NOTD - Models Own Ibiza Mix!

Hello there lovely readers!

Sharing a little sparkle this Sunday with you lovelies in the hope of easing those inevitable Monday blues to come, nowt like a bit of glitter to brighten things up a tad eh? Twas in the mood for some gothic-y black goodness yet wanted to party it up a wee bit so decided to go for a little glitter gradient using the uber funky Models Own Ibiza Mix

The black base is by W7 & is definitely THE best black polish I have ever used. Its formula is just fantastic, applying so smoothly & dries to a gorgeously glossy black finish. Also love the fact that it comes in a nicely large sized bottle & loving even more that this bad boy is available on fragrance direct for a most awesome £1.50! May be picking up a few extra 10 of these...

For the glitter gradient I dug out Models Own Ibiza Mix which is jam packed with lots of large & small hexagonal glitters creating a sparkly disco party on the nails!

I also love the different colour tones of the glitter in Ibiza Mix, a gorgeous mix of golds, blues, pinks, greens & bronze giving it a slight uniqueness from other glitters in my collection...of which errr...there may be a fair few ;)

To do the gradient I just dabbed on two layers of glitter, which was sufficient enough as you really do grab a lot of glitter on the brush. First coat starting at about half way down the nail before going in with a second coat mostly on the tips.

Finishing off with a coat or two of topcoat, at the moment I'm using CND Air Dry which is bloomin fabulous! Dries super quickly & leaves the nails looking so glossy, love it!

Hope you liked the sparkly mani dolls! Thanks as always for reading!

Lotsa love to ya! 

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