NOTD - Breakfast At Tiffany's...

Hey there lovely readers! How are you all? Hope you're all having a tip top week so far? So word on the street is that we are in for another hit of snow this week, oh joy! I mean don't get me wrong, a bit of snow is always rather merry, but only if it falls such that we have no choice but to stay at home from work & hibernate. I mean if I went in to work & THEN the pretty snowfall started thus creating the threatening chance of being snowed IN...at work...well then I may just cry ;)

I have many random moments where I stumble across a design or colour that I simply fall in love with & immediately think...I need to get that on my nails! Such is the case with today's mani :D Like probably every single girl in the entire world...I adore that magical store that goes by the name of Tiffany & Co. We've all seen the movie right? ;) Sadly I don't (yet) own an item of jewellery from this pretty place...moment of silence please whilst we digest this tragic fact...one day though. ;) Of course one of the things Tiffany's is known for, other than its divine bling, is their gorgeous trademark packaging of pastel blue & white, such a pretty combination & which finally brings me on to today's NOTD, Tiffany's inspired nails...

What do you think? This was a bit of a rush job, so please excuse the white splodge on ring finger there, which I only noticed after & was too busy i.e. lazy to rectify but I was just so eager to get it on my nails I guess! Haha!

For the minty blue base I used this absolutely fab polish, Wet N Wilds Megalast Salon Nail Colour in I Need A Refresh-Mint. I was fortunate enough to receive this in a US polish swap & I'm so glad as I bloomin LOVE IT! Not only is it the perfect shade of blue for my Tiffany's nails, making it a pretty ace dupe of China Glaze For Audrey, but application was absolutely brilliant, coming out opaque in just one coat. And the brush is fab, wide & dense & almost covers the entire nail in just one stroke! LOVE.

After the base had dried which didn't take long at all, I went in with the Models Own Nail Art Pen in White to create the bows on my thumb & ring fingers, starting of with a straightforward cross, then adding the loops & ribbon.
I still wanted to bling it up a tad more, I mean it IS Tiffany's, so finished by placing some pretty nail art stickers on the rest of the nails before sealing it all with topcoat. Done!


Hope you liked the Tiffany's inspired nails dolls! Thanks always for reading! Have you been inspired by a particular design lately?

Lotsa love to ya! 


I'd love to hear your comments & thoughts lovely people! They make me happy! :) Do check back as I will always do my best to reply back to you :) xoxo