NOTD - Wild Violets & Rainbow Sparkle!

Hello there lovely readers!

You know me & my love of poundshops as a makeup treasure hunting ground. If you've popped by Poundland lately, you may have noticed they've introduced a new make up range, Makeup Gallery, including a variety of products for a most marvelous bargainous price of...yup...£1! When having a wee prowl I noticed the obligatory blushers, lip products, compact powders amongst the collection, however I was naturally pulled towards the polishes on offer!

There was a nice selection to choose from including reds, nudes, pastels & glitter. The glitter fiend in me was drawn to those mostly & I left with a couple of sparklers including this lovely one I'm sharing with you today!

Here I've done a simple straight glitter tape mani, which has the glitter running through the centre of the nail only. Fab if you only want a teeny glitter fix & don't wish to go the full whammy!

Though I'm getting ahead of myself a tad! Let me start with the beautiful base colour, Revlon Parfumerie Wild Violets, which incidentally I also picked up in a pound shop so basically this entire manicure comes to a total of two squids! Bargain boom baby!

Wild Violets is a divine deep dark purple with subtle red and blue shimmer running through it. Such a delicious gothic shade. Of course being from the Parfumerie range it comes with a delightful scent, this one is sweet & floral, it actually reminds me of those Parma Violet sweets! YUM!

Here I've applied two coats which I let dry completely before sticking on two pieces of tape leaving the centre bare. Then I applied a couple of coats of Make Up Gallery polish in Rainbow Sparkle before peeling off the tape whilst still wet.

Rainbow Sparkle is definitely an apt name for this un with its beautiful mixture of glitters including teeny gold macro-glitter, large green & gold hexagonal glitters and red & silver bar glitters making it a party in a bottle! For a pound you can't go wrong!

Finishing with the obligatory topcoat for a nice shine! Thanks for reading my lovelies, have you tried anything from Poundlands make up range?

Lotsa love to ya!

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