on black if that look is a bit too much on the goth side :) Application was so smooth with a good quality brush & managed to get opacity in 2 coats. Drying time was fab also with such a lovely finish, so shiny & glossy & full of colour! I actually liked it so much I decided to put it on the tootsies too! ;) 
And it definitely is one of the more hard wearing polishes I’ve come across. It promises 7, but I managed to get 5 days complete chip free wear which is outstanding for me because, as I’ve mentioned before, my hands are put through a lot of work! Mightily impressed! :D
These lovely polishes are available from Boots priced at a fab £6.19, which is not bad at all in my opinion! Am definitely thinking of getting some more of these beauties, especially from the “ Glossy Blacks” range, they all look fabulous! :D

Have you tried any of the polish's from this or any other range by Loreal? Do ya like? Thanks for reading my darlings!

Lotsa sweet sweet choc filled loveness!



TOWIB "The Only Way Is Blogging" Part 2! :D

Ello ello there my lovely lovelies!!! How’s tricks?!! Please excuse the excessive use of exclamation marks, which will no doubt continue on into the post, so brace yourselves!! I mean you know how much I love my exclamation marks to begin with, but I’ve just got back from a jolly one on one with the dentist where a hefty dose of anaesthetic was involved….fun times! But on top of that, to counter this not so pleasant experience I decided to go for a massage afterward, so the combo of anaesthetic & aromatherapy essential oils has got this gal in a….let’s say… zippidydooda happy frame of mind!! ;)   

You may remember moi mentioning in my previous post about the TOWIB (The Only Way Is Blogging) event? I went to the first one back in the summer which was brill & was very much looking forward to attending the next one! So this weekend past saw myself making my merry way down (or is it up?? Not sure, need to check the map) to good ol’ London town for the second TOWIB event that was being held this time at The Babble Bar & was organised once again by the amazing Hayley of London Beauty Queen, who did an absolutely amazing job! :D
Was a tad nervous as I arrived all by my oneness & a little bit late too! Eeeek! But again I don’t know what I was so worried about, as everyone was so lovely! The event itself consisted of a fab afternoon of talks & workshops from other bloggers as well as a Q&A session at the end with Lily, Zoe, Kate & Hayley herself :)
There were some fabulous make up brands present whose products I haven’t had the opportunity to try yet so was very excited to see! First up there was FashionistA which will be available in Superdrug, who were doing makeover tutorials using their new products, unfortunately I missed this (the whole lateness thang ya know??) but went to have a closer look at the products which look gorguz! The gals from FashionistA were kind enough to let us leave with a blush or eye shadow palette of our own; I opted for the eye shadow. The fab thing about these palettes is that they are custom designed so you can chop & change the colours to whatever you’re in the mood for! And with 42 core eye shadows & 12 blushers in the range there’s plenty to choose from :)
The second makeup brand from the day was Vivo which is a new range for Tesco’s, who showed us three different looks that can be created with their products including a vampy Twilight look, a golden Christmas party look, as well as a bright lip. Vivo were also kind enough to send us away with a goody bag at the end with products to help create one of the three looks. As much as I loooooved the vamp look I decided to be a creature of habit & go for the gold! Will share with ya the products in another post dolls!

The best thing for me though about the whole TOWIB event has definitely got to be meeting all the fantastic bloggers, familiar & new! I met some truly lovely girlies at the event & have found some fab new blogs through it too! At the start I was a bit lost in the sea of bloggers from being a tad late & had a bit of an “Oh No Help!!!!” moment, but then I met & started chatting with the loveliest girl called Clo, with who I ended up spending the majority of the event with. She is such a sweetheart & so easy to talk too that my shyness just melted away. Oh & we also noticed that we were wearing the same earrings! Haha that must’ve been it, some great, other worldly powers of the universe were clearly at work & the matching earrings must have been drawn to one another like long lost twins! ;) I was also so happy to meet the lovely Steph again of whose blog I have been following for yonkers & love! We’d met before at the Aussie Xmas Market last year & have kept in touch via the wonderful world of twitter, so was lovely meeting her in person again. Another wonderful girly whose blog I adore & was so happy to meet was the gorguz Vivianna from ViviannaDoesMakeup who is even more stunning in person & such a gem! We had a lovely chat where I no doubt did her head in but she was so incredibly sweet! Other lovely bloggers I met were Jess & Charmaine & Pam who were…yup ya guessed it…super lovely & so much fun! Haha! There were so many amazing bloggers there whom I would’ve loved to have met but just didn’t get a chance too, plus there’s that annoying shyness of mine! *Le Sigh!* 
But hopefully will get to meet more fab bloggers plus the lovely ladies I met at the event again at the next TOWIB event. Yes, hopefully there will be a TOWIB 3 & from what I’ve heard there is one in the works! Woo! Here’s a few piccies for ya from the day :)
                                                             Me & the lovely Steph :)
                                                                         Clo and Moi :)
                                                     Creating the Twilight look
                                                           Look at those lashes! :D
                                                          Creating a Bold lip look on Steph :)
                                 Pam & Me :) & btw how pale do I look?!?!
                                                   Myself, Clo, & Charmaine
                                                   We aren't posers at all..... 
                                                      The beautiful Vivianna, such a lovely! :)
                                                 Vivianna, Moi & Steph :D
Another humungous thanks to Hayley for organising such a fantastic event for all us bloggers to get together & just talk blog! You are fabulous girl. Thanks so much for reading my lovelies!
Will you be coming to TOWIB part 3?

Lotsa love!


Wedding FOTD - Chapter 2 "Pink Frost" :)

Happy Friday cupcakes!
Yes ‘tis the weekend at last me darlings, we made it! :D What’s everyone got planned for the weekend? Anything nice? I’m very much looking forward to heading on down to Landaaan town tomorrow for the second TOWIB meet up, which is being held at the Babble Bar & is once again being hosted by the wonderful Hayley from London Beauty Queen. The first one was really great so I can’t wait to meet some more lovely blogger ladies. Will try & remember to take some piccies this time round! :) I shall also be meeting up with my newlywed big bro & sis-in-law for a bit o’ Dim Sum afterward which my stomach is already making appreciative sounds for ;) NOM!
Speaking of weddings today's FOTD that I have to share with you lovelies was the look I did for my brother’s registry ceremony & is part of the “Wedding FOTD Chapter series” that I started (but lost track of/ i.e. got lazy with….) a while back :) Here’s the first look I did in case you missed it “Pink & Gold”
And here is the next makeup look or should I say Chapter 2 in the series which I’ve decided to title "Pink Frost" FOTD….original isn’t it? Do ya know, I’ve always said that I am not really all that obsessed with pink….but looking at previous posts & actually at the whole look of my blog….I was clearly fibbing big time wasn’t I? ;D Haha! Anyway, I digress….Here’s a snippet of the outfit I wore as well, as usual something HAD to slip my mind & taking a full on outfit shot just happened to be that thing :-/ It was a white & pink lace churidar Asian style outfit, where the dress flowed to just above the knees & included the usual drainpipe silk pink leggings that are the norm with churidar style outfits :)
The eye shadows I used are from a palette that I was given by a friend which is from Claire’s Accessories; I didn’t even know they did eye shadow palettes! However I accidentally dropped it whilst attempting to get out of the car AND holding about a billion other things at the same time & it fell out on to the street!! Hence why it looks like it’s been through the wars & then some…sorry palette.
I used most of the pink shades in the palette, starting with the lightest on the inner corners, gradually going darker towards the outer V. The consistency of the shadows was nice, not too great on pigmentation mind you, I did have to pack it on somewhat. But having said that there was hardly any fallout! I used the lightest highlight shade to line the bottom lashes as well & I’m sure you’re all used to my love for eyeliner by now! It’s of course MAC Fluidline Blacktrack on the upper lash line, winged out at the corners :) For mascara I am currently using High Impact by Clinique which I picked up as a freebie in Glamour magazine & a really nice quality mascara it is but to be honest with ya dolls, I don’t think I would fork out £15 for it which is what it retails for :-/
I used my usual ‘go to’ foundation for weddings etc. which is MAC Studio Tech in NC35 & MAC MSF Natural in Medium Dark,  added a light dusting of Sleek ‘Rose Gold’ blush on the cheeks & finished with No 7 Nude lip liner & Sleek ‘Liqueur’ on the lips :) Done!
Thanks for reading sweety's! Hope you like! :) Have a top weekend & catch up with you all soon!

Lotsa big pink love,


A Glowy Nude FOTD & a Blogaversary! :D

Evening me daaaaarlings :) Hope you’re all having a tip top week?
Got an ickle FOTD to share with you lovelies today that I did with my Benefit Her Name Was Glowla palette which I've used before & absolutely love, the eye shadows in it are just gorguz & I’ve found myself reaching for this palette more & more of late. :)
Before I get on to that though, it just occurred to me that today is this little blog of mine’s 1st birthday….well whadya know?!! Has it been a year already?!? :D Gosh, it’s flown by! I can honestly say that starting Truly Madly Beauty has been one of the best things I’ve ever done, I’ve gotten so much joy out of this little space on the blogosphere & even though it’s only an ickle one compared to some other fabulous blogs out there, I am proud of it :) Not only has it been wonderful sharing my love of all things beauty & makeup related but it’s also been fab being part of such a great online community & by that I mean of course you guys! So thank you so much to all of you who stop on by, follow, comment & read my ramblings, it really means the world to me truly :) Another delightful thing is that I was overjoyed to log in the other day to see that I’ve reached the 200 milestone on my blog! How lovely, thanks again you gorguz readers! :D
                                                                          source - google images
To celebrate the ol’ blogaversary & follower milestone I’m thinking a giveaway is in order! Not sure what yet mind you dolls, work is crazy (what’s new) but I deffo have something in the works so keep your eyes peeled angels! :D
Now moving on to the FOTD! As I mentioned I used my “Her Name Was Glowla” palette that I picked up from Benefit a while back & which I blogged about here. The colours & quality of the eye shadows are just amazing, they apply so smoothly on to the lid & I experienced very little fallout & zero creasing which is fab!

The shadows are also beautifully pigmented; I used the lighter 3 colours in the palette over the entire lid & to highlight then applied the 2 darker golden/brown shadows in the crease & outer V. To line the upper lid I used MAC Fluidline Blacktrack to create a thick cat eye wing, definitely one of my fav ways of doing eyeliner :) No mascara or waterline action this time, which is a bit odd for moi, but hey ho! I wanted to keep it neutral ;) The palette also contains the lovely “Coralista” blush so I used that on the cheeks using Benefit’s “Dallas” blush, a deep plum shade, to contour the cheeks a little. 
With regards to foundation, I’ve re-discovered my love for Bourjois! These have recently been taking a back seat but have now come out again in all their glory! 
I use both the 10 Hour Sleep Effect & the Healthy Mix foundations from Bourjois mixed together. The reason for this being because the Sleep Effect one I picked up was much too dark for me (damn store lighting!!) so I got the Healthy Mix in a much lighter shade so I could mix the both together to get the right shade (or thereabouts!) & I really love the finish.  I do have a strong love for both these fab drugstore foundations! Lastly the lips were kept simple with No 7 nude lip liner & Sleek lippie in ‘Naked’.
 Hope you liked the FOTD dolls! Thanks for stopping by & remember stay tuned for a giveaway very soon!

Lotsa love & hugs!