Current Love Lip Product - MAC Lip Conditioner :)

Well hello there honeybees! It’s been a while hasn’t it darls?? So first of all I hope y’all had an absolutely wonderful Xmas holiday period, whether you celebrate or not. I don’t, but hell that won’t stop me from joining in with the merriment! So the fam & I’ve spent our time doing what we do best…eating, chilling, watching tons of telly, not forgetting re-runs of Fawlty Towers and Only Fools & Horses in abundance, periods of lying comatose arguing over who’s turn it is to make the chai, & then eating some more :) So all in all not a bad one I’d say! I hope Santa was good to you this year & y’all got what you wished for :) I’ll be honest & say I’ve been truly lazy in posting as I just returned back to work yesterday after 10 days of sickness…yes I know…ill again!?!? But hopefully this will be it for now, when I get ill it does hit me very hard, but thankfully not very often these days. Almost back to my normal self though & I’m sure the few days of doing nothing but eating, resting & then doing a bit of retail therapy after helped! So did you darlings manage to grab any bargains in the salesies? I’ve really loved spending the last coupla days having a peek at everyone’s posts & seeing what goodies everyone got! I’m such a nosy so & so… ;) I managed to grab a few bits & bobs that I’m very happy with, but I didn’t go crazy, well according to my standards anyhoo, so am kinda proud of myself. I’ve been known to buy an entire new wardrobe in the sales, thus resulting in a huge charity shop clear-out, but this year I’ve been good. Will do a post soon on said purchases. But for now on to the post in hand :) I just wanted to give a mention to a fab product that has made a re-appearance in my life. I’m forever losing/misplacing things, must be the old age finally catching up with moi & thus getting very aggravated in the process! Well this time it was my fav lip product which, if you regularly follow my blog, will know what it’s going to be… ;) yup, the Body shop Yes,Yes,Yes! Lip butter went AWOL last week. Now, control freak that I am I usually keep backups of this as I love it so much, but hey whadaya know?? I forgot to re-stock! Well done Aysh. But luckily it didn’t result into a full blown crisis drama situation as, just in time I found this little pot of MAC Lip Conditioner in one of my handbags! Let me just say lovelies…what a godsend! :)
A lovely smooth balm with a hint of gorguz colour and sheen
I, as I’m sure a lot of others out there suffer from horribly dry lips during this time of year. So I find it really important & necessary to keep them moisturised as often as possible to prevent peeling & soreness, & this little gem has done an absolutely fantabulouso job of doing so! It’s been love at first apply! The formula is extremely smooth & it just glides onto the lips beautifully, plus  containing some luscious ingredients such as Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Avocado Extract, Wheat Germ Oil & Vitamins A and E.  I’ve actually had a few compliments when wearing nothing but this on my lips & I love the shade of this lip conditioner which is Petting Pink. I feel this is my perfect ‘my lips but better’ shade as it’s a very subtle hint of colour, just my kinda thing & I don’t know if its just me, but my lips also feel a tad more plumper when I’m wearing this so that’s an added bonus in my book! Since applying this daily I haven’t had any nasty peeling/dryness on my lips & they definitely feel in much better condition, plus there’s none of that yucky lipstick taste with this, it smells & tastes yummy like vanilla! Oh & almost forget to mention that it has SPF 15 too! I’m deffo thinking that I’m wanting more of these!
Also has SPF 15, Fab!
How it comes out on moi :)
Ha-ha Bodyshop who?? Lol, OK I won’t go that far, but I guess it’s kind of a blessing in disguise when you misplace products that you use all the time. I also recently re-discovered the incredible Hemp Hand Protector after misplacing my Soap & Glory Hand Food. Sometimes a bit of a change & variety in your routine is nice :) I really love using this & will continue to do so, but fear not lip butter, you have been good to me & I shan’t forget about you! Mainly because at  £10.50 a pop, this lip conditioner is quite extravagant I’ll admit, but you do get quite a generous amount of product that I can see lasting a long while :)

Have you tried these? What are your favourite lip products? Let me know what you’re loving right now! Thanks for reading sweetpeas! Mwah!

Loves & Hugs!

Aysh xoxo


Xmas Party FOTD - Smokey Purple Arabic Eye :)

Hello pumpkins, hope your having a good day. So, have we all done our Xmas shopping yet?? Hahahahahaha….nah me neither :/ Due to adverse health conditions I just haven’t had the chance nor the energy to venture out into the crowds, I know I’m a wimp. But I knew for sure that if I did, in my current state of my mind, there would’ve been a very high risk of entering into a total unwanted tussle with some poor unsuspecting shopper that would most probably finish up in the A&E Department of Wexham Park Hospital. Hehe I kid, I’m not a violent person, but when I’m ill & in a crowd of fellow crazy shoppers…lets just say bring on the sales baby! Lol! Although to be honest this year I may do what I’ve had to do with most of my Xmas prezzies & that’s shopping online, but that might be even more dangerous, especially for my credit card! Firstly I just wanted to share with y’all a coupla pics I couldn’t resist snapping of my little madam, who’s been keeping me company the past few days & who seems to have found a new home within the confines of my winter coat! Can’t say I blame her really as this coat has done an awesome job of keeping me warm & toasty for the past coupla winters, despite making me resemble the Michelin Man. I think I picked this up from a market in London & its great as it falls to just above the ankles plus has a belt so you can cinch in the waist, I also love the coppery, bronze colour of it :)
Hello Missy!
Don't get too comfy now madam...I'll be needing it back!
Anyhoo my lovelies, I digressed a bit there but I’m sure your used to that by now! As mentioned, here is the FOTD I opted for my work Xmas Party. I decided to go for a smokey purple Arabic style eye, hope you like!

Here are the products I used:
  • MAC Studio Tech Foundation in NC37
  • MAC MSF Natural in Medium Dark
  • Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer
  • Benefit Moon Beam
  • Benefit Dallas Blush
  • Bourjois Smoky Eyes Trio Palette in Violet Romantic
  • MAC Fluidline Blacktrack
  • Natural Collection Mascara
  • Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliner in Noir
  • No.7 Lipliner in Nude
  • Yes,Yes,Yes! Lip Butter from Body Shop
  • MAC Creme D'Nude 
So what do you think honeys? I wanted to try something different which is why I went for the purple tones. I found the Bourjois palette tucked in my drawer neglected so decided to show it some love, but I now remember why I put it there in the 1st place as the pigmentation is awful on the shadows :( You really to have to pack it on. But it did last all night!  
Pic taken from google images as camera battery died on me!!

 I forgot to do an outfit pic at home so just did a quick one at my managers next to her lovely Xmas tree! lol!  My outfit choice was surprise surprise...black! Lace dress which is a fav of mine was purchased from New Look, the black trousers belong to River Island & the heels are Kurt Geiger :)
One thing I realised though is I deffo need to build up my collection of blushes & lippies as I'm always reaching for the same ones! Any recommendations sweety's?? Please do let me know if you have any favs that you think I may like! :) Thank you for reading cupcakes! Have you had your work do's yet?? What Xmassy looks have you opted for this party season??

Lotsa hugs n smooches to ya!

Aysh xoxo