NOTD - Nails Inc The Backstage Collection!

Hello lovely readers & Happy weekend to you all!

I found myself popping in to Fenwicks beauty hall recently with the sole intention of reaching another destination entirely, but to get there quicker I had to cut through this place of oh so many beauty temptations...of course I didn't make it halfway before my eyes were drawn to something...in this case it was this delightful little offering from Nails Inc that caught my eye & begged my attention...The Backstage Collection set consisting of 3 beautiful looking polishes!

The fact that there was a big, huge, hard to miss, ON SALE sign on it may factor slightly as to why it is now happily in my possession ;) At a super £11 for the set it would have just been wrong for me not to get it right? And I just loved the selection of polishes within the set, whenever I've previously seen sets like this there's always been ONE colour I wasn't keen on but thankfully that wasn't the case with this! It was clearly MEANT to be ;)

The Backstage Collection includes 3 very different polishes, Stratford (metallic), Porchester Square (nude) & Abbey Road (a holo) which I couldn't wait to try individually...so whacked them all together in one mani! What do you think? Despite how different each polish is, I think they work together really well!

On the thumb, middle & pinky finger I applied 2 coats of Porchester Square which is a lovely pinky lilac toned greige polish. I really cannot get enough of these type of shades, ever so slightly different than a standard nude shade but still sophisticated looking.

On my index & ring fingers I applied two coats of Stratford which really is a stunningly unique metallic, champagne based with the most gorgeous pink, purple, yellow & green multi chrome shifts in different lighting giving it a rose gold look...love!

Finally I decided to do a bit of quick nail art using the pretty silver holo in the set, Abbey Road. On the thumb I went for quarter moon tips whilst going for chevrons on the middle finger. I only needed one coat to get sufficient holographic sparkling goodness & drying time was super speedy. Abbey Road dries to a matte finish so I topped it all off with a coat of topcoat :)

Application of all the polishes was lovely, as is the case with all Nails Inc polishes I've used in the past, the metallic Stratford being slightly more watery in consistency than the others but no biggie at all & I absolutely love these shades! I definitely look forward to rocking them again individually :)

Thanks for reading dolls! Have you tried these shades? Which ones your favourite?

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. Ooh - mirror metallic - I LOVE it! Sarah xxx

    1. Thank you darling! Its puuuuuurdy right? :) xoxo


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