NOTD Paint It Blue for Autism Awareness Month - Wired with Glitter!

Ello ello lovely readers!

How have you been? Hope you're having a super weekend whatever you're getting up to :) Just got back in from a lovely day out in London with one of my besties where we pretended to be models for the day (badly!) attending a photo shoot in Shepherds Bush...as you do! But it was a fab experience, everyone was absolutely lovely & put us both very much at ease, plus it twas very nice getting our hur & makeup did ready to pull those pout poses. We managed to get some fun snaps which I might pop on here at some point to share with ya!

In case you weren't aware lovelies, this month is Autism Awareness Month & as part of it, the nail community has come together in its usual fab way & lots of lovely bloggers will be wearing blue nails to help raise awareness for the cause, which I think is such a wonderful thing! So for the next few weeks I'll be rocking as many blue mani's on here as possible, starting off with this one which involves...shock horror...GLITTER!

I am a glitter fiend. I found myself feeling in a matchy matchy mood this week, so I decided to whack on some blue glitter to go with an outfit of a similar shade...which I totally forgot to snap for an OOTD...blogger fail. Oh well, next time. This beautiful blue goodness is a combo of LA Colors Wired & a funky blue glitter polish from Claire's.

To really bring out the blue glitter to full pow wow level it definitely needed an undie so I started off with two coats of the LA Colors Wired. A lot of love for this range of super value for money polishes available in a wide selection of colours!

Once the base was on I then went in with that booootiful blue glitter of which I applied two coats for full on sparkle arkle! Claire's have some super cute polishes, especially their glitter range which includes fab glitterbombs like this gorg Rose Gold-esque one. Love!

To finish I just applied two thick coats of topcoat to smoothen out all that glitter, no gritty gritty! ;) I couldn't help but continue with the blue theme & whack on some accessories in the form of a pretty bead ring & some sparkly ear jewels!

Hope you liked the mani dolls! Thanks as always for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. YES! I demand picture from the photoshoot! I saw the little sneak peaks on your Instagram. You girls looked FIT!

    Ahhhh, glitter and blue! <3 Never tried any poishes from Claire's. Rarely venture into it. The colour looks gorgeous! I WANT!



    1. Hehe! Awww thank you my love! <33333 This mani is totally you Miss Blue! :D In fact I shall dedicate it to you ;) You need some glitterbombs in your life girl, hot foot it down to Claire's & get some! xoxo

  2. P.S - Did not know it was Autism Awareness week. I used to know someone with autism. It's an awful disability!

    1. Yes I know huny :( It may not be much but at least doing something like this can help raise some awareness & spread the word! xoxo


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