Friday Night's OOTD

Evening angels, hope your all well. Lord have mercy, I can't even begin to tell how relieved I was when this weekend finally came! Was literally ready to drop dead at work but thankfully I made it! But I won't bore y'all lovelies with the details. The main element that kept me going through the week, other than daily runs to Costa for some festive flavoured Lattes, was knowing that Friday would be the day that every person in employment looks forward to with great anticipation...Pay Day!! Woohoo! As I went a little "AHEM" crazy last month, (lets not even go there...) this month I was a good un' & mainly focused on my work, so I thought to myself "Sod it! time to let loose a little!" ;) so today has consisted of some major hauling baby! & with it managed to nab some fab bargains too, hehe I am a bona fide bargain hunter, anyone who has ever shopped with moi knows this ;) But that deserves a whole other post of its own, so will do that ASAP. Today I thought I would just share with y'all the look I opted for on Friday night. My friend & I went to a party hosted by her work colleague. It was a lovely get together held in memory of her son who sadly passed away last year. I just found the whole idea so lovely, that all friends & family join to celebrate this mans life, so it was a truly wonderful night filled with dancing, laughter & happiness, & I was so very happy to be a part of it :) On to the OOTD, I'd just come back from work so was put together rather hurriedly. Apologies for the truly abysmal photo's as we were running a bit late! I am really loving nude tones at the mo, so both outfit & makeup were along those lines...hope you like! :)
Black Shirt - Primarni
Skinny Trousers - River Island
Nude Chiffon dress - New Look
Nude Mary Jane Shoes - Primarni
Belt - Vintage

If I had more time I would've done more blending on the eyes but oh well. Here are the products I used:-

  • MAC Studio Tech (NC37) & MAC MSF Natural (medium/dark)
  • Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer (SC-3)
  • Benefit Dallas Blush
  • Benefit Miss Popularity Highlighter powder (on cheekbones/nose)
  • Eyeshadows used from Victoria Jackson palette, matte pink on lid, matte brown in the crease
  • MAC Fluidline (Blacktrack)
  • Natural Collection Mascara
  • Maybelline Khol Express (Brown Gleam) - waterline/lower lash line
  • No.7 lip liner (Nude)
  • MAC Cremesheen Glass (Boy Bait)
No outfit is complete without the bling ;) these are the jewelery pieces I wore:
Nothing too heavy. So that's it girlie's, hope y'all liked it :) Are you also feeling the nude tones at the moment? What colours are you loving to wear these days? Cheerios for reading! Mwah!

Lotsa smooches,

Aysh xoxo


Comforts, remedies & favourites during thy week of hell...

Helloooo pumpkins!!! How the devil are ya'll? Hope everyones had a good few weeks, ooh how I wish I could say so!! Apologies my lovelies for distinct lack of posts, I've been really enjoying this new part of my life :) but I've a reason! As mentioned I am only just recovering from this horrible flu, the bugger hit me hard this time, its been over week & am still coughing like an old man with a packet a day smoking habit but thankfully am on the mend :) Of course though, when you've had time off work you can always be sure there'll be a lovely big pile of jobs to be done upon your return & with the run up to xmas, everyone tends to go a bit crazy! So for the time being its pretty much been all work & no play :(  But hopefully that will all change soon with the run up to everyones fav time of year! Anyhoos as I was stuck home in bed for the majority of last week, feeling immensely sorry myself, I tried to reach for comforts in any shape or form to make it a tad more bearable. So I just thought I'd share with you a few, hence the title. I'll warn ya, its a bit of a long one! but they deffo helped moi... :)

  • Body Shops Hemp Hand Protector - Fab. This cream had recently taken a bit of a back seat ever since I discovered & started my love affair with Soap & Glory's Hand Food. But "shock horror!" I'd left my supply at work & I have back ups for this all over the place but could not find one! :( But I guess it was a blessing in disguise as I re-discovered this! I'll be honest, the smell does take a bit of getting used as it is a tad strong, to me anyway, but as I was so bunged up I didn't really notice! It sinks right into the skin, with no sticky or greasy residue & especially kept my cuticles lovely & moisturised :) And the price at £5 is not bad at all, so am glad to have found this again.
Pic taken from google images

    • Nando's Peri Chicken - hehe, the nando's fix definitely helped! Isn't it said that chilli has medicinal properties too? On one of the days, my mums lovely brothers & sisters took us out for a meal. Never one to turn down Nando's, I made myself get out of the bed & trot on down to the restaurant hoping I wouldn't frighten any of the other diners with my appearance :| trust me it wasn't pretty, but hell was it worth it! And I seriously felt better after, so I've been munching on the piri piri like its going out of fashion. Extra Hot if you please! ;)
    •  McDonald's Hot Chocolate & Costa's Gingerbread Latte - they say you should drink plenty of fluids when your ill so that's what I did! I've not come across a better hot choc than Maccy D's, they just seem yummier than other coffee shop ones, especially with a handful of baby marshmallows thrown in! yum! Thank god for the drive-thru! Hope I didn't freak any of the staff out, I'm sure they wondered who the hell was this girl, donned in scarf, hat, gloves, coat AND sunglasses who kept driving thru on a daily basis!! Only wish Costa had drive-thru :( maybe I should write to them & suggest it? I'm loving all the festive flavoured lattes they bring out this time of year, gingerbread, caramel, egg-nogg oh my!
    •  Lush Bubbles! - one of my favourite things is a nice long soak in the tub, I guess that's why I love winter so much! So obviously when I was all bunged up, I treated myself to some gorguz Lush bubbles in the evening before bed :) Made me sleep better too. I love trying out different ones but my current fav is deffo The Comforter, creates a yummy blackcurranty soaking delight!
    •  Batiste Original Dry Shampoo & Body Shops Vitamin E Face Mist - the face mist was a firm fav of mine during summer as it did the job of keeping me cool & refreshed at work as well as setting make up. So whilst stuck in bed this was lovely for just spritzing on all over the face to keep my skin hydrated & moisturised. I'm quite lucky with my hair, as I only really need to wash it once a week, but last week in bed it was beginning to feel a bit "blah!" So I just sprayed a bit of Batiste Dry Shampoo through it & have to say was quite impressed! It has a lovely citrusy fresh smell, but not in a cheap cleaning product type of way! Anyway, it definitely left my hair feeling clean & revived.
    •  A bit o' Literature - I am a huge bookworm! There's nothing I love more than a good book & I'll confess that I am a lover of the romantic novel :) My fav authors include Louise Bagshawe, Sandra Brown, Fiona Walker & Rachel Gibson to name but a few!! Obviously being stuck in bed created a perfect opportunity for a spot of reading. I was given these two by my aunt & friend. The 1st one is two novels in one & written by Georgette Heyer, 'These Old Shades' & 'Devils Cub'. Its a romance set in Jane Austen times & just transports you back to a time when women where treated how they should be!! lol! Loved it! The 2nd one was something a bit different to what I normally read, 'Child 44' by Tom Rob Smith, a thriller set during the Cold War. Had to admit that when given this was very sceptical about liking but oh my gosh it had me gripped! Finished it in 2 days flat. Definately recommend to fellow bookworms out there :)
    Also my lovely bestie also gave me this big pile of lush magazines to keep me occupied, love you girl! Spent a happy few hours browsing through these gems :)
    • Finally...Youtube!! - hahaha, lets just say its incredible the things you can find on this glorious site! Not only movies, drama's etc. Lovely Tali, from The Gloss Goss has recently got me addicted to watching stupid & hilarious videos! Great if your in need of cheering up, which I deffo was. Here's one I wanted to share with you guys, literally had me crying & in pain from laughter! Lets just say, this is the episode of Postman Pat they didn't let you watch as a kid... ;) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Arau05NlQFI
    So there you have it my darlings! Thats how I managed to get through my week of hell! :)  Sorry if I went on a bit there, I guess thats what happens if you haven't blogged in a while, you just wanna go all out at once! lol! As always thank you so much for reading darlings. Do let me know your thoughts. Always love to hear from y'all :) What are your favourite comforts or remedies when your feeling a bit under the weather??

    Lotsa smooches & snuggles!

    Aysh xoxo


    A not so mini ramble plus FOTD!

    Hello there pumpkins! Ohhh my its been a while hasn't it? Apologies dearhearts for lack of posts, life & all of its crazy, wonderful dramas have kept me occupied lately, but thankfully I've finally grabbed some me time on this, hmmm not so lovely Sunday afternoon. Its seems to be raining cats, dogs, sheep's, cows & whichever other animal takes your fancy. Although I suppose I shouldn't be too thankful as it seems the dastardly flu bug has finally caught up with me the cheeky little bugger, so am currently tucked up in me blankets, surrounded by Kleenex & cough syrup with tea, soup & drugs (of the legal variety) on tap, courtesy of mummy dearest. It feels so nice to be looked after :) I suppose that's one good thing about being sick! Anyhoos hope all you darls are well & having a good weekend, I thought I would throw in a mini ramble (hahaha...mini!) & a quick FOTD I did the other day, as my camera is currently out on loan & I have a growing list of posts that I would like to do, but will have to wait. I don't know about you honeys, but I think posts benefit a lot more with pics included? Its always nice to have something to look at as well as reading :) Luckily though I managed to take a few snaps here & there before departing with my beloved Lumix. I actually hope to dabble a bit more in photography as its something I'm quite interested in, but am definitely gonna have to practice with my focusing if I'm gonna get serious! :) Hopefully though, I may be able to borrow a friends camera till I get my Lumix back. Moving on, you know me & my rambling by now, my outfit of the day recently consisted of...surprise surprise...Black! Honestly girls, I DO wear other colours, I just suppose in this weather I always reach for the comfortness(?!) of black & darker colours :) There were also elements of silver & grey in the outfit, I wore a dress style top over a black polo jumper & my H&M leather effect skinny trousers, really wished I'd taken a pic of it now as its one of my favs, but just can't seem to get a good outfit pic! grr! Anyhoo I used these tones to create a daytime smoky eyed look. I applied my current foundation (Bourjois) as usual with my fingers, along with that HG concealer of mine from Laura Mercier :) For the cheeks, I'm a bit of a creature of habit at the mo & am always reaching for my Benefit Sugarbomb blush as I just loooove it :) I usually apply this lightly on my cheeks, temples, nose and jawline. For the eyes I used my Frontcover palette, which has some really lovely shimmery colours. I will deffo do a post on my eyeshadow palettes soon :) I used three shades, 1st a light shimmery peachy/beige all over the lid, after that I patted on some shimmery white shadow onto the centre of the lid & on the inner corners to highlight & add dimension, then finally I applied black eyeshadow along the upper & lower lashline & on the outer corner bringing it out in a V. To finish I just applied my eyeliner & mascara & hey presto, finito! You can also apply liner on the upper lashline too, but for daytime I didn't want it too heavy? Hope you likey! :) 
    hehe, my bestie told me off for always looking like a miss grumpy gills in ma pics, sorryyy! don't mean to! this smile's just for you babes ;)
    Let me know what you think sweety's. Oh & just a few more rambles before I sign off for now & get back to my tissues & tea... I am still looooving Barry M's Instant Nail Effects :) Have any of you tried it yet? Just love the finish of it on the nails, one of my best girls Faiza came round the other day & was blown away by it too, so much so that she 'demanded' we do her nails too! ;) Lol!
    Love it! :)
    Also girls, is it just me or have you also noticed the recent invasion of ladybugs!?!? Their everywhere! I don't mind so much as I find them cute & pretty, but madame kitty seems to be going a tad insane, one landed right on her nose the other day! was hilarious! :) must say I am also feeling a little inspired too??? Who knows, there may be a NOTD post soon along these lines??? All I need is some red & black! :)
    Apologies darls, extremely bad attempt at capturing ickle ladybug :( Photography skills will be worked on...
    Well me off now darls, sleep is calling to me. Thanks for reading as always, you know I love to hear from you lovelies! :) For now, over & out......mwah!

    Lotsa love & snuggles,

    Aysh xoxo


    D.I.Y Manicure & New Hair Colour ramble

    Evening honey's, hope you've all had a lovely jubbly weekend! Ready for work tomorrow??....nope, me neither. Ooo one thing I'm a tad excited about though is the New John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Colour I got this weekend! I have heard a lot about this brand new hair colourant, that is meant to be much easier to use than others on the market, from other lovely bloggers too & as someone who uses home hair colour kits ALOT, I was deffo very eager to try this out. So you can imagine how happy I was when I received a voucher to get a box! So off I trotted to...yup Boots! ;) Luckily they had the colour I was after in stock (Oh darling Boots you have been good to me haven't you?) Happy days! I opted for 4R Dark Red Brown. Like I mentioned before, I have been colouring my hair for a while now, ever since I was probably sixteen, seventeen?? It was at this age when, with great theatrics, I got my first grey (ahem..silver!) hair. An early start I know, probably due to the fact that my darling mother used to pull them out whilst I was asleep! Thanks mum :) I've always gone for colours that suit my asian skintone, so in the past I have had hair in dark purple, black, light brown, blonde highlights & most recently red highlights which have now faded so my head of hair is ready now for a fresh colour me thinks! I absolutely LOVE Rihanna's new red hair at the mo, but for me I think it would be a tad OTT :( So I've  gone for a red toned brown that will hopefully suit me. I guess we'll see! Will be sure to let you know how it goes!
    Whilst in Boot's I also picked up a packet of Nailene Perfect Tips.

    My friend at work told me about these after she had used them. They are thin strips of tape that act as guides on your fingernail to achieve a french manicure, for people like yours truly who are utterly hopeless at things like this. As someone who loves going for manicure's I was eager to try these out, especially as it could save the pennies on going to the salon! ;) However when I got home I realised I'd forgotten to get a white polish...well done Aysha. But then I thought, who said you had to have white tips?? Why not try another colour? Say...red? So out came my Models Own polish in Raspberry Fool. It didn't take me very long, I have to admit I found it a tad fiddly & I had to use my polish remover pen quite a bit. I also think I may have rushed & taken the strips off too soon but overall I was quite pleased with the result! I quite like the red tips & will deffo be trying them again with a white polish. Next time I'll make sure I'm more patient during application! ;)
    First apply guides however far down the nail you like (not too far!)
    The finished result!

    So what do you think? Have you ever tried these nail guides? I forgot to mention before that I also applied a topcoat from Barry M at the end :) As always thanx for reading chicks! Mwah!

    Lotsa Loves!

    Aysh xoxox

    Multi Task FOTD - Day or Night :)

    Hello darls!! Today I thought I would share with ya the FOTD I opted for today that I also wore later on in the evening. I usually love to use my weekends to go all out & experiment with different make up looks as I tend to keep my work make up quite low key, so come weekend out come the poor items of makeup that have been cruely neglected during the week! Today I was wearing my fav colour...black ;) to jazz it up a bit, I added a few blue accessories here & there i.e. shoes, jewels etc. So I used these colours in my EOTD...Do you always do your makeup & then choose your outfit or vice versa like moi??? Anyhoo, today I just wasn't feeling a full eyeshadow look, I get random like that! So instead decided to go for a heavy duty look with my HG makeup item instead....eyeliner :) Especially after seeing a gorguz look on Kajal Coutures blog. I can never leave the house without it, whether its a full on look or even just a little wing on the corner. My camera was playing up today, just could not seem to get a good picture of my clothes so no outfit pic! :( but did me best with the mug shots :| The foundation I'm wearing during the weekends at the mo is Bourjois 10 hour Sleep Effect mixed with Bourjois Healthy Mix. The coverage is lovely & light, it doesn't feel to heavy on my skin & I apply it easily with my fingers. May as well use the tools god gave me! I also applied Laura Mercier's Secret Camouflage, a firm fav of mine, under/on the eyes & on any problem parts. As for blush I opted for Sugarbomb by Benefit (love it!) So on to the eyes, all I used was my trusty MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack & a lovely black/blue eyeshadow called Taffeta Blue from my Frontcover palette.
    I applied the blacktrack with a thin liner brush along my upper & lower lash lines making sure they joined at the corners. Then grabbing my angled brush & the blue eyeshadow, simply applied it on top of the liner, smudging slightly & bringing it out in the outer corners. To finish of I just lined my waterline with my Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliner & wacked on some mascara! Done! I also mentioned that I kept this look for the evening too, so all I did was smoke up the eye a bit more with the shadow for a more dramatic look, putting a bit of highlight in the inner corners. After slapping on a bit of lippie (MAC Creme D'Nude) I was good to go!

    So there we have it sweety's, a quick & easy look that can be toned up or down however you like, for day & evenings :) Hope you like it! Mwah!

    Lotsa hugs & smooches!

    Aysh xoxox


    Yet another Hippy Happy Boots haul (oh we know there'll be plenty more!!) :)

    Hey there honeybees! Happy Bonfire Night! How are y'all celebrating this evening?? Hope your having an explosive time whatever your doing! ( I apologise, that was just bloody dismal, but sounded better than 'banging' time...?) urr yeah, so anyhoo I'm celebrating indoors tonight as for some reason my local park has decided to go all out tomorrow instead, so I'm currently enjoying a yummy bowl of pasta & the pretty effects outside from the comfort of my nice warm room, whilst also keeping an eye on madame kitty, who is having a mini seizure every few minutes bless her :(
    Its been a crazy week at work, but somehow no matter how busy things get I always manage to squeeze in a little trip down to beloved Boots for a bit o' spendin :) Boots have been holding Christmas shopping events all over the country, staying open till 9 & recently held one at my local, so after work me & my friend hopped on down to pick up a few bits n bobs. Of course we made a beeline straight for the makeup counters! :) The No.7 counter caught my eye as they are currently giving a free eyeshadow palette if you buy their new No.7 Exceptional Definition Mascara. I do love me a freebie!! I've never tried NO'7 mascara's & this gem is said to contain cashmere keratin, vitamins & hydrolyzed soy protein, therefore pampering your lashes to a bit of a treatment whilst also giving clump free , volumised lashes. Sounds good to me!

    Now girlie's, normally I wouldn't spend £12(?!) on mascara & at 1st didn't think about getting the palette as my previous experience with No.7 eye shadows have not been good, but I took one look at the colours & textures of the shadows in the palette & fell in love! There are only four in the palette & without names so will do my best to describe. But the colours are so beautiful & unlike anything I currently own & the pigmentation is fab! They are velvety soft in texture & I love how warm the colours are, perfick for the upcoming cold months. But I guess the truth will be revealed in application! So will deffo be trying them out soon & will let ya lovelies know!
    L to R - pale shimmery gold, shimmery light green, deep chocolate bronze, dark mauve/burgundy

    Love the colours! Sooo pretty!
    Whilst in store I noticed Boots had a 3 for 2 offer on all skincare, so was the perfect opportunity to pick up some goodies! 1st item was my lovely HG hand cream from the fab Soap & Glory that was due a re-stock :) I also picked up a Deep Cleanse Facial 5 minute Thermal Detox Mask (phew bit of a mouthful!) from Sanctuary Spa, can't wait to use it for a pampering session in the tub with some Lush bubbles! Will let you know how it is :) & finally I picked up a face wash from Boot's Natural Collection in Rosemary & Witch Hazel as I am currently on the hunt for a good one. I've tried a fair few recently, including Simple, Garnier & Loreal but they just seem to make my skin soooo dry or have no effect at all! However.....I'm not sure I'll use this face wash right away, as I recently "borrowed" (heavy on the quotation marks) my brothers Nuetrogena 2 in 1 face wash/mask & have to say I'm loving it! Whilst I'm not crazy about the clay like smell & texture of the product, after a few days of using this I definitely noticed a difference in my skin! After washing, my skin feels tingly in a good way & really cleansed! So me thinks I will keep at it for a while and see! :)

    So there ya go darls! Wotcha think of my most recent haul? Would love to know what face washes you gals are lovin right now. As always thnx for reading my lovelies & let me know your thoughts!! Mwah!

    Lotsa hugs n smooches!

    Aysh xoxo