NOTD - Paw Print Tips

Bonjour my lovelies! Hope you're all having a delightful weekend? Doesn't this chilly weather make you want to do nowt but stay indoors & snuggle in the blankets with tea on tap & Netflix at hand? If a nap can be scored too then I consider that winning ;)

Today's manicure consists of a super simple design using a quarter moon & dots that completely randomly ended up looking kinda like little paw prints, which a colleague of mine pointed out after! I do love it when a mani design comes together unexpectedly haha!

For my base I used two coats of Collection Lasting Gel Colour in Into The Shadows, a lovely glossy dark grey, perfect if you want some dark nails but don't want to go full on black. The formula is divine & dries to a gorgeously glossy gel like finish. The brush on these polishes is of fab quality too!

Then I grabbed a polish that is sneakily making its way up there into my top favourite polishes ever, the super stunning Models Own Southern Lights from the Wonderland collection.

I truly cannot get enough of this beautiful lilac toned holohraphic glitter, the sparkle factor is absolutely immense, especially in artificial light when it truly goes to town! I'm forever asked what it is I'm wearing when I have this beaut on.

For the 'paw print' design I just swiped a quarter moon on to the tips using the polish brush, before going around the edge with four dots using a dotting tool.

Finishing with topcoat, not just for extra shine but to also make that holo sparkle pow wow even more.

Hope you liked the mani dolls! Thanks for reading!

Lotsa of love to ya!


NOTD - Pin-Wheel Nails!

Hello there beauts, anyone else feeling the Monday blues majorly?! Oh weekend, why must you go by so fast? *wails!* aaaaaaand *breathes* Okay...dramatic moment of self pitiful emotions has passed. Lets move on to today’s nails which are pow wow bright, vibrant & just the kind of pick me up I love...Pinwheel Nails!

Nothing like a rainbow riot of colour to give ya a lift eh? ;) This manicure was inspired by the incredible Chalkboard Nails, who will forever be my first port of call when looking for a little nail-spiration.

Quite a fair few polishes got some usage for this manicure. I should've placed them in the picture in the same order as they are on the nail but then, I'm a plonker o_O

Anyhoos lets go with how they are on the nail starting with the red & going clockwise I used Nails Inc St James, Barry M Blue Grape Gelly, Nails Inc Bluebell, Models Own Green Tea, Models Own Cerise Shine Hypergel, Barry M Plum Gelly & Barry M Yellow! Phew!

I started by applying a white base using NYC Pinstripe White to really make the colours pop. Then using a nail art brush & the W7 Black polish I free-handed the pinwheel outline, starting from the centre & drawing curved triangular segments. You can squeeze in about seven segments per nail.

Then grabbing each polish & some more thin nail art brushes, I simply went around filling each segment with a different shade. Because of the white base you only need the one coat.

I went in again with the black outline, to neaten up the pin-wheel a tad then finished off with a small black rhinestone in the centre. A slick of topcoat to seal it all & finito!

Hope you liked the pin-wheel nails sweetpeas! Thanks to the fab Sarah for sharing such fab designs to inspire! Thank you for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!


Mane & Tail Horse Shampoo...Yay or Neigh???

Hello there beauts! See what I did there? I should apologise but feeling pathetically proud of my little word play there...

 Ahem! Anyhoos moving on lovelies, so...Horse Shampoo? Thoughts? You may have heard about this much hyped shampoo on the market, Mane & Tail, which is catered not only for horses but humans too! Naturally I was intrigued & on one of my trips to London I popped into Liberty’s & found myself leaving with it happily thinking at last...I shall now have beautiful long locks a la Black Beauty.

After using both the shampoo & conditioner for a few months I thought I’d share my thoughts. As much as I wish I could say I now have hair that could put a prize winning show horse's to shame, alas I must confess that Mane & Tail did not suit my hair at all. *sad face*
Instead of shiny, swinging locks I found that Mane & Tail made my hair INCREDIBLY dry, especially the ends. Even using it with my HG Aussie 3 minute miracle conditioner didn’t help the straw like finish I seemed to getting every time I used it.
source: Google images
 Alas...my hair did NOT look like this perfectly realistic & achievable result...
I also found that the shampoo stripped my hair of colour. I’ve been dying my hair regularly since my teens & have recently been wearing deep brown tones. After using Mane & Tail I found my hair was getting lighter & lighter with a few coppery tones running through.  Though I confess I actually didn’t mind this so much as I have been asked more times these past few months if I’ve just coloured my hair & WHAT shade it is I can’t tell you! So Mane & Tail is forgiven for that ;)
source: Google images
Mane & Tail also claims to improve hair growth but I honestly haven’t seen any major differences from my usual normal hair growth.
So there you have it, unfortunately Mane & Tail wasn’t for me. As I don't know any horses to pass it on to, I gave it to mumma bear instead who also felt it made her hair uber dry. However one thing I’ve learnt is that whilst some products might not suit everyone, they may work wonders on others! I mean the rave reviews clearly indicate that, perhaps it’s more suited to lighter hair than dark? 
Thanks for reading loves! Would love to know if you have tried this much hyped horsed shampoo & your thoughts!  
Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Pink Plaid

Ello ello lovely readers!

Brrrr cold enough for ya? Looks like that bugger Winter that was hiding away in December has officially come out to play! I've even been rocking the double gloves look this past week. Lets just say one is definitely not ready to part with their Michelin Man parka just yet ;)

I do love me a bit of plaid I do, even more so on ze nails :) I noticed recently my work colleague rocking a beautiful plaid scarf this winter in a lovely baby pink shade that I just adored! I had to stop myself from stealing it from her ;) Anyhoos it inspired me to create this plaid design mani in a pretty pink holo!

My love for holo polishes runs deep, I just can't get enough of their prettiness & come summer I can't wait to dig them out to get the full benefit of all that holo goodness! This lovely & unique pink delight is Ozotic Pro in shade 809.

I applied 2 coats of this lovely pale pink shimmering holo. Then using the striper brush end of my Models Own nail art pen in White I created the plaid pattern by drawing 3 horizontal & 3 vertical lines.

To finish I couldn't resist a spot of sparkle with a pretty pink rhinestone. Topcoat to seal & that's it! One of the reasons I love this design so much is you can totally have fun with what colours to use! I think I'll try a nice green & gold plaid print next...

Thanks as always for reading lovelies! Keep warm & catch up soon!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Blue Star

Hullo there lovely readers, hope you are all having a good weekend?

Yesterday was spent participating in one of my favourite pastimes, a spot of afternoon tea for a mateys birthday :) There's nothing I love more than spending time in good company indulging in endless tea & cake! I decided to book the tea at the Monkey Island Hotel in Bray. The place had me immediately at the name alone! Sadly no monkeys but there were a couple of peacocks on the grounds which made up for that. Overall a lovely experience :)

Bringing forth some beautiful blue brightness your way today my lovelies with a delightful offering from brand Nina Ultra Pro. This pretty is Cobalt & is a most stunning & vibrant blue jelly that just made me swooooon!

Such gloss, much shine! Gorgeous non? Nina Ultra Pro was a brand I was completely unfamiliar with until I ventured into a Sally's to pick up acetone. This little pretty was sitting all lonesome on the sale shelf & I was immediately drawn to the stunning jewel blue shade so naturally it had to come home with me!

The formula of Cobalt was a dream, this was two coats applied to achieve a beautifully glossy & opaque finish. I wanted add a little something extra to my mani so I reached for some shooting star nail stickers which I picked up muchos cheaply from Savers.

Seriously nail art stickers are a dream if you are wanting a quick & easy way to jazz up a manicure & don't have the patience for nail art! I'm forever stocking up on them to have on standby ;) Using a pair of tweezers I applied the star sticker at a diagonal across the nail before sealing with topcoat.

Thanks as always for reading lovelies, enjoy the rest of your weekends!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Mythical Watercolour Nails

Bonjour my beauts, happy Sunday! Slowly starting to feel human again after being hit by the bugger flu this past week. Just when you think you're on the mend, another symptom knocks ya down! But with the help of the 3 L's...Lemsip, Lucozade & Lindt chocolate, I'm coming out the other side Chariots of Fire style.

Pretty nails always helps make me feel better too & I'm excited to share this mani with you lovelies as I think its one of my favourites in quite a while with its mythical vibes & involves the 'watercolour' method using Sally Hansen sheer jellies!

What do you think? I was so happy when I found the Sally Hansen Triple Shine Jellies in my most coveted of polish hunting grounds...PoundWorld! You may recall OPI releasing their Sheer Tints a while back & whilst these aren't exact dupes they can be used in the same manner which is this watercolour effect.

I managed to find four shades from the range, Sea Through (green), Ice Tint (Blue), Grape Jelly (purple) & Jell-ous? (Red). The formula for these is VERY sheer, so unfortunately used alone or even for jelly sandwiches is a no go as you'll be applying at least 8 coats of polish for an opaque finish!

Using these babies on top of another shade however & its another story & I'm keen to experiment in more ways I can use these sheer jellies! For this Mythical Watercolour manicure I decided to use both a silver & white base, here I've applied one coat of silver polish, before adding a random triangle pattern design using a nail art brush.

I then grabbed one polish at a time & added one drop of each coloured jelly, not having too much on the brush though, otherwise it would overflow. I kept on adding each colour until they merged together nicely to create the watercolour effect. Because of the sheer quality of the formula, the polishes mix together beautifully.

Before finishing I added a pretty crystal rhinestone & sealed with topcoat. I'm so in love with this technique, the finished result is so pretty & for some reason just brings unicorns, mermaids, fairies & all other manner of mythical creatures to mind! I've still seen the Sally Hansen Triple Shine jellies in PoundWorld FYI so I definitely recommend picking them up!

Thanks as always for reading lovelies!

Lotsa love to ya!