NOTD - Pouting Lips Nails!

Hey there you gorgeous lot! Finding you all to be having a tip top week I hope!

I really did love creating my Corset Nails for The Lady Boys Of Bangkok nail art challenge recently, so much so that I couldn't resist throwing together another quick & fun design! If there is one thing I am certain that the star lady boys of the show are absolutely perfect at...its pouting! I must confess I do love me a pout pose ;) Throw in a bit o' sparkle glamour of course & I think this mani is definitely ready to cabaret!

Creating this fun design couldn't be easier & again I used the black 'Bad Bad'* & red 'Red Delicious'* Bad Apple polishes I was kindly sent for the challenge.

Alternating between the two polishes & using two coats of each I applied a black base on my thumb, middle & pinkie fingers, whilst going for a red base on my index & ring fingers.

Then grabbing a thin nail art brush & the red polish I created the lips by simply drawing a small line, then adding an M like shaped line just above it...hey presto pout!

For the alternate fingers & the black lips I actually used a liquid eye liner as it was simply just close at hand! You can of course use black polish & thin brush like before.
For my touch of sparkle I went over the red lips with a bit of gorgeous ruby red glitter from Color Club.

Finishing it all off with a thick coat of topcoat, I used the Bad Apple Top & Base Coat* & you're good & ready to strike a pout with those nails :) Of course I didn't realise until after I'd finished that my pouting lips were in fact...upside down. Hence all the awkward hand positioning going on there. Very well done Aysh o_O

Hope you liked the nails dolls! Till next time!

Lotsa love to ya!

Disclaimer - * products featured were sent to me for my consideration. I am not affiliated with the brand nor paid for this post, this review has been as always my 100% honest opinion! :)


Review - Solait Mattifying Face Sun Fluid Factor 50

Ello ello lovely readers! Hope you're all having a great weekend :D The sun is still gracing us with its delightful presence & one thing I always forget, too busy I be with enjoying all the rays, is that most important sun protection!

This is something I've rectified, better late than never right? I've always found it a tad problematic when it comes to finding a nice & affordable sun cream for the face. I tend to use just a bog standard supermarket brand sun cream for the body in factor 50 because I BURN...I learnt that the hard way when I forgot to take any with me when I visited Tenerife & came back looking like a shrivelled tomato, so bad my own parents didn't recognize me at the airport o_O The supermarket sun cream does the job fine however like most I do find it extremely thick & greasy, not something I would want to put on my face!

I heard about the Solait Mattifying Face Sun Fluid from Superdrug (RRP £4.99) which not only sounded very appealing & reasonably priced but also contains the all important factor 50! I also love that it comes in a small 50ml size, great when trying out a product for the first time, but I can happily report that I got on with it more than well! The Solait Face Fluid promises all the things you need in decent sun protection, but without all that thick greasiness normally associated with sun creams.

The texture of the face fluid is delightfully light & blends in to the skin really well. Once applied it sinks right in & leaves a matte finish on the skin, no greasy glow worm here! This then gives a perfect base for you to go in & apply your make up, as my skin does tend to veer towards the dry side I like to apply a little additional moisturizer on top before going in with my primer & make up.

So the Solait Mattifying Face Sun Fluid is most definitely a hit with moi! Not only is it lovely to use with its light formula & reasonable price, it didn't effect the longevity of my make up wear at all & lasted pretty much all day. I'm also comforted in the knowledge that my skin is nicely protected from those rays! The face fluid is also available in lower factors which I'm considering picking up to use for the cooler months, you could say I'm definitely on this sun protection thang!

Have you tried the Solait Mattifying Face Sun Fluid? Do you have a favorite sun protection?

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - From Paris With Love...

Bonjour mon petit choux! Happy Friday, all the more sweeter with the knowledge that its also pay day! Woop! But before I get away with myself imaging many unnecessary shopping trips & wish list fulfilling, I'm to remind myself that THIS month I should do the sensible grown up thing & save my moneys properly! Not only is polish a habit of mine but I also have a weakness for pretty dresses...they just CALL to me...& I inevitably succumb to temptation. Buy all the dresses! But no...no longer! My wardrobe is definitely groaning out load from the pressure within, I'll take pity on it....there's dresses that need lovin!

A little alternative take on a French manicure today using a pink base & white nail art giving a distinctly Parisian feel to the nails & was inspired by a lovely instagram account I follow 'alinapinuccia', she has the prettiest nails!  I've only been to Paris the once & that was for Disneyland so I never actually got to see the place, however its definitely on my list of places I am dying to explore, one day soon hopefully!

For the pink base I applied two coats of this absolutely gorgeous polish from Catrice Ulti Mate Nudes Collection, a lovely mauve pink shade that I picked up in Portugal & goes by the most fabulous name of 'Karl Says Tres Chic'...not sure who Karl is...but I love the name regardless. Do excuse the blue marks on the bottle, all that remains of another Catrice polish I bought home with me yet sadly did not make it :(

I then grabbed my white nail art pen from Models Own & did some quick random yet simple nail art. The hearts on the pinky & index fingers were created by simply placing two dots next to each other, then joining at the bottom with a dotting tool. The little flowers were done by placing 5 dots in a circle leaving the center blank, you could even put a stone in the center if wanted!

Finally the accent finger was well...err...a rough arty interpretation of the Eiffel Tower, a little homage to le Paris'. I thought I did okay until I caught my mother looking at it oddly, I asked her what she thought it was & her reply was “Is it a fox wearing a skirt?”.....*tumbleweed*......FAIL.

That slight shimmer you can just about see there is courtesy of Andrea Fulerton Sparkle Shine Topcoat. I had such high hopes for this pretty looking top coat made up of micro fine shimmer dust however once applied I found it rather underwhelming sadly *le sigh*

Hope you liked the slightly different take on a French Manicure lovelies! Till next time!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Corset Design Nails & Step By Step Tutorial!

Ello ello sweetpeas!

Ever been to a cabaret show? I haven't yet I must confess that its something that I've been intrigued with & would love to see! The Lady Boys of Bangkok is one cabaret show that has hit the UK by storm recently & looks like a right hoot with all its glitz, glam & fun antics! Well The Lady Boys of Bangkok have also teamed up with Bad Apple Cosmetics, who are already a fav little brand of mine as I've blogged about their polishes before & created a fab nail art challenge for us bloggers to get our nail art on! I wanted to create a fun, glam & quirky design that would also fit in with the cabaret theme so I decided to do me some corset nails!

I was kindly sent some Bad Apple polishes to work with as well, so grabbing those & a few other bits & bobs I got on to creating my corsets! Here's a step by step pic-torial to show how to create them...

After applying your base coat, start off with two coats of black, here I've used Bad Apple Bad Bad*. I found the formula of these polishes to be much thicker than the others I've tried or perhaps it was just the ones I received. Either way a drop of polish thinner helped put that to rights & made them much easier to work with :)

Next using Bad Apple Red Delicious*, which I just love & used here in my Beaded Manicure, such a pretty & glossy red crème, I applied a single strip all the way down the centre of the nail, going over twice to make it opaque.

Then using Models Own 25 Carat Gold & a dotting tool I placed on 3 dots along either side of the red stripe.

To glitz it up a bit more because it is a cabaret inspired mani after all I dotted on some gold glitter polish by Color Club on top of the gold dots.

Almost done! Grabbing one of my thin nail art brushes & the Bad Apple Bad Bad I drew on the strings of the corset by simply doing two diagonal lines downward one way connecting to the gold dots, then two diagonal lines upward so that they cross over each other if that makes sense!

Finish it all of with a thick coat of topcoat to seal, I used the Bad Apple Top & Base Coat* & that's it! Some quirky corset nails ready to rock! :D

Hope you liked the mani dolls! Bad Apple polishes retail for £9.95 & can be nabbed online. And more information about The Lady Boys Of Bangkok Glamourous Amorous Cabaret Show can be found on their website :)

Thanks for reading! 
Lotsa love to ya!

Disclaimer - * products featured were sent to me for my consideration. I am not affiliated with the brand nor paid for this post, this review has been as always my 100% honest opinion! :)


Glossy Gel Effect Nails with Bourjois Grenadine Tonic 15

Greetings darling ones! Hope to find you all well, enjoying your weekends & making the most of this glorious sun! This week past saw my friend & I doing so with the decision of an impromptu road trip to Bournemouth instead of slaving away at work, ssssh don't tell anyone ;) But I find that last minute plans are always the best non? And twas just what we needed, time spent lying on the beach catching the rays with the sound of the waves in our ears, bliss! I could close my eyes & just imagine myself to be somewhere tropical which goes to show you don't have to go abroad for such things! Plans to move to the coast asap in the near future are definitely in thine mind!

Today I have an interesting little polish for you beauties, one which caught my eye yonks ago & naturally here I am blogging about it a year later, ahem!*side eye* The polish in question is this rather intriguing offering from Bourjois 1 Seconde Gloss Range (RRP £5.99) called Grenadine Tonic 15 & is a sheer red/blood orange toned gloss. To my eyes at first it seemed to be just another topcoat however despite the sheerness of it, Grenadine Tonic's formula is thick thanks to the addition of silicone which gives the polish a strong gel like effect with a gorgeously glossy finish when used on top of polish or even alone.

I decided to team it with a red polish to really bring out the red tone, in this instance Rimmel Double Decker Red, one of those gorgeously vibrant fire engine red type of shades...a perfect red...or a double decker bus red even ;)

On top of the Double Decker Red I applied one thick coat of the Grenadine Tonic & the finished look was a super glossy thick gel like effect, even salon worthy I'd say as one of my friends asked if I'd had Shellac done on my nails!

Not only does the Grenadine Tonic give a gorgeous glossy gel like finish to the nails but it also dried uber fast & added longevity to the mani as I experienced zero chipping in the time worn. Not bad at all eh? The wide span brush applicator is great quality too covering almost the entire nail in one swipe.

I'm interested in seeing how Grenadine Tonic would look all by its onesie, quite jelly like I'd imagine after a few thick coats, I think I'd like to try a glitter jelly sandwich with it as well as experimenting over different shades, I've seen swatches of it over pink thus giving a lovely coral tone! Endless possibilities!

Thanks for reading lovelies! Have you tried Grenadine Tonic?

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Ruby Red Nails for July

Ello ello my beauts! Hope you all had a lovely weekend & managed to catch a few of those most delightful rays!

Finding ourselves in July already (time, slow down a tad will ya?! I can't keep up!) today's mani was inspired by this months birthstone, which also happens to be one of my favourite gems, the gorgeous Ruby. There's just something about that deep, dark, wine toned, gothic-y stone that I just cannot get enough of, so here we go July with some suitably themed Ruby Red Nails with a hint o' sparkle!

I applied two coats of this gorgeous dark London Girl polish which, like the others I picked up for a most bargainous 60p in Shepherds Bush Market, sadly has no name. So for today & this mani it shall be known as Gothic Glitter Burgundy. Quite suitable I'd say as that's pretty exactly what it is with its deep wine red almost black base infused with lots of sparkly red glitter. Lush.

Application was lovely & like most glitters it dried muchos quickly yet leaving quite a gritty textured finish. So after applying a little red gem to each nail I did find myself having to apply not one but three coats of topcoat as it kept sinking through! Not that I'm complaining really considering how much I paid for the polish not to mention the super glossy finish from all the topcoats!

Hope you liked the July Ruby Inspired mani dolls! Also thank you to the lovely A Lacquered Affair for the birthstones themed mani idea :) Is Ruby your birthstone? If so happy birthday my little red lovelies!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Hip Hop Neon Nails with Angelica & Models Own!

Hello lovely readers! Weekend has been reached at last hurrah! And word on the weatherman grapevine is that its set to be a scorcher so come on at me Sun I am ready for ya!

Of course when its so beautiful out one can't quite help but incorporate equally bright & bold colours in to their everyday wear non? For me especially its definitely my nails that I love to give the 'blinding, whack on a pair of sunnies' treatment, no surprise there then eh? So a vibrant happy mani is what I have for you today dolls!

Bright enough for ya? This little delight of a polish is from the brand Angelica, which I first discovered in Primark when in London last. After getting over the initial shock of seeing this lovely looking nail polish range in store as my local Primark is maddeningly Angelica-less, I grabbed a few to take home with me to try including this delicious neon called Hip Hop.

In the bottle Hip Hop looked like a neon pink but once on the nails I was pleasantly surprised to find it actually to be a blinding bright neon orange jelly! I bloomin loves it! The formula is quite sheer, so two coats is definitely required & I absolutely love the glossy jelly finish of it.

For an accent I reached for one of my beloved Models Own Mirrorball polishes, this time going for Hot Stuff! This one is a tad insane I have to say with a lot of glitter action going on in there with not only tiny pink & red glitters but squares & holographic shards too adding a whole spectrum of colour shifting! I could have a seizure just looking at it!

Bright nails to give the Sun a run for its money ;) Angelica polishes retail from around £2.50 & are available to purchase from Primark & online. Models Own polishes are £5 & can be found in Boots & online as well as the fab Bottleshop in Westfields...a shop...dedicated to selling polish...in the shape of a polish bottle...yup...I die.

Thanks for reading!

Lotsa love to ya! 


NOTD - Penguin Nails!

Ello ello my beauties!

Today I have some fun & quirky nail art in the form of one of my favourite animals...Penguins! :D I think out of all my nail art attempts so far, I'm liking this one the best. Not only because its such a cute & easy to do design but 'Pingu' (that funny odd little penguin character from our childhoods) also happens to be my nickname, bestowed upon me by one of my besties...how I got this nickname? Well apart from my petite size I've been kindly informed by my friends that when I run I bear a pretty strong resemblance to this most comical of creatures...*side eye*...hence why you will most probably never see me run in public ever again o_O

What do you think? Every time I looked down at my nails I just couldn't help but smile, definitely worked as a great mood lifter when things were getting a tad stressed at work! Here's a step by step picture tutorial to show I created my Pingu Penguin nails!

After applying base coat I started off with two coats of Barry M black

Next I used a random white polish & the brush to create a long oval like shape for the belly of the penguin, which I went over wice for a more opaque finish.

For the eyes I used the same white polish & the end of one of my nail art brushes to add the two large dots side by side just above the belly.

I wanted my penguins to be pretty blue eyed boys so using a smaller dotting tool or whatever you have at your disposal i.e. hair bobby pin etc. I placed a smaller blue dot of polish, in this case LA Colors Wired, inside the larger white dots.

Then for my little penguin feet I used Collection Hip Hop which is a lovely creamy bright orange, & painted on two little tip tappy happy feet at the tips with a nail art brush.

Finally for the beaks I used some pretty tear-drop shaped orange stones from my nail art wheels, stuck on with a bit of clear polish which were perfect! Of course instead of stones you can paint on the beaks with some of the orange polish used from before.

Finish off with a thick coat or two of topcoat to seal & shine & you have your happy little penguins! Sadly thumb penguin didn't make it...poor bugger got knocked & there was not enough time to save him *cue moment of silence*

Really hope you liked the Penguin nails dolls! Till next time!

Lotsa love to ya!