What I Wore...Black With White Stripes or White With Black Stripes?

Ello ello sweetpeas!

 Hope you're all having a fab weekend? This morning saw yours truly rising a tad earlier than should be allowed on a Saturday for my 1st Zumba class. But I am happy to report that I did not die & left the class intact & feeling pretty ace! Will definitely continue with it!

I think its pretty obvious that nails is the subject matter I am most passionate about here on my little space on the interweb. A fashion blogger I am most definitely NOT. Especially seeing as the majority of my wardrobe doesn't include the latest fashion trends, I much prefer prowling through sales & charity shops, or my latest addiction which is Depop, to find myself a pretty bargain!

Regardless, I thought for the fun of it why not throw up a wee outfit post of a recent get up I was particularly fond of, just to mix things up a tad. :) Featuring two of my favourite things at the moment...monochrome & animal print!

So comes the question...black with white stripes, or white with black stripes? Either way I fell in love with this cute little number of a dress when I saw it tucked away in Primark's sale racks, which I like to sift through if the mood takes me because lets face it, prowling through Primark can at times be a trying task! 

I, being the dodo that I am, didn't realise there were actual zebra's present on the print until I happened to look at my reflection in a shop mirror...I know...there are no words. But the little discovery brought me further joy to be sure.

I kept the monochrome vibe going by teaming the dress with leggings & my black & white Vogue print pumps which I picked up whilst on holiday in Portugal. Don't you love finding one of a kind, interesting pieces like that? Not so much though I guess when one wishes to replace, as these shoes are beginning to show wear as they've gotten a lot of loving!

Thanks as always for reading lovelies! 

Lotsa love to ya!

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