Happy Halloween plus OOTD :)

Happy Halloween angels, devils, princesses or whichever alter ego you have opted for this night! Hope you've all had a good one! For me this Halloween has been a quiet one having been too busy to plan anything (i.e. pure laziness...), so am spending the evening having a movie-thon with the fam. Sadly lost the battle however on strictly NO horror movies...shocking I know on this Celtic holiday but I have my reasons. It was a particular traumatic babysitting incident in which I was in the care of my sweet elder cousins, who, the moment the parents had left, promptly placed me in front of the TV & put on The Exorcist stating it was the latest Disney release, before occupying themselves with the games console in the other room....I was 8 :| Needless to say I was greatly traumatised from this experience & after years of recurring nightmares & therapy I can just about watch The Ghostbusters without breaking into a sweat. But this evening my fam have taken pity on me & we've decided on Sleepy Hollow, pretty apt for the occasion & only just bearable due to the presence of a certain Mr Depp. So other than wishing every one a Happy Halloween, I thought I'd pop in a quick outfit and face of the day for ya. Today I met up with one of my best girlie's for a gossip & a catch up, with a bit o' perfume shopping thrown in. It was a lovely day despite the rain & smelling like a coupla hookers at the end after spraying one too many perfumes!! I have to say I do like my winter months as it is a time of warm colours & layers which I love! So out have come the big cardies & winter wardrobe items! Yay! Today I opted for a long waterfall cardigan in dark blue from Next cinched in with a brown woven belt, teamed with a pair of jeans & my not so brand new Kurt Geiger boots which finally had their 1st outing!! See mum??? I told you I would wear them...about half a year later...ahem. I do love them though & they are sooo comfy, they will definitely be getting more love :) As for the face, I opted for a brown\blue smoky eyed look, sounds like an odd combo but I thought it went well with the outfit choice. (Apologies again in advance for god awful pics! :|) Hope you like! :)
So there you go! :) Thanks for reading lovelies! How have you spent your Halloween weekend & what as?? :) Mwah!

Lotsa luvs, Aysh xoxo


The most astonishing hand cream ever....?

Well ello ello lovely people! Hope your all good & well :) Today I thought I would post for you all about my number one hand cream that is carried around my person constantly. Moisturising for me is so important as there is nothing I hate more than having dry, sore & rough hands...big no no. The list of different hand creams that I've tried & tested is as long as me arm...my arms aren't VERY long but you get what I mean.. ;) Needless to say I have a lot of tubes that are now relegated to the cupboard gathering dust after being big disappointments. Now I am happy to say I have found the perfect hand cream for me that ticks all the boxes & delivers the desired results! Yippee! So I guess it would be a good idea to tell you the name of the little miracle cream for me?? It is Soap & Glory's lovely creation, HAND FOOD! "The most astonishing hand cream ever?" it asks on the bottle...."Hell yes, I'll say!" is my answer. My eye has always been drawn to Soap & Glory's products in their pretty pink packaging, though I have to say was a bit put off at the prices... :| But I'd heard a lot of good stuff, so decided to go ahead & purchase the cream & I've not looked back since! Using this feels like such a treat for my hands, & even better the smell is simply scrumptious!! Soo yum, had to control myself from eating it! The cream contains shea butter, macadamia oil and....marshmallow?!?! It certainly looks like soft marshmallow & its not greasy at all, just sinks into the skin beautifully leaving your hands feeling gorgeously soft! My hands have never looked or felt so fab & pampered! Thank you Soap & Glory for restoring them to me! :) So I now religiously carry this gem in my handbag at all times. My colleagues have also enquired about it as they noticed a considerable difference in the condition of my hands as well as loving the smell!! Now whenever I apply it at work, we all just simply nod & smile at one another..."Soap & Glory???" "YUP!" :) We may as well be Soap & Glory groupies!...umm we're not weird at all ;| So thanks again S&G! You have a definite loyal customer in moi :) Am anxious to try some other products now too. And actually now I think about it, the price isn't bad at all at £4.59 a tube as it lasts ages! Even if you apply it sixteen times a day like yours truly ;)
Just a teensy blob of this lovely whipped delight is enough to pamper the hands
Sinks into the skin quickly leaving your paws glowing and soft!

  As always thanks for reading honeybee's! What hand creams do you use? Have you tried any Soap & Glory products? Would love to hear your thoughts! Mwah!

Lotsa luv n hugs!
Aysh xoxo


Barry M's Little Pot O' Wonder :)

Hello sweetypies! Hope your all having a good week so far. Sooo, I'm feeling the time hath come for a polish change & I have just been itching to try, of course, Barry M's new darling creation, Instant Nail Effects! Finallyyyy!! Apologies for over excitement..will do my best to control myself...but I have only one word really (HAH! A rambler like moi? suuure :|) AMAZING! Barry M you geniuses you. I am deffo a happy bunny with this glorious new invention. I seriously cannot stop looking at my nails! I'm probably one of the last people to give this stuff a go & am glad to say it was worth the wait :) The finished effect is bootiful. Now first I pondered & contemplated on which colour to use as a base, after having a good look through my (ever growing) collection of polishes, I stumbled across a little gem I'd forgotten I had, a lovely pale gold  polish by Revlon. My mumsy gave me this yonks ago, & I cannot believe I had relegated it to the back of the drawer, to gather dust, as it is wicked! Its from their Top Speed One Coat Quick Dry range which I'm not even sure they still do?? I really hope so as I am wanting moooore! Like it says on the bottle, you only need one coat & by the time you finish your 2nd hand the 1st is dry already! Fab! Here are some before pics, but honestly the camera does not do this pretty gold justice.

Oops stray splodges on the pinky! ;) Not to fret, I have my solution for situations such as this...
 Anyhoo, after I was sure the gold was dry, I gleefully reached for the Barry M and started applying away! The trick I guess when applying is not to overlap the paint, so two strokes on each nail & one on the pinky was enough, then all I had to do was sit back & watch the pretty effects form! You have to be a teensy bit quick though, Instant is definitely the word, as it drys in seconds. To finish off I applied a topcoat using Barry M's all in one, deffo a firm fav of mine, I also used it as a basecoat. There's nothing I love more than a multi-tasking product! And voila! Funky nails in minutes! Love the black on gold effect & I cannot wait to use this little pot of magic with other colours :)

Oooh & finally my lovelies, whenever I'm painting my nails, I make sure I have this little gem next to me at all times! Its Boot's Nail Polish Remover Pen. If your a bit of clumsy klutz when it comes to the art of applying of nail polish like yours truly, then this is what you need! It magically removes any stray splodges of polish that may have gone over the nail a bit too much so your left with lovely neatly painted nails! :)
Thanks for reading honeys! Mwah!
Lotsa hugs,

Aysh xoxo        


My Tip Top Ten!

Evening lovelies! Hope you've had a fab weekend. Back to the work tomorrow "sigh!" the weekend is just not long enough! As a newbie blogger starting out, I thought it would be nice idea to post what my tip top, Holy Grail, desert island, cannot live without!!!...ahem excuse me...products are. These are the products that I probably use almost everyday to achieve quick, wearable daytime looks that are suitable for work & evenings too in case something last minute pops up, which is often the case! So here they are:

  • Garnier roll on concealer - really brightens the eye area making me look more wide awake than I actually am... ;)
  • Benefit Boi-ing concealer in 03 - love using this as extra cover on eyes, as well as any trouble areas i.e. nose, chin etc.
  • MAC Studio Fix NC35 - I like to just lightly dust this all over my face to give that light coverage you need & to get rid of any shine. I try not to use heavy foundations during the week 
  • ELF all over cover stick in Pink Lemonade - gives a lovely flushed look to the cheeks, not too heavy, perfect for daytime & evenings
  • Benefit Moon Beam - love using this on cheekbones, outer brow area & nose, gives the most gorgeous healthy glow to the skin
  • Benefit Eye Bright Pencil - this pencil is truly a godsend :) no matter how late a night its been, this always manages to make me look wide eyed and fresh the next day! I use this under my brows to define, as well as on the inner corners & waterline of my eyes
  • Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer (Noir)- my daily eyeliner, I've been using this for ages, if I do randomly change to another I always find myself coming back to this lovely. Can easily create a cat eye style winged line on the upper lid that lasts all day! :)
  • Benefit Sugarbomb - adore this powder, its a mix of four different shades, peach, plum, pink & rose. I love using this lightly on cheeks as well as on the temple, face & jawline to create a nice glow to my skin.
  • Maybelline Falsies Mascara - To be honest I'm not actually a big fan of mascara & am a total clutz when it comes to application, but have been using this for a while & it seem to do the job well!
  • Eye lash curler - not really a product but a necessity I'm sure you'll agree :)
  • No7 lip liner in Nude - I have always used this liner as it seems to match my lip colour quite well & also I seem to always have No.7 vouchers to use up so I have a constant supply of these!!
  • And finally....Bodyshops lip butter YES,YES,YES! - love love love this! I guess you could say it is my Carmex! ;) Use it everyday & it keeps my lips lovely and moisturised, almost giving a nude tone to the lips without drying them out! :)
Ummm, OK, so its twelve but who's counting really? ;) So there you have it darls, these are my HG items that are always kept in constant supply. I know.... shockingly there are no lipsticks or glosses on the list, but as I mentioned in previous posts, I'm just not a big fan as I don't think they suit! Really wish I had lovely pouty lipsies a'la Angelina Jolie :( Ah well, there's always botox! ;) But I definitely hope to start trying out, so who knows I may be a convert yet!

Thanks for reading girlie's, what are your holy grail products that you can't live without??

Lotsa hugs n smooches! Mwah!
Aysh xoxo


Nail talk...

Hello there lovelies! Hope you've all had a good week & enjoying the weekend. Its been a crazy week at work, just haven't had the time to post! By the time evening comes round, all I can think of is my bed these days! But hopefully will be able to make up for it during these two days of the week where I'm finally able to get some time for myself, my besties & blogging ;) Sooo, I haven't done a NOTD yet so I've decided that's what this post shall be about! Like I mentioned before, I am a girl who loves a pretty painted nail. I'm sure all you ladies out there agree with me that you just feel a whole lot better when you have a set of freshly painted nails :) I must confess that I've previously been an addict of falsies, but it just got to a stage where the condition of my nails got so bad from them I had to force myself to stop. It wasn't easy belieeeve me! But I just told myself, I could easily achieve similar results with my own little nails. & I do mean little, as guttingly I have a calcium deficiency which means I can't grow the lovely long talons that I so wish for "sigh",soon they start chipping & breaking :( (can you hear the violins?) But hey, I hear that short nails are "like soooo in right now!" so its all cool :) At the moment I'm pretty tame when it comes to nail colour, but am hoping to start exploring into nail art. I have a few designs in my noggin that I'm just itching to try out, whether they come out successful is another story altogether... But I guess we'll see! Anyhoo on to this weeks nail colour of choice, I decided to try out one of Barry M's that I found lurking at the back of my drawer that I hadn't tried yet, excitingly called "GREY". I absolutely love Barry M nail paints as not only do they have a wide range of funky colours to choose from ,they are also very affordable at just £2.95 a pop, happy days :) Which was why I was surprised to have found this not so funky colour in my drawer, looking at it my first thoughts were "urgh, why would I wanna put THAT on my nails! Why did I buy this colour, if that's what you can call it!?" But willing to give it the benefit of the doubt I went ahead & was glad to find I loved it! Like all other Barry M paints application was very easy, and the finished result after a layer of topcoat was great! I've been asked a few times about it from other girlie's & even my mum has nicked the bottle for herself! So I would say that was a good result! Silly me for doubting Barry M! Oh & just to jazz things up a bit, I decided to paint my ring finger in black from MUA...random is my middle name :| But the brush was awful! Won't be using that one again! So there you go honeys! By the way,how on earth do you ladies manage to take such great pics of your nails??? Maybe I'm just retarded, but I did NOT find it easy I can tell you! But I did my best, hope you like!
 What do you think? Grey nails..yey or ney? What are your fav brands and colours at the mo?
Thanks for reading! Mwah!

Lotsa luvs, Aysh xoxox


My first FOTD - Arabic Eyes...

Well helloooo darlins! Hope you're all having a fantabulous weekend :) The sky is blue, the sun is shining & I'm.......in bed. Had a bit of a crazy day yesterday so today am having a much needed chillax session with my bed, T.V and laptop :) not forgetting madame kitty at the end of the bed. Anyhoo I thought today would be the day for my 1st FOTD :) I'm not sure how to do this really so I guess I'll just put up the pics & try to explain as best I can on the look I opted for & products used? :) (apologies in advance for retarded poses! Felt really funny taking pics all by my onesie!) So yesterday I was invited to a friend of a friends wedding, it was a lovely Sikh wedding function &  everything from the venue to the ceremonies & the food (very important! lol!) was beautiful & of course the bride and groom looked stunning & so very happy. It was a great party with fab music & dancing in abundance...hence the bed therapy today ;) Of course me being me,every time I have an important function to attend something ALWAYS goes wrong & yesterday was no exception, I was all dolled up and ready to leave but felt a sudden gust of wind up my back, didn't think anything of it until my darling mum pointed out to me that my entire back was showing for the world to see! The zip on my outfit broke! The next few minutes basically consisted of me having a diva drama episode whilst mum attempted to console me. Luckily however, I have a backup outfit that always delivers when I have nothing to wear, so my darling mummy whipped it out and speedily ironed it for me in record time, how do they do that? The backup outfit is a red asian churidar pyjama which is basically, tight, skinny silk trousers & knee-length top, & luckily it went the makeup look I had done! Phew! So drama abated I took my now perfectly calm self off to join the celebrations.
I love having a play around & practicing different eye makeup looks & have learned so much from other blogs & youtube tutorials. As I am not really a big fan of lippie because I just don't think it suits me, I always like to go big with the eyes. So anyways here is the look:
A close up of the eyes:

So what do you think? Do you like? Here are the products I used:
* Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer in SC-3 used under and over the eyelid and on any trouble parts i.e nose, chin
    * MAC Studio Tech Foundation in NC37
    * MAC MSF Natural in Medium Dark
    * Barry M Natural Dazzle Bronzing Powder to contour
    * A light dusting of Victoria Jackson Shimmer powder in Bronze on cheekbones, nose and temple
    * Gold eyeshadow on inner half of lid (I actually used about 3 different ones to get the right gold shade!)
    * Red eyeshadow on the outer half of lid (Coastal Scents Eyeshadow Palette)
    * Black eyeshadow on outer corner and blended out in a V (Coastal Scents Palette)
    * MAC Fluidline Blacktrack on upper lash line
    * Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eyeliner in Noir on water line
    * Natural Collection LashCurl Mascara
    * No.7 lipliner in nude
    * MAC lipstick in Creme D'Nude lightly applied
    * Body Shop Lip Butter YES, YES YES! (love this!)

So my dears, thats my take on an arabic look! You can go as calm or dramatic as you like really. I hope you like it! Let me know what you think or if you have any questions! Thank you so much for reading! Mwah!

Lotsa Love n Hugs, Aysh xoxox


Boots Haul - A bit o' drama inevitably leading to comfort shopping!

Evening Angels! Hope you're all well? Almost the weekend, woohoo! Anyhoo, today I thought I'd fill y'all in on my recent required trip down to my local Boots. For months now in my skincare routine I have used Boots's Original Beauty Formula. I first heard about this skincare range from Tali's blog and decided to purchase and fell in love! Although, I'l be honest with you, a very high percentage of this love was for the gorguz vintage glass bottle packaging! Tres' cute! But I also love that the cleansing milk, tonic and cream contain essences of geranium, rosewater and glycerin. Not only do they smell lovely, but feel so refreshing on my skin, not leaving it dry at all, just what I needed! So I thought, yes! I have finally found my perfect skincare range & as I noticed that my bottles where looking a bit empty, a little trip down to Boots for a re-stock was in order....or so I thought. I'd been popping in randomly over the past weeks & had noticed that they didn't seem to be amongst all the other skincare on the shelf, but just thought to myself "hey, they're popular, must just be out of stock!" But going in the other day & noticing those luvly bottles still missing, I felt the palpatations begining so went and asked the assistant who delivered the bad news...yup you guessed it...DISCONTINUED. "Gaaasssspppp" aaand cue dramatic music. "WHY?? sob!" The devestation must've shown on my face because she asked if I was ok, bless her. I explained to her my dire situation, obviously these products weren't as popular as I thought...Oh well, maybe this is a sign for a change! So the kindly assisant went on to suggest Boots No.7 skincare range, which I admit I have been curious about, as my bestie uses this and her skin is bootiful. So I went ahead and purchased the No.7 Soft and Soothed cleanser, toner along with the No.7 Protect and Perfect Day Cream which also has SPF 15! & even better Boots have a 3 for 2 offer on their skincare so I got the cheapest item free! Heartbeat now just about returned to normal, I thanked the lovely assistant & decided to go on some much needed retail therapy after my traumatic and not at all over-dramatised ordeal. I am happy to notice that my Boots have recently had a clean thru their makeup section and is now home to new Barry M and Models Own counters! Now those who know me, know my weakness for pretty nails :) I like alot of beauty addicts out there have had Barry M's Instant Nail Effects nail paint at the top of my wishlist! Lo & behold, there was the last bottle just waiting for me to grab! Yay! Can't wait to use this little gem, will let you guys know how it goes! Anyway, I'm rambling big time so will quickly just tell you...Boots have Barry M's nail paints on offer "2 for £5" so I also grabbed the pretty Berry Ice Cream (pale lilac). Then happily skipped over to Models Own where if you buy 2 nail polishes you get a lipgloss free! Result! I opted for Raspberry Fool, and Nude Beige as I am on the hunt for a perfect red and nude :) For the lipgloss I thought instead of playing safe as I normally do, why not go crazy and get Red Hot? Altho I think I may regret this impulse...it is a very bright red. I guess we'll see! Before leaving I also picked up 2 black eyeliners from collection 2000 that were...yup also on offer! I've been meaning to buy a glass nail file for ages after hearing alot of good things so grabbed one of those 2! I'll keep ya guys posted on how I get on with the new skincare and will deffo have to do some NOTD'S with my lovely new nail paints!
R.I.P Boots Original Beauty Formula.....it was good while it lasted! 

                    My lovely comfort shopping haul!! ;)

Thanks for reading honeybees! Whachya think? Whats your skincare routine? Have you tried the new Barry M nail effects? And remember, if y'all like what you see, please do follow mee!!! I could've been a poet.....:) Mwah!

Lotsa love n hugs!

Aysh xoxo


Beautiful Bio Oil :)

Ello ello sweeties! Hope your all having a good week! So I was lucky enough to leave work early today as I had to swap shifts for a meeting (boring!) and I now find myself having a rare moment of chill time with a cup o' tea, a classic golden oldie movie on the tv and my little kitty for company! :) So what better thing to do than put up my next post! I've been umming and aahhhing about what to post about first as I have a bit of a list going! So today I thought I'd tell you guys about my holy grail, desert island (whatever you wanna call it!) skincare product! Its is, in case you hadn't guessed from the title Bio Oil! This wonderful product is truly a godsend. I have been using it every single day for just over a year now and I don't know what I would do without it. I know its sounds over the top but its true. I used to have the most god awful uneven skin tone with pigmentation and dark patches here and there on my face which I hated and as you can imagine had a huge impact on my confidence. But I started using this wonderful product and now actually have people complimenting me on my skin, and I pretty much owe it this. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't perform miracles overnight! Like I said I have been using it consistently for over a year. I apply by simply massaging only 1-2 drops (a little goes a long way!) into my skin after I have cleansed, toned and moisturised before going to bed, and come morning my skin is dewy fresh! And because you only need to use a small amount the bottle will last you for ever! I'm still using my first bottle! So my darlin girlies, if you suffer from dry patchy skin, uneven skin tone etc, do give it a try! Oh, and FYI.....now is the moment because Lloyds pharmacy currently have it on half price! WOOHOO! So the large 200ml bottle which normally retails for £19.95 will cost you just under a tenner! Result! However it is available in smaller sizes too :)  Hurry on down and grab yours, I've bought my back up! :)

What do you think of Bio-oil? Do you have a HG skincare product that you cannot live without? Would love to hear you thoughts! Mwah!

Lotsa love, Aysh xoxox


Ello! Ello! :)

Hello lovely people! Sooo this is my first ever post EEEEKKKK!!! I have to confess I am a teensy bit nervous as I am new to all this, and I can assure you I will most probably have re-written this 1st post a billion times! :)  I am of course a complete blogaholic :) When I first stumbled across the wonderful world of beauty blogs entirely by accident my first thoughts were "where have you been all my life!" A tad dramatic maybe, but true. I have spent many a hour perusing some absolutely wonderful blogs, written by amazing girlies who have helped me in so many ways and that I have found soo inspiring! So in this 1st post I just want to say a humongous thankyou to you guys! Mwah! So whadya say?? Can I be part of your lovely gang?? I'll be honest with you...I am no pro, but I just love anything and everything to do with makeup and all things beauty :) But I am learning and would like to share my journey and inspirations with y'all! So I will just take each day as it comes and will hopefully create a sanctuary where I can share with you all kinds of things from makeup looks, NOTD's, FOTD's and other girly ramblings...in case you hadn't noticed, I do have a tendency to ramble on abit!!! I really hope you will enjoy reading my blog and as time goes on, would love to hear from you about your thoughts and inspirations too! I will also do my best to make this blog look as lovely for you as possible, but umm did I mention that I am a bit of a retard when it comes to computers??? perfect for a blogger i'm sure :| but hey, am open to any advice or ideas! :)

Here are a few amazing blogs that I'd like to thank and if you have a spare mo, please do go check them out!

Pearls and Poodles
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And that is naming just a few! Big hugs and smooches to you guys! :) So there we go, first post done! Phew! That wasn't so bad actually...could get used to this me-thinks.. ;) Thanks for reading honeybees!

Mwah! lotsa love n hugs

 Aysha xoxox