ImPress Peacock Print Press On Manicure

Well hellooooo there lovely readers! Long time no speak, hows tricks?

Returned from holiday last week with the obligatory holiday blues *sniffs* Twas an amazing trip though, we got to see so many beautiful places in the western Mediterranean on our cruise, highlights being the incredible Pompeii & the leaning tower of Pisa! Naturally much food was consumed & I am seriously having a difficult time reverting back to a normal eating routine! Especially hard seeing as I don't believe in diets...

Anyhoos I'm happy to get my blog back on :) When it comes to my nails, I've never been able to grow long talons due to my calcium deficiency *le sigh* And when I got back from holiday they were in a bad way, broken & chipping left right & centre so I had no choice but to file them down to little nubbins! However I didn’t mind so much as it finally gave me a chance to try these fab *ImPress press on artificial nails!

What do you think of the design? Isn't it beautiful? One of the things I love about this brand of stick on manicure by Broadway Nails, other than the lovely designs, is that the size of the artificial nails aren't too long, so it doesn’t make tasks such as typing & using your phone problematic.

Not only do I adore the eye catching peacock feather design, one of many pretty designs available, but also the ease of application. No finicky glue here, simply pick the nail which fits your nail bed best, which isn't hard as each pack contains 24 nails of different sizes to choose from. Then simply peel of the clear backing & press on to the nail...hey presto a beautiful manicure ready to go in literally minutes!

I've used ImPress nails quite a few times now & I can definitely guarantee I'll be using them again. I think they’re absolutely fab to have if your strapped for time & want a quick manicure but cannot wait around for polish to dry. Or to take away on holiday with you to wear for a night out.

I cannot comment on the longevity of wear as, me being me, I was already itching for a change the next day haha! Removal is also super easy, I found that the press on's peeled away from the nail very easily & didn't even leave any sticky residue on the nail bed.

The ImPress press on manicure range retails from around £5.99 & is available from most Boots & Superdrugs stores. Thanks for reading as always lovelies!

Lotsa love to ya! 

Disclaimer - * product featured was sent to me for my consideration. I am not affiliated with the brand nor paid for this post, this review has been as always my 100% honest opinion! :)


NOTD - Gothic Vintage Manicure

Good morning beauts & a happy weekend to you! I fear this weekend will mostly be dedicated to packing panic frenzy for my holiday next week as the weekdays will be a tad hectic. Naturally I am in full blown paranoid mode that I may forget something utterly crucial that I'll only remember when it is too late! So I am currently reading as many 'holiday essential' blog posts as I can, if you have any favs/recs please do send my way!

Today nails are 'vintage' inspired with a twist using two of the Nails Inc polishes I nabbed free with this months issue of Glamour magazine. Sorry what was that, you didn't know? Then just check this here POST for the deets on that ;) On to the nails...

You may have seen this vintage style 'reverse french' or 'moon manicure' as it is also known by before. Its a look that has frequented the catwalks often & has been worn by retro divas such as Dita Von Teese too. This style of manicure was all the rage back in the 20's/30's era, where it was considered quite 'risque'/extreme to paint the whole nail!

To create the look you need some french manicure guides or if you don't have those lying around, do what I did & pick up a box of hole re-enforcers from your nearest stationery shop! I love them & have used them in many of my manis!

Place the hole re-enforcer on the bottom 3rd of the nail & paint over the remainder of the nail with your chosen polish. Here I used Tate, a gorgeous wine red & Hanover Square which is a vampy burgundy. Beautifully glossy & great formulas.

I then removed the hole re-enforcer whilst the polish is still wet, thankfully both polishes were opaque in one coat. Even with the guides in place you may get a few wonky lines here & there, nothing that can't be fixed & neatened up with some acetone & brush.

For the slight gothic twist to my vintage nails I decided to add on these funky spiked rhinestones along the edge of my bare moons before finishing off with a thick coat of topcoat to seal them in place & to give my vintage nails a suitably glossy finish!

Hope you liked the 'vintage' nails dolls. Have you tried this type of manicure?

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Bonfire Night with Models Own Copper Pot & Catherine Wheel

Good evening lovely readers & a Happy Bonfire Night!

How are we celebrating tonight? In-y with blankets or out-y with coats & gloves? I've opted for the in-y option this year, my bed is just far too warm & comfortable for me to leave & with a nice mug of white hot chocolate & Netflix, I am content to enjoy the pretty sights from my window :)

Of course I couldn't see Bonfire Night through without some suitably inspired nails! This year I've done my 5th November manicure with a little help from two polishes from Models Own, Copper Pot & Catherine Wheel!

Copper Pot is part of Models Own Beetlejuice collection & is a beautiful burnt coppery gold duochrome, though the colour shift in this one isn't as prominent, as is the case with the other shades in the collection. Regardless I still think its a lovely fall polish, perfect for this time of year when you want something warm yet interesting on your nails.

I teamed Copper Pot with another gem courtesy of Models Own, the rather apt Catherine Wheel glitterbomb which is part of their Fireworks collection therefore pretty perfect for the occasion I think!

Catherine Wheel is such a pretty mix with its holographic bar glitter, burnt orange hexagon glitter, with smaller red & gold glitters thrown in. Its not incredibly dense yet as a glitter topper it works perfectly, with the glitter distributing nicely on the nail & I thought the two polishes went so well together with their burnt copper tones.

Models Own polishes retail for £4.99 & are available from most Boots & online. What are you wearing on your nails tonight? Thanks for reading as always & stay safe out there!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Seventeen' s Crushed Foil Nail Effects in Gold

Hullo there beauts, how are we all doing this Monday? Thankfully I've managed to sneak in a wee day off as I had holiday to take from work, hence the daytime blogging opportunity! :)

So now Halloween's all wrapped up for the year we can be sure to now expect the inevitable Xmas countdown. Before that though we still have November to get through & I for one am excited for the month & the treats it has to offer including Bonfire night, plus I also have my holiday to look forward to. I'm off on another cruise & I can't wait, the last one was amazing so truly looking forward to some more adventures in two weeks!

Today I have a pretty unique polish to share with you lovelies. I'll be honest...when this polish caught my radar whilst browsing in Boots my first initial thought was “oh god what IS this?!” with accompanying baffled expression. Therefore I had to bring it home with me for “blogging purposes” you understand & was convinced it would be a polish fail...well I swallow my words dears as I could NOT have been more wrong, I am in love with it. Let me present Seventeen's Crushed Foil Nail Effects in Gold...

What did I tell you? Isn't it mighty puuuurdy? When it comes to matte nails I'm a bit on the scales really as I adore glossy finishes on my manis. However this I seriously HEART. I may yet be converted!

This little pretty, which is part of Seventeen's special effect topcoat range of which they have quite a few & also comes in a silver foil version, is a clear matte polish with delicate shards of golden foil of different sizes mixed in.

I decided to apply it over Nails Inc Peach Sorbet for a delicate & feminine look & I absolutely adore the combo together! The peach & gold compliment each other so prettily. I was also happy to note that most of the foil shards adhered to the nail quite nicely with only a few cheeky shards sticking up here & there.

Of course normally I would finish my mani with the obligatory topcoat & I suppose one still could, but of course the whole matte finish is part of gorgeousness of this polish & I wanted to keep it that way.

Seventeen polishes are available from most Boots stores for a bargainous £3.99, how could you not get it!? Thanks as always for reading lovelies!

Lotsa love to ya!