Valentines Manicure - Pink Hearts on Elizabeth Street!

Ello ello lovely readers & a Happy Thursday aka Valentines Day to you all! Whether you're single or attached hope you've had a good day! I don't know about you but V-Day to me means one crucial & extremely important thing that cannot be forgotten...discounted chocolates the next day *fist pump*

So of course I couldn't let this day pass without doing a suitably inspired manicure so that's what I've got to share with you beauties today! Hope you like!

After pondering on what to do I ended up going for some pretty pinkness & hearts perfick for Valentines! Can't go wrong with a bit o' girly pink & glitter really can you? ;)

For my Valentines Day inspired nails I started with two coats of Nails Inc Elizabeth Street, a truly yummy baby pink crème that dries to a gorgeous glossy finish. It is just divine & was one of the magazine freebies from a while back. Lovely formula & smooth application I do heart it so!

This mani was done pretty last minute so I wanted something quick & easy & not really being in the mood for nail art I decided to reach for this super cute glitter topcoat from Jordana called Pink Hearts which was given to me by my awesome fairy blogmother Annabella, thank you lovely! *huuugs*

Seriously how cute is it!? Pink Hearts is filled with lots of teeny tiny holographic glitter that shimmers oh so prettily & tiny little pink heart shaped glitters suspended in a clear base. I DID have to fish around for those little pink hearts & managed to get about two on to each nail with two coats of the glitter but it was so worth it, I love this topcoat! :D

And that was it! Hope you liked the Valentines Day manicure my pretties! If ya follow me on Instagram (aysh_xox) you'll know I even found me some conveniently matching sweet food stuffs to match them! Haha! *high five!*;)

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. The love hearts are bigger than I thought they would be. Going to give mine a go this weekend. :D

  2. They are soooo pretty Mrs A thank you so much for bringing it into my life ;) definitely dig that beauty out! Love you! Xoxo

  3. So beautiful!!!! I can't get enough it's so pretty! X


  4. In love with this mani, I NEED that heart nail polish!

    1. Thank you so much lovely! And yes you so do! Hehe! The teeny little hearts amongst the glitter are so pretty :) xoxo


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