Care Package Love from Christine & Chelle!

Greetings dolls! Can you believe we've reached the end of January already?! Where did the month go? Next thing we'll know Christmas will be just around the corner again ;)

Speaking of Xmas I was a bit of a spoilt little blogger of late after receiving the sweetest care packages from my gorgeous blogger friends Christine & Chelle. I seriously heart my blogger beauts so much & I feel very fortunate to know such fab ladies!

The lovely Christine who blogs over at Makeup, Beauty and Fashion kindly sent me these fabulous goodies which I cannot wait to try!

Included in her package were a cute leopard print Revlon makeup bag, some gorgeous looking polishes & duo lip glosses, Korres Japanese Rose bath products & Body butter which look LUSH, a cute vanilla lip gloss, a lovely nude NYX lippie in Summer Love & an EOS lip balm which I have heard SO many fab things about & have wanted to try for ages! Thank you so much Christine! *huuuugs*

Next my wonderful & mighty cheeky friend Chelle sent me not one but two packages! Such a total sweetheart, you do spoil me so! ;) Not only do Chelle & I share a passion for pretty nail polish but we also like our sweet foodstuffs...A LOT... ;D

Before I get on to the makeup...oh god all that sweet goodness! In her first super generous package, Chelle threw in some Aussie Wagon Wheels (nom!), a HUGE Dairy Milk bar bigger than the size of my head which actually has...wait for it...jelly beans AND popping candy in it *dies* and also...TIM TAMS! Seriously, have you ever tried these beauties? They are so nomnom good & my new addiction for which I blame Chelle entirely ;p

Some beautiful makeup goodies in the form of Carmex Moisture Plus which I love, a pretty looking Illuminator by Face Of Australia which kinda brings a similar looking NARS product to mind? And two stunning Essence glitters in Galactic Black & Time For Romance, they look GORG!

In the second package Chelle sent me...more TIM TAMS! Haha! I think I may have a problem...

Included with the chocolatey goodness, some lovely looking Bloom makeup, an Aussie brand I've never tried so looking forward to that! Chelle also kindly included some of the fabulous PawPaw ointment, such great stuff, it can be used on the hands, nails, lips etc. one of those great multi purpose products, LOVE!

And as if that wasn't enough already, my lovely friend threw in some nails decals & this absolute STUNNER of a glitter topcoat by Australis. It is actually AMAZING, I Instagram-ed a pic of it on the other day (yup! I joined the IPhone crew recently! aysh_xox) & the sparkle is just incredible! Definite blog post coming soon...

Thank you so so much Christine & Chelle! Muchos big squishes to both you lovelies for your kindness & making my day with your wonderfully generous care packages!

Thanks as always for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. All them are looking super gawjuss <3 Cant wait for their reviews now ^_^


    1. Thanks hun, ooooh will definitely get on to having a play around with all the lovely goodies :) xoxo

  2. Ah, lovely items! You lucky lucky girl - wow!
    You have been so spoilt!
    I love Paw Paw, its a great product, though mine is from a different brand.
    Enjoy your goodies, you gorgeous girl xxxx

    1. Thank you Grace! Awww I know right, how amazing are these lovely ladies?! Yay! Paw Paw is amazing right? Chelle introduced me to this fab stuff (as well as the Tim Tams! Lol!) Thanks so much doll! xoxo

  3. Mmm hunny those goodies looks def delish! Have fun with them. btw...
    i did a fun post "Confessions of a Beauty Blogger" & wanted to let you know, that you've been tagged. I hope you do this post too, as it's always fun to loook "behind the curtains" & get to know a beauty blogger a little better.
    This is my post:


    1. Hehe thank you so much huny! Ooooh thanks for letting me know, will definitely have a looky! :D xoxo

  4. WELL JEL at your goodies. Espesh with the fact you received some lovely Korres goodies!


    1. Awww I know hun! Was soooo incredibly generous of Christine to include those, I've never tried them before believe it or not! Korres newbie ;) xoxo

  5. Dam that is one fabulous haulage! Why is it that the entire world can get ahold of Essence and we can't in the UK?????? *angry skin scrubs face*

    1. Aaaaah so true Mrs A! This situation def needs to be rectified asap! xoxo


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