Holiday Haulin! New Shoes, Polishes & Urban Decay...

Ola my beauts!

Whilst on holiday in Portugal some cheeky hauling was inevitably done & I managed to pick up some pretty bits & bobs including what could be my new official FAVOURITE pair of shoes as well as some purdy polishes of course, which is what I have to share with you today :)

Oh yup! Finally after much lusting after & wish-listing I finally have me an Urban Decay Palette! Huzzah! The UD Naked 2 palette caught my eye in the in-flight magazine en route to Portugal but I held back telling myself to have a ponder over purchasing...but there it still was on the return flight...calling to me...so I answered & caved big time but so glad I did & cannot wait to start using this lovely palette!
Being the big tea drinker I am I also picked up this beautiful terracotta flower teacup & saucer simply because its just so pretty & tea always tastes so much better when drunk from a pretty cup ;) Now...the polishes...

Whenever visiting another country I love hunting out pharmacies/stores & browsing through foreign brands that aren't available here & Portugal didn't disappoint! Not only did I find a Sephora which resulted in me squealing at such a high pitch I'm surprised all the glass within a mile radius didn't crack, but I also found me some Essence & Catrice in the local pharmacies.

In case you're wondering about the odd look of the Essence & Catrice polishes, unfortunately disaster struck & in all my excitement, I dropped my bag & one of the Catrice polishes, a beautiful bright blue cracked, thus spilling blue everywhere including my hands! And if you've ever had the pleasure of dealing with a polish spill you'll know what an absolute ARSE it is! But instead of crying over spilt polish, though my heart may have broke a tad at the lost Catrice (RIP), I picked up a bottle of polish remover, getting very odd looks at my currently smurf like hands & proceeded to clear up the mess. Disaster averted. Thank god it wasn't a red polish...that really would have freaked out the locals... O_o

Looking at my polish purchases it seems my choices veered towards a certain theme of blue & metallics, not sure why that is! The two Essences I picked up were 125 Absolutely Blue, a yummy baby blue crème & 122 Chic Reloaded which is a gorgeous looking dark grey duochrome metallic.

I limited myself to just two polishes from Sephora, 69 Midnight Crawl, a beautiful metallic with lilac, silver & green elements & 70 It's Time To Rock, an awesome looking blue-grey sparkle.

Last we have the surviving Catrice polish in Karl Says Tres Chic which is a matte nude pink & two random supermarket polishes, a pretty deep dark blue by Douglas Cosmetics & MYLABEL which is a stunning mixture of teal, blue & purple that I cannot wait to try!
Finally, I left my favourite purchase of the holiday till last...my new shoes!

I am seriously in complete & utter love with these little beauties, so much so that I actually haven't worn them yet, content to just simply gaze at their loveliness. How awesome is the print on them? Vintage Vogue magazine covers...dies.

I found these fab pumps in a random boutique & clutched them like the mad gal I am all the way to the till. Cannot wait to pair these with many an outfit, which I'm sure I WILL at some point...after a bit more gazing is done.

And that's my holiday haul! Thanks for reading as always lovelies! 

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. Gorgeous UD palette! Can't wait to see face-of-the-day looks you'll make with it! X


    1. I'm in love with it! The shades are so pretty :) aww thank you sweet! xoxo

  2. GRAT POST:) I like your blog Its cute.

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    have a great week dear

    LOVE Maria from inredningsvis.se


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