NOTD - Love Heart Lady Bugs

Hello chikadees!

So Valentines Day is but around the corner lovebirds & I can't help but find myself reaching for those red & pinks hues for wee bit of valentines nail-spiration. Why not? So to start things off, today I have some cute Love Heart Lady Bugs on the nails...

I must confess that my main inspiration for this mani came not from Valentines...but a doughnut! Krispy Kreme to be exact! I don't know if you've seen those adorable Lady Bug design doughnuts they've brought out recently? Well I bloomin have & can only wail in despair at not having sampled it yet!

Hmm yeah, trust me to be inspired by food. Oh well next to polish it is just another topic I am very passionate about after all.

For my touch of pink I used Pirouette Pink nail colour from Pixi. Isn't it scrummy? Such a pretty girly pink with a lovely pale golden shimmer running through, it was simply perfect for the base. This is two coats applied.

Then for my little love heart lady bugs I used Shade 6 from 2TrueColour which, despite not naming their polishes *sad face*, still remains one of my favourite high street bargain brands. They have some true gems in their range, not just fab polishes & are definitely worth checking out!

Shade 6 is a deliciously rich red, so glossy & opaque, swoon worthy! Using the brush I free handed a rough heart like shape to the tips before filling in.

For the lady bug details I used the Barry M nail art pens in Black and White. So easy, just a straight line down the centre, then a large roundish dot right at the tips for the wee head, next the antenna thingys, 3 dots for the wings before finishing off with the pupils.

Seal it all with some topcoat, tis best to leave a minute or so before going in with that as like I've done on many occasion, the polish can still drag if tacky! Which results in banshee like screams being emitted from about your person.

Thanks as always for stopping by lovelies! Hope you liked the doughnut/valentines inspired lady bugs! <3

Lotsa love to ya!

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