FOTD & Review with No7's BB Cream :)

Hey there lovelies! Happy weekend & more importantly...helloooo pay day! *happy dance* :D However, I can't say I care much for my chosen way of celebrating such an occasion, even though I may have popped to Westfields today for a spot of shopping & eating therapy (went quite successfully, might do a haul post!), I have also decided to do that dreaded thing I said I would NEVER do...join a gym. Yup, my matey & I now are proud owners of a 12 month membership...bwaha...ha...sobs. But its actually not about losing weight & more just getting in to shape! I mean asking me to give up my sweet food stuffs & treats is like asking me to give up...nail polish! Never going to happen. I'm a strong believer that you should never deny yourself, just everything in moderation ;) But lets just say I've gotten pretty tired of feeling the need to pass out & have CPR performed on me after just a simple walk in to town, which has been the case of late! So operation get fit is officially in effect...

Moving on dolls, when the whole BB Cream craze finally happened over here in the UK after their huge popularity in Asia I definitely found myself jumping on to that bandwagon. A BB Cream, in case you're not sure stands for Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm & is a fab cosmetic product which does the job of serum, primer, moisturiser, foundation & skin protector all in one, giving a nice natural finish & healthy glow, just my kind of product ;)

There are now many BB Creams available on the market with a lot of cosmetics companies wanting a piece of the action, the first BB Cream I tried being the Garnier one, which I absolutely loved. I was eager to try another so decided to pick up No7's BB Cream offering...

They have a few in their range, catering for different skin types, I decided to go for the one suited for Dry/Very Skin as especially after these frosty cold winter months my skin definitely craves moisture!


One of the definite plus points of the BB Cream is the added protective power of SPF15 & 5* UVA technology, got to look out & protect that skin!


The No7 BB Cream gives Light to Medium coverage which is perfect for me, when doing my everyday make up for work I like to go for something that's light & quick to apply without feeling like its caked on! The texture appears quite thick yet it blends into the skin beautifully, which I do simply using my fingers, sometimes buffing in with a kabuki brush. 

Here's a quick FOTD I did using the No7 BB cream, a brush of bronzer on the cheeks & bronze eyes using the lovely Metallic Nudes 17 Palette & Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Eyeliner.


I like to alternate between this & my Benefit You Rebel Tinted Moisturiser, another favourite of mine. I do love the finish of the No7 BB Cream, & apply it in the morning, finding it lasts well throughout the whole day, giving my skin just that right amount of light coverage that I like. The fact that I only need to do the one step & not fret about primers & such is definitely appealing too, however I do like to still apply a small amount of moisturiser as my skin does get quite dry.

So I guess you can say I'm definitely a member of the BB gang! No7's BB Cream is available online & in Boots for £12.95. Once this finishes I'm eager to try another, would love any recommendations dolls! Thanks for reading!

Lotsa love to ya! 


  1. It's good to watch out for any dry patches BB creams can create, so keep using the moisturizer! ;) Looking beautiful as always! X


    1. Awww totally, especially in this weather, that's one step I never miss in my routine :) thank you so much lovely lady! Xoxo


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