Pretty Statement Jewellery with Kukee...

Ello ello lovely readers! Hope you're all having a tip top weekend! Keeping it quite a tame one down this end after all the Eid festivities & excessive eating which doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon...soon nowt but a forklift will be able to shift this blogger o_O

A few pay days ago I found myself with that all too easy urge for a wee bit of online jewellery shopping to acquire some new bling, not that I NEED any more mind you but like polish, can a girl ever have TOO many pretty shiny things? Anyhoos after a bit of searching & of course asking around on beloved Twitter I eventually came across Kukee, a lovely little UK based online jewellery retailer that not only have some gorgeous & quirky pieces on their site but I was gob smacked at how wonderfully affordable they were too & you know I love me a good bargain! So of course I couldn't resist hauling a few things...

I'm telling you it was hard limiting myself to just a few bits but I managed to do so & received my order within the same week. It arrived boxed & wrapped up all prettily in tissue paper with each piece in its individual bag & along with my order there was a little free gift included in the form of an extra above knuckle ring which I thought such a lovely touch!

My first pick was this stunning silver plated Blue Acrylic Druzy Stone Ring. My eyes were just drawn to that stunning blue stone, isn't it gorgeous? And its much more vibrant & shimmering in real life with the colors shifting from glue to green & gold. I also love that the ring is adjustable as that's a big problem I have with most rings! And the price? £2.50!

I've been wanting me some above knuckle rings for the longest time & Kukee delivered beautifully with their wide range of different styles which come in silver or gold. I went for a pair of simple silver plated silver rings for just £2.50 & an extra ring was kindly included as a free gift.

The next purchase was definitely a bit quirky like moi & was this gold plated ear cuff with dangling blue stone skulls! (£2.50) Perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea but I love it, right up my street with its weirdness haha! I would have included a whole ear shot but erm...to cut a long story short I have a bit of a broken ear...in that a chunk of my lobe is in fact missing. This was due to a dodgy second piercing & is the source of a lot of humour with my friends & fam...to be honest I actually quite like it, hey its a part of me now & always will be! But I thought I'd do the kind thing & crop the pic! You're welcome & apologies if that was TMI... ;)

My final purchase was this Metallic Spiked Choker (£4.00) which I have been pairing with many outfits of late for that slight Gothic touch. Its so easy to wear with its wraparound velvet choker style band & pretty silver plated spikes which really stand out, definitely a favorite staple piece of mine!

The fact that I managed to stop myself there was a miracle in itself, there are so many temptations on the Kukee website! I definitely recommend checking them out if, like me you love quirky & unique statement jewellery pieces for bargain prices...who doesn't?! I already have my eye on some more above knuckle rings as well as the Regal Statement Necklace...another cheeky haul is on the horizon methinks... ;)

Thanks for reading dolls! Have you hauled any pretty jewellery lately?

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. Love that ring! The shade is gorgeous.


    1. Thank you Saf darlin! It's beautiful right? such a lovely eye catching piece! :) xoxo

  2. Ooh ooh ooh ooh I love the spiky necklace!!!

    I'm on a mission to find one now.

    Sarah xxx

    1. Its one of my favorite pieces sweety, I absolutely love it & can imagine it would look AWESOME on ya! Well ya know they do international shipping too...!?! *cheeky smile* xoxo


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