Twinkle Tips NOTD :)

Ello ello my lovelies, how are we? Did you all have a good weekend? Did you too also feel the strong urge to weep to have had to return back to work today??? Yah, me too ;) Ah well, the next weekend is only…*counts on fingers*…(its been a loooong day)  four days away, which will fly by I’m sure (pray & hope)
So I think it’s probably obvious from the fact that I’ve written up this post that I managed to survive my adventures from the weekend! Well let’s just say I’m thankfully not typing this from a hospital bed… As ya know if you follow me on here & on twitter, this weekend saw moi & my bestie enjoy the wonderful experience of being thrown down a hill in an inflatable ball…booootiful. Haha it really was amazing, such an adrenaline rush!! And thankfully no bones were broken, limbs torn off, heads concussed, or any of the crisis situations I’d conjured up inside my head beforehand! Its defo given me a taste for more that’s for sure…next stop…bungee jumping!!! Bwaha! So would ya like to see an 'AFTER' pic of the experience? What's that? Ya would?? Oh go on then.... :)
                                                    Graceful is my middle name...... :-/

Righty ho dolls, on to the post! Today I’ve got a gorguz red polish to share with you gals which goes by the name ‘Blazing Red’ :) Tis another old find (as ya can see from the state of the bottle!) I stumbled across whilst finally sorting out my nail polish collection (this took err quite a while…)  
It’s by Collection 2000 & is from their MAXIFLEX range which to be honest I’m not entirely certain they do anymore? Collection 2000 is a brand available from Boots stores as well as online & I’ve actually seen quite a lot of these MAXIFLEX polishes on Ebay? And as I’m seriously liking this polish A LOT, I may just have to check them out as the prices are most appealing too!
Blazing Red is a beautiful polish, a really gorguz smooth & vibrant red, with subtle shimmers running through it that give the polish an almost satin-y, foil like finish on the nails which was unfortunately really hard to capture with the camera!
Application was a dream in two coats & it dried in quick time, so am seriously impressed! Not to mention it seemed to live up to its longevity promise of 5 days, there was slight chipping at the tips, but then again, my hands are put through the wars at work so this made no never mind to me, especially because I change my polish quite regularly anyway! I think I may pop down to Boots to see if these baby’s are still available & if not then there’s always our good old friend Ebay! Haha!  
I wanted to jazz up the mani a tad, so decided to do introduce a bit o’ glitter glam using one of my fav polishes that is the gorguz China Glaze Ruby Pumps & create some sparkly twinkly pointed tips using some French manicure guide strips? I’d seen a few blog posts on using these at different angles to create different shapes at the tips of your nails so decided to give it a go! Unfortunately this is deffo a case of a bit of a mani FAIL!! Not one of those people known for their patience, I don’t think I left the strips on long enough before dragging them off, therefore creating quite a few wonky tips! *blushes* but hell, I went with it anyways as I just loved the sparkle too much! (not to mention too darn lazy to start over!!) :D

Hmm, have gotten a few tips though from other lovely bloggers which have been really helpful. Firstly….patience!!!! LOL! Plus I’ve also been told that using masking tape would be better; especially sticking it to a surface for a while before using so it’s not as sticky, therefore less chance of it pulling the polish? Will defo experiment, I won’t give up yet! :D

Hope ya liked the NOTD me beauts! Do you have a favourite red polish? Do let me know!  

Lotsa sparkly red smooches!


Smooth Caramel with a touch o' Bling NOTD

Evening dolls!
You can’t go wrong with a lovely nude nail really can you? There’s just that something special about these sorts of tones, other than the fact that I think they look absolutely gorguz on any skin tone, you also don’t have to worry if your nails match your outfit as nude polish goes with pretty much everything! Huzzah! I guess I also feel a tad more sophisticated & ‘grown up’ shall we say when working a nude tone on the nails ;) Haha!
I have a few nudes in my life (behave!) & the polish I have to show you today is brought to you with a little help from Nails Inc….& Diet Coke too I guess as I picked up this little number when the fab collaboration was going on a while back. You remember the one I mean? Where all you had to do was purchase two bottles of Diet Coke & a full sized bottle of Nails Inc was all yours to take away & cherish??? Ooooh I did love that….& err I totally did NOT buy all four polishes….*tumbleweed* :-/
Nails Inc Caramel is a lovely, rather thick crème based polish, it actually took me a while to get used to its consistency as it was a lot thicker than other polishes I’ve used, but maybe it was just the formula of my one…dunno. Still it applied fine & you could probably achieve opacity in just one coat but I still went for my regular two :) Totally love the colour of it, verging more towards the beige-y, condensed milk-y end of the nude spectrum. ;)
As lovely as it is all by its onesie, I wanted to jazz it up a tad….enter the good old diamanté stones & nail stickers! Can always rely on these to liven up an ordinary mani in a super easy way with minimal effort & fab results :) I picked up the diamanté stones from Claire’s accessories, these are actually ones that you apply on to your body but they work fab as nail art! All I did was place one on the corner tip of the nail, then stuck on a nail sticker design on to the bottom opposite corner. Finish off with a coat or two of topcoat & el finito!
Hope you like my dears! Even though this Nails Inc shade was part of a one off collection, you may still be able to nab it on eBay as I’ve seen a few on there! Are you a fan of nude nails? If so what’s your favorite?
As always thanks for reading angels!

Lotsa love & snuggles!


A Barry M Affair with Natural Dazzle - FOTD :)

Hey there my sugar lumps! You all well?
I noticed whilst sifting through all my pics on the laptop the other day that I have a huge backlog of FOTD’s that I had done with the intent of posting on this little blog of mine but klutzy thing I am just totally forgot about them! Must be the old age catching up with moi, seriously ask anyone who knows me, I don’t know whether I’m coming or going these days!! Ask me what I did last week??? Yeeeah…..couldn’t tell ya :-/
‘Tis a very simple FOTD I’ve got to share with ya lovelies today or should I say FOTN as this is a look I opted for on a random night out with the girlies involving a cocktail or two ;) It was achieved using very few products, the key one being one of my fav makeup items which is Barry M’s Natural Dazzle Bronzer

Now, stating the obvious here, but I LOVE makeup ;) In case ya hadn’t noticed…Lol! But there are those occasions when you’re rushed for time & want to create something quick & easy yet suitable for a night out, which is where this lovely bronzer comes in as it’s pretty much a multi-functional product, & boy I do love those kinds! It really is such a gorguz product that creates a wonderfully, healthy glow to your face & here I’ve used it not only as a contour, but a light dusting on the cheeks & temples, along the jawline, on my lids & blended in to the crease too! Like I said…many usages for this lovely gem alone :) Anyhoo’s would this be a good time for some pics?? 

 After foundation & concealer had been applied, in this case MAC Studio Tech NC37 & Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage (review coming soon!) I started with using the bronzer to contour the cheeks with a large angled brush, next grabbing a blush brush lightly dusted it on to the apples of the cheeks & temple as well as along the jawline, a little tip I’d learned as this really does define your jaw! Then with a simple eye shadow brush, I just applied the Barry M Natural Dazzle over the whole lid, and then blended it into the crease & outer V. Just some final touches of MAC Fluidline Blacktrack gel eyeliner on the upper lash line & water line & a few coats of mascara & that was it! As strange as it sounds, I actually find that the bronzer has different effects when applied to different areas…lighter, more shimmery in some parts, more matt in others! :D
I was wearing my red & black H&M dress that I picked up in the Xmas sales last year (forgot to take pic of me in it…doh!) so just applied a touch of Benefit’s Benetint to give the lips a hint of rouge colour…you know I’m not too big on lippies! ;)
And that’s it dolls! Hope you liked this FOTD & found it helpful in showing ya that you CAN create a look for a night out using just one simple (or very limited at least) make up product(s)! :) You can find Barry M's Natural Dazzle Bronzer in Boots & Superdrugs as well as online for £9.99 :D
Speak soon my beauts!

Lotsa love,



Ice Ice Baby - NOTD & Catch Up! :)

Greetings lovelies! How’s things?! 
Aaaaah it does feel good to be blogging, I seriously have tons to write about & share with you all but time just doesn’t seem to be getting on with me right now. Also, if you follow me on Twitter you’ll know that the past week has been kinda packed ya might say, what with my big bro finally tying the knot! EEEEEE! :D The ceremony was really lovely & I’m not gonna lie to you…some tears were shed on my part ;) (tears of happiness let me clarify!! Lol!!) Just seeing him up there saying his vows I guess it just hit me that he’s now a married man & so officially an adult in my book! Bwahaha! The happy couple have headed to Hong Kong for their honeymoon for 10 days, they’ve asked me if there’s anything I want them to bring back from there but haven’t a clue! Any ideas dolls??
Also last week saw yours truly celebrating becoming another year older :D I had a great weekend with both friends & family & received some gorguz gifts which I’m so excited about sharing with you! But all that in another post ;) Me & my matey headed into London town for some adventures also, involving our regular pit stop at Harrods. The both of us could seriously spend the entire day there! Lol! After we’d finished drooling over the displays in the food halls & lusting after the gorguz jewelery we headed off to have a bit of a posh nosh tea (because we are laaaaaadies) at Laduree’s after the lovely Claire told me all about this pretty little Parisian tea room. Before we left we also made a routine pit stop at the ice cream parlour for a sundae, then just so happened to walk past the Chanel counter on our way out, where a certain little polish was SCREAMING out my name….yup Chanel Peridot is FINALLY miiiiiiine!!!! Mwhahaha! *big Cheshire cat grin*
Before heading home we paid a visit to the Ice Bar on Regent Street. If you’ve never been I seriously recommend ya go! As the name suggests it’s a bar made entirely out of ice, even the glasses are made out of ice! What a hoot! :D   Here are a coupla pics from the day to share with ya! :)
                                                         New Addiction that is Vanilla Tea & Pastries
                                                           Green Apple Flavour Macaroons......NOM! :D
                                                               Food Glorious Food....
                                                        Not gonna lie.....I do like a pout pose.... ;)
                                                                          Ice Ice Baby :)
                                      Don't think I can quite carry off the Eskimo look... :/

Hope ya liked the pics! So, continuing with the ice theme I thought I would show you gorguz lot today a somewhat simple yet nevertheless lovely nail polish from the No7 range named Coconut Ice. I picked this up with one of those golden tickets that are the fab Boots £5 off vouchers, don’t ya just love em?? Anyhoo this one in particular grabbed moi as I don’t really have anything like it in my collection, it’s a beautiful pearly white glossy polish with touches of pink & shimmer running through it, kind of reminding me of a seashell! It’s one of their Speed Dry polishes which does what it says on the bottle, after applying base coat it took two coats to achieve opacity & didn’t take too long to dry at all but you’ll have to excuse the little dent on the middle finger as I accidentally knocked it with the other hand & was just too lazy to rectify!! *blush* 
Overall I think it’s a might puuuuurdy polish & as always with No 7 polishes, I found the quality really good. This shade reminds me very much of weddings actually! Hence why I decided to wear this nail polish for my brothers registration :) But I think this would be a lovely colour for a bridal mani too! I kept it simple though & wore it as it is, but I think it could also be beautifully jazzed up with some nail art stones & stickers. May try that out next time! No 7 polishes are available from Boots & retail for £7.00 but of course with the voucher I only had to pay 2 squids for this beauty! Happy days! :D
What are you currently wearing on your nails at the mo?? Thanks for reading me bella chicas! Till next time!

Lotsa cool ice love!


The Colour Purple

Hello there me lovely readers!
How’s everyone doing? ? Finally went out last night with the matey to watch the new Planet of the Apes movie at the cinema (mucho healthy dinner of nachos & 7up included) after everyone had been raving to me about it! So glad I did as it was bloomin fantastic, such amazing CGI & special effects, deffo do recommend you dolls go watch it! I looove the baby monkeyyyy!! Sooooo cute! *Ahem!* Like I said…do go see… ;)
I don’t think I’ll get a chance to blog this weekend, hence this most unusual (for me!) midweek post as I’ve got a bit going on. It’s this old gals (certainly feels like it anyhoo…) birthday this weekend & not just that but it’s also my big bro’s registry this Friday! :D So deffo looking forward to all that :) My new sis-in-law & I actually also have the same birthday too! Lol! Small world! :) 
Got a few bits & bobs planned in terms of celebrating another year past, will be popping in to good old London town for a day of adventures with the matey this Sunday, nothing exact planned yet but we always have a ball when we’re there :) Also, have a pamper spa day booked for me & the mumma bear to enjoy towards the end of the month, really cannot wait for that! The mumma hasn’t been too well lately so I think it’ll be just what she needs!
Also, those who know me well know that I am what you might call a thrill seeker at times…god knows I never used to be!! It all changed during a rather traumatic trip to an insane theme park in Canada where I was dragged kicking & screaming on every single ride! It’s true what they say though, facing your fear really does kill it! So now I go on them all & my next plan is….to go bungee jumping! But maybe it’s a good idea to take baby steps first, so that’s why me & my bestie or gonna be doing a spot o’ Zorbiting! For those who don’t know what that is….in a nutshell…it’s basically being pushed down a hill in a huge inflatable ball! Strapped in of course ;) Bwaha! I’m sure it’ll be an experience anyhoo ;)
                                                          Source - Google Images

So yes, should be an adventurous/eventful birthday to say the least this year ;) Also, have plans with the work girls this week for dinner & a Bollywood movie which’ll be fun but there’s a little glitch….the theme of the night is gonna be…RED LIPS. Which just happens to be my ONE makeup fear….lovely o_0 Will I be brave enough?? We shall see ;)
Onto this evening’s post dolls, I wanted to share with you an OOTD & FOTD, the theme for this one being the colour purple :) My friend recently got the opportunity to have a pamper makeover session done with the makeup brand Mary Kay allowing her to have a friend join her & guess who she chose? *big grin* Before now I’d not been familiar at all with Mary Kay products. Most probably because I’ve not seen Mary Kay in any department stores, as far as I know it’s only available to buy online? So was defo interested in having a look see :)
We first had a kinda mini facial where the MUA used some cleansers & masks from their range. As facials go it ‘twas nice for sure, the skin defo felt lovely, soft & pampered after, but the thing that stood out for me most was the hand treatment. We both had our hands pampered with the Mary Kay Satin Hands products which consisted of some kind of scrub & softener that, the moment washed off, left our hands feeling so smooth & baby soft! 
After our facials the MUA then got to applying some makeup from the MK range, it’s always nice when someone does your makeup for ya isn’t it? :) As I was wearing my purple dress, which I’d picked up from H&M whilst on holiday in Canada, we decided to go for a purple-y smoky eyed look, which I was at first dreading because no matter how many times I try a purple smokey eye, I just end up looking like I’ve been punched in the face… but I actually loved it! 

Getting the face done lol!

Dress - H&M, Shrug - Warehouse. Necklace - Accessorize, Earrings - H&M
Le Finished Look! :)

She did the smokey eye in a way I totally love, which was incorporating a nude, shimmer shade on the lid & just smoking out the crease. With regards to the products used, the foundation felt lovely & light & didn’t need that heavy an application to get good coverage & the eye shadows/blushes were lovely & smooth with nice pigmentation. Overall though I really liked the finished look :)
After our session I later on had a bit of a browse around the Mary Kay website to see more of the range. The foundations range from around £16 & the eye shadows & blush from around £6-£9. Really loving the look of the blushers actually as well as the hand pampering kit from the skincare range but to be honest nothing else really blew me away. On my search I actually came across this makeup look of the lovely Alicia Keys that she wore to the Oscars in 2009? Her look was created using Mary Kay products & I looooove it! So simple, yet extremely stunning, what do you think? 
                                                                                Source - Google Images

Love, love, love!! May give it a go at re-creating sometime actually! 
Thanks so much for reading cupcakes! Have you ever tried Mary Kay products before? If so what's your fav product? Let me know your thoughts dolls :) Ciao for now!!

Lotsa love & smooches,


Pink, Black & Silver Crackle Mash up NOTD

Evening sweetys!
Hope everyone’s weekend has fared well! Mine? Plenty of chillaxing as usual, plus spending some quality time with the fam :)
I have to tell ya that I’m cheating a little with this post! I actually did this NOTD as a guest post for the lovely Jude from Love Lust & Fairy Dust whilst she was on her hols not too long ago & thought I would just stick it on here as well to share with you beauties too ;) So here ya go dolls, some Pink, Black & Silver Crackle Mash up nails.

One thing I absolutely love & ever since they came out actually (as you may already know about me by now!) are the fab crackle polishes.  I’m sure you’ve all seen them, Barry M was the one who started it I think & slowly others caught on, followed suit & now they’re available pretty much everywhere!  Barry M still remains a firm favourite of mine though, especially the nail paints!  My aim in life is to eventually own them all, not only are there some truly gorgeous shades but they’re good quality and great value for money too!
The crackle polishes are really a great, quick and easy way to jazz up your nails.  In this NOTD I used a simple bubblegum pink nail polish as the base colour, which I’ve mentioned to you all before, ‘twas the one I picked up from my Lebanese hairdresser’s & cost me a fantabulous 50p!! Haha! But go for any colour you like!  Metallic shades especially look STUNNING underneath black crackle.

I first applied two coats of the pink over a clear base-coat.  Any one will do, at the moment I’m using the Models Own 3in1 base & topcoat in one which I bought in a recent haul as my Barry M one just doesn’t seem to be cutting it at the mo. Unfortunately though I don’t seem to be getting on too well with this one either, the consistency is very runny & I find the smell extremely overpowering! I caught my kitty taking a cheeky whiff of this whilst my back was turned & her face was a picture! (No kitty’s were harmed in the making of this NOTD...) I’ve also been experiencing some staining on the nails whilst using this as a base, which isn’t good. Aaah well, will keep on using anyhoos until its used up as I hate wasting (*cough! cheapskate!*) Moving on, I opted for two different crackle polishes for this NOTD, one is my fav Barry M in Black and the other was Models Own in Silver.  I’ll be honest & say that I was also a tad disappointed with the Models Own crackle, I found the consistency very gloopy & there wasn’t enough crackling action going on!  The Barry M one definitely crackles better.

Next I applied the black crackle on my thumb, middle and little finger over the entire nail, then grabbing the Models Own Silver, just applied it across half the nail in one sweep on the remaining two nails.  The crackle dries really quickly so you need to be a bit of a fast mover!  It also dries matte so to finish off I just applied clear topcoat for a nice glossy look.
And that’s it my lovelies! Funky, crackly nails in an instant! Hope you like! Thanks for reading darlings!

Lotsa cracklin' love & hugs!