What I Wore - Show Me The Tartan!

Hi-de-hi darlings & happy weekend! Brr nippy enough for you? This is the type of weather where all one wants to do is snuggle under a cave of blankets, don 40 pairs of socks with plenty of tea & sweet foodstuffs at hand & a good film on the box. Well I am on my way to making this happen for the rest of today, which started off most productively & saw me tackle the daunting task of sorting my wardrobe...long time coming let me tell you! Anyhoos after much sifting, sorting, swearing, sweating & a twisted ankle later I now have me an organised wardrobe & 4 bags to donate! Woop! *collapses*

Speaking of wardrobes I'm mixing things up a wee bit today with an outfit post involving one of my current loves at the moment...TARTAN...oh my the tartan...just give me ALL the tartan...so yeah I am literally obsessed with the stuff & cannot be happier seeing it as a popular A/W trend at the moment. I just can't explain it, every time I see tartan in my line of vision I dive towards the print like a crazy person, I guess I may have been Scottish in a previous life.

And yup...Tis indeed THAT Primark Tartan dress that you've probably seen on many a blog already! Haha! I knew the moment I saw it that I needed this tartan goodness in my life. The print, the collar, the feel & shape I just love it all, even the slight school uniform style vibe it has! The dress is available in a few different tartan shades including a lovely blue/green version which I may have to go back for...

      Dress - Primark £15, Cardi - Primark £6, Velvet Lined Leggings - Primark £6

It would seem this entire ensemble was brought to you by good ol Primarni bar the velvet pumps which were Debenhams & accidentally cut off anyhoos...fashion blogger I am not o_O
I picked up the black cardi along with the dress as these winter months require the layers! And the velvet lined Primark leggings are officially the next best thing since sliced bread...I need at least 50 pairs. They are fab, amazingly comfortable & keep the legs warm & toasty so I can still wear all my dresses in the cold season & not worry about getting frost bite! *happy face*

Are you loving the tartan too? Thanks for reading lovelies!

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. This dress looks so good on you, I tried it on and was awful on me. Everyone needs a piece of tartan this winter! X

    1. Aww thank you my darling Jo! Oh no way really?! Deffo keep looking around huny, I've seen some gorgeous tartan pieces, especially some lovely tartan skirts in Topshop :) yay for the tartan! Xoxo

  2. Loving tartan this season. You look fab!
    Pls check out my blog if you have a spare minute :)

    1. Aww thank you so much Hun, me too! Cannot get enough of the divine print! :) xoxo

  3. I love that dress! I tried it on, but it didn't look right on me - it looks lovely on you x

    1. Thanks very much Kat! Oh bum I'm sorry to hear that! I hope you find some tartan goodness lovely, everyone needs tartan! ;) xoxo


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