NOTD - OPI Black Spotted...Remember that un?!

Hello there lovely readers!

Speaking like the polish addict I am, when it comes to special effects polishes I pretty much love them all, crackles, feathers, velvet etc & now you can find many interesting & fun effects polishes on the high street to jazz up those nails. However there was one special effects polish that was released a good while back that had all polish addicts hyperventilating over...OPI Black Spotted. 

Reason for insanity was that not only was this a new type of effect/topcoat but it also happened to be limited edition & available only at Sephora France! Such was the eagerness to get hold of this coveted polish that I even heard stories of it selling on ebay for over $50, wowzah. Fortunately my lovely French work colleague chose at this time to pay a visit home so I asked (begged) if she may be able to attain it & angel that she is she did! *happy dance* I knew I wanted to try the Black Spotted over a vibrant neon so before going on to that I just wanted to take a moment & share the gorgeousness that is this neon yellow with you...

*whips on the shades* Dayaaam if I wasn't awake before I surely am now. Is that an insanely immense yellow or what?! Aptly named Neon Yellow by Kleancolor, my matey bought this polish back from the states & it definitely delivers on neon factor! 
Though as much as I adore it, unfortunately application was a bit of a bum. Gloopiness galore with a few streaks thrown in too but the end result was worth the hair loss & curses uttered on applying. Next step was to Black Spot that neon!

What do you think? What gives OPI Black Spotted its unique quality is the interesting oil on water effect it is said to give on application which is pretty much spot on. Its definitely different & perhaps may not be everyone's cup o' chai but I absolutely love it! Almost giving a water marble like look to the nails without all the hassle.

The best way to apply this I found was to go for one thin coat over a dry base, as thicker coats created less spots. I absolutely love the finished effect, I do feel very fortunate to be able to own this little gem! I think neons go beautifully with it but I wanted to try it out over something else as well so I tried it over a dark red & oh my goodness...

How vampily gorgeous is that?! Ungggh I do love me a good gothic-y mani now & again & this just completes me. LOVE! 
In fact in all my excitement I forgot to do a quick clean up jobby, whoopsie! I'm anxious to try the Black Spotted over a holo or shimmering foil now too!

Thanks for reading lovelies! Do you own OPI Black Spotted? What's your favourite effects polish if any?

Lotsa love to ya!

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