NOTD - Relight My Fantasy Fire!

Hey there lovelies! Hope you're all enjoying your weekends. Popped along to watch the very eagerly anticipated Iron Man 3 yesterday & to indulge in some cinema grub, both immensely satisfying. I definitely urge you to go watch even if you're not a huge Marvel comics fan, Ben Kingsley is especially brilliant, you won't be disappointed!

On to today's post dolls, rewind to roughly a year ago, do you happen to remember 'THAT' infamous polish released by Maxfactor going by the name of Fantasy Fire? You know...the one that had every beauty/polish obsessed girl go completely bonkers over with its stunning unique quality?Well yours truly was one such blogger who had the same reaction however decided to do things differently & wait a WHOLE YEAR before blogging about it...totally intentional of course. But in a way its better as I can now refresh my memory on just how gorgeous this polish is & fall in love with it all over again :)

Fantasy Fire truly is a little bottle of shimmering specialness, a multichrome shimmer that's beauty is bought out by applying over polish as by its onesie it is incredibly sheer. And the resulting effect differs depending on the shade & angle from which you gaze at it, so I decided to have a play around & do a Fantasy Fire skittles mani over 5 different polishes.

On the thumb I applied it over black, 17 Nightshade & is probably my favourite out of the 5, black always brings out polishes like this to their full potential & boy does it! There is a whole spectrum of shimmers within Fantasy Fire ranging from copper to green to purple & turquoise & its over black where most of them come to life, here you can see the rusty copper come through prettily.

On the index finger I applied Fantasy Fire over Barry M's Indigo which is definitely my second favourite, these two are a perfect match for each other. The stunning Indigo crème brings out the turquoise base of Fantasy Fire beautifully & the coppery bronze shimmer on top is gorg!

On the middle finger I used a classic red Revlon shade Blaze as a base which really makes Fantasy Fire literally look on fire! Another gorgeous combo I love the red & golden multichrome finish, so eye catchingly stunning

The last two polish choices were a tad random. I wanted to see what how it would look over a green so used Models Own Golden Green as a base on the ring finger before going over with the the Fantasy Fire which gives an interesting finish. Here the purple tones come through with that ever gorgeous red bronze shimmer.

Finally on the little finger I used the fab GOSH Holographic which is totally totally transformed after its been Fantasy Fired! It becomes the prettiest lilac purple shimmer, so different!

Out of all 5 its definitely over black that Fantasy Fire is brought to its true stunning potential. Here's another pic where you can really see all the different shimmers!

I absolutely adore this stunning polish! I may have gone a tad overboard & purchased a couple of back ups of this baby...just in case. Maxfactor Fantasy Fire is available to purchase from most Maxfactor counters in Boots, Superdrugs etc. for just £3.99. I've even picked up a few for polish swaps with lovelies from overseas as it sadly isn't available in the US. Always happy to spread the polish love & Fantasy Fire is most definitely worth it! ;)

Thanks as always for reading sweetys! Have you tried Fantasy Fire? 

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. Your pics are lovely but I really didn't see what all the fuss was about with Fantasy Fire. I also swapped with a few US peeps and gave one away in a giveaway as a prize as I know how lusted after it was but I'd much prefer a shimmer/holo topcoat to alter the look of my existing polish than this deep purple. Good to see it used differently though

    1. Hey Anna! I understand what you mean, it may not be everyone's cup of tea. When I first got it I applied it on it's own & was baffled at how sheer it was! But after applying it on top of opaque shades & seeing the results...love! Defo give it another try over different shades. I still haven't tried it over white yet...interested to see how that'll look! ;) xoxo

  2. These look amazing, especially your little finger x

    1. Thank you Chelsey! The holo is totally different after being fantasy fired! :) xoxo


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