NOTD - Happy 4th July Fireworks Mani!

Hello there lovely readers!

Today is the 4th of July so wishing all my American buddies across the pond a happy Independence Day! 
I wanted to do a mani to mark the occasion but instead of going for the usual red, white & blue colours, I know that Washington DC celebrate with a bang & a most awesome fireworks display so I went for a mani along those lines instead with fireworks inspired nails :)

What do you think? Hopefully you can tell that the effect is meant to resemble fireworks somewhat ;) Please excuse the annoying dent on the thumb, just evidence of my impatience! But other than that it actually came out much better than I expected & the best part is that its so easy to do!

To start off with I applied two coats of Essence Galactic Black, a lovely black polish filled with lots of silver glitter flecks giving it a nice little twist from your bog standard plain black ;)

Then for the fireworks effect I grabbed my thin long nail art brush & four polishes, on this occasion I decided to use 4 metallic polishes which I happened to pick up when my eye spotted them on the side whilst queuing up in Primark. That really is a cheeky little trick of theirs...or pure & utter genius o_0

To create the fireworks like effect I just dipped the brush in each polish, one at a time & applied quick upwards strokes starting from the cuticle & ending just above the middle. Finish it all up with a coat of topcoat & that's it!

Hope you liked the 4th July Fireworks mani dolls! Have you done an Independence Day inspired nails? Would love to see!

Lotsa love to ya!

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