NOTD - Red Sparkle with PIXI Number 20...

Ello ello loves! Hows your week going? Just got in from my first stint at the gym...& I'm still standing yo! *high five!* It was definitely interesting for sure, I mean think I was the only one there munching on a cheeseburger whilst on the treadmill...is that not normal gym protocol then? O_o But in my defense it was the quickest thing I could grab before heading there! My gym buddy definitely found it kinda amusing anyhoos ;) *note to self – pack cereal bars*

Throwing some sparkle action your way today dolls! I love my sparkle in case ya didn't know...I also love red...combine the two & I'm in polish heaven! There's just something super special about red glitter polish, I just loooooove it & unleashing my inner Dorothy, not just at Xmas either ;) Today's sparkly red beauty is from PIXI & sadly has no name *le sigh* the brand preferring to go down the number route, this little un being Number 20...

*droooooools* Now that's what I call me a pretty red sparkle! PIXI Number 20 is a super gorgeous dense red glitter suspended in a pinkish red jelly base. I was pleasantly surprised at how beautifully deep & opaque it was after two coats, so vampy!

Application was a doddle & it dried super quickly, though due to the glitter it does feel slightly gritty to the touch. So I applied two coats of topcoat on top for a nice smooth, glossy finish. :) This little pretty can definitely be added to the 'favorite red glitters' list...oh yup, there's a list... ;)

PIXI polish's retail for £8.00 and are available online & in stores. Thanks for reading sweetpeas! Have you tried PIXI nail polishes?

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. You have the most amazing NOTD's on your blog!
    I love seeing them pop up on my dashboard! :)

  2. Aww thank you so much for your lovely comment sweety! Totally made my day seeing this :) So happy you like! xoxo

  3. This actually looks pretty christmas-y, maybe even valentines-y (is that even a word?)?

    Love how you do your nails, mine literally looks splodged on by a 5 year old, what a tramp :( xo

    1. OMG, yesh! This is TOTALLY Valentines-y too! (absolutely a word) Loooooooool! Thank you my lima bean & as if! Your NOTDS rock, especially with all your fine bling! xoxo


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