NOTD - Purple Power with Models Own Boogie Nights & Zoya Carly!

Bonjour my pretties! How are ya keeping? Moi is currently shrouded in a furry blanket, nursing a bowl of mushroom soup (which I thought I hated but actually find I rather like now, plus it was all we had) with a bottle of Calpol as a little beverage on the side. Yup! Twas with great joy that I woke up this morn with a throat feeling like it'd just swallowed a razor, not that I would KNOW what that would exactly feel like obviously...but you get me ;) Hopefully my fail safe remedy mixture of Calpol & Skittles will work its magic soon...

I'd forgotten for a while how much I adore wearing purple, especially on thy nails, shocking as it is one of my favorite colours! I even have my room decorated with purple & gold walls, my very own little Aladdin's cave which I heart. But thankfully I've reconnected with my love of purple with this fab combo of polishes used in today's mani I have for you beauties, here we have Zoya Carly with Models Own Boogie Nights from the Mirrorball Collection

*sighs* These two polishes were totally made for each other! On their own their just as gorgeous but together it is purple polish glitter sparkle heaven! :D

I started off with 2 coats of Zoya Carly which is just a stunner! A beautiful & rich red toned purple foil which has the prettiest silvery shimmer running through it, I can safely say this bad boy will get a lot of usage. I've only had a limited experience with Zoya polishes, a fact that saddens me greatly as I adore them! If only they were easily available here but Ebay prices are just crazy! Thankfully I grabbed this baby in a blog sale ;) Application was perfect in 2 thin coats

I've already blogged about Models OwnDisco Inferno which I loved so thought it was time to dig out another Mirrorball to play with, this time the fabulously named Boogie Nights of which I applied two coats on top of the Zoya

And it didn't disappoint! Boogie Nights is another party in a bottle with a stunning mixture of glitters to be found starting off with the small purple glitter, a few fuschia & blue hexagonal glitters thrown in to the mix, as well as those schmexy lilac holo glitter shards...pretty much a seizure inducing glitter polish right there & I dig it!

Finishing it all off with a nice thick coat of topcoat to smoothen out those glitters & add a bit o' extra shiny shine et fini! Thanks as always for reading dolls! Are you a fan of the purples too comme moi? (not doing too badly with this whole learning french biz eh?)

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. Groovy, gorgeous discoey gorgeousness!

    I need your help, my love.

    I've always had beautiful lovely long nails and in the last few months they have been soft and weak and pathetic. I have never used any kind of 'strengthening' product... do you have one that you recommend to help me get my nails back into good shape?

    Sarah xxx

    1. Helloooo my lovely lady! :) Oh no how annoying for you! I go through phases as well where my nails are just so weak! This can be due to many things, stress, weather etc. I'll email ya huny but a quick tip I always swear by is moisturizing! There's so many fab oils & creams out there to pamper those hands & nails :) xoxo


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