Blogger Meetup Fun Times! :D

Good evening me lovelies! Hope you're all keeping cool...or warm, whatever the weather may be where you are ;)

Now I've always felt that for me, one of the best things about blogging, has to be without a doubt the wonderful blogging community. It really is so amazing to be able interact with fellow makeup/polish/fashion/beauty obsessed lovelies who share the same passions as you! Even better is getting the chance to meet my fellow beauty lovers & just spend the day chatting away about our favorite things in life as well as squeezing in a hefty amount of nomnom eating! Last month (I know, shamefully late with this post!) I had the pleasure of attending 3 wonderful blogging events organized by some fab ladies where we got the opportunity to do just that :D

The first meetup was organized by the lovely Maria aka Miss Drifted Snow White & was held at The FollyBar near Monument station in London, where we spent an absolutely delightful afternoon chatting away about blogging stuff as well as sampling some of the AMAZING grub there, I will definitely be visiting this place again just for the fantastic food! Afterwards we all decided to head on out in to town & visit Harrods which, at that time, had the most beautiful Disney Princess window displays where each Disney princess had a stunning gown designed by famous designers! My fav were definitely Jasmine & Sleeping Beauty ;) All in all an absolutely fab day! :D

                                                                                         JO, ME & JULIE


                                                                            SLEEPING BEAUTY WINDOW DISPLAY

                                                                         PRINCESS JASMINE WINDOW DISPLAY
The next blogger meetup was organized by my beautiful buddies Saf & Julie & was held at the Crown & Sceptre Pub in Kensington Olympia, such a lovely venue with its warm welcoming d├ęcor complete with a burning fireplace! Definitely appreciated by yours truly who was an incubus of viral plague that day, coughing & sneezing away! I'm so glad though that I made it down as we all had the loveliest time, eating, nattering, eating some more whilst also being treated to one on one talks by the ladies from Slendertone, who have just released a new face toning product that looks very intriguing & which we were each lucky enough to take away with us, as well as the loveliest goody bag filled with pretty products to play around with! Thank you sweeties!

                                                                                      GRACE & ME

                                                                                              MOI & SAF
The last blogger event I had the pleasure of attending was the #bbloggersxmasevent organised by fab ladies Victoria & Lola & was held at the Reebok Bar in Canary Wharf. A bunch of us met up beforehand to fill up our bellies at All Bar One before making our way to the venue which itself was lovely & had the most amazing views out on to an outdoor ice rink! Thus proceeded a delightful afternoon of meeting & chatting with fellow bloggers as well as PR's who where representing a few brands & offering hand massages, manicures & hair styling. It was all so relaxed & fun & we were kept sustained throughout the day by yummy cake pop treats & crisps. At the end of the event we were all given an extremely generous goody bag to take away with us filled with some super lovely products which are all screaming to be tried out! Thank you lovelies! :D

                                                      GRACE, ME & AYSHE (AKA TALL AYSHE! HEHE!)

                                                                               GRACE, ME & FEI

I wanted to say a big, huge GINORMOUS thank you to ALL the lovely ladies who organized such fantastic fun blogger events, I can imagine its no easy feat at all with all the work involved but it was definitely appreciated greatly. I had an absolute ball at each one & I really hope to have the pleasure of attending more in the future!

Thanks for reading lovelies! Have you ever been to a bloggers event/meet up? Till next time!

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. One of the best things about blogging is to meet fellow bloggers! Eeeek! Can't wait for our events this year! X

    1. Hehe! Definitely agree with ya 100% there babe! It's the best! :D xoxo

  2. I love meeting other bloggers! I've only ever been to one (the picnic where I met your lovely self!) but I'd love to attend more in 2013 - they're so much fun! x x

    1. Aww yes i remember! That day was so lovely, we all had such a fab time :) lets hope there will be another one this year & we'll get to meet again! :D xoxo

  3. Are you kidding me - why wasn't I invited?? HA! This looks so much fun - and you're so teensy! Your dessert looks incredible too. I hope I get to meet some other local bloggers this year - it looks like so much fun!

    Sarah xxx

    1. Aaaah Sarah my love, you need to get your gorgeous behind over here & we'll have ourselves many bloomin awesome meet ups with an abundance if sweet food stuffs! We neeeed to make this happen! xoxo

  4. PS Could you be any more beautiful???

    1. Awww Sarah! *blushes* look who's talking you complete goddess :D *huuuuugs* xoxo


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