Sparkly Xmas Day Nails with Colour Club Vixen Glitter Collection!

Greetings my lovely readers! Hope you all had an absolutely wonderful Xmas with your loved ones involving lots of eating, drinking, being merry & that Santa brought you all that you wished for! Today I did plan on at some point casually visiting town at a leisurely pace & braving humanity by hitting a shop or two but am so glad I didn’t now. Not only do I just not DO WELL in crowds, especially crazy, bargain shopping obsessed ones, but instead I used the time much more valuably by eating, napping, drinking endless cups of tea, napping, watching films & napping, whilst squeezing in a spot of online shopping too where some fantabulous bargains were grabbed…a much better outcome I think ;)  

I wanted to share with you lovelies the mani I decided to go for Xmas day this year involving lots of my favourite thing…glitter & sparkle! It was the perfect opportunity to try out the new Colour Club Vixen collection polishes that I picked up from TK Maxx & consists of 7 lovely glitter based shades, Silver, Gold, Red, Blue, Green, Lilac Purple & a pretty multi coloured silvery holographic glitter.

I couldn't decide on a single one so just whacked as many as I could for a sparkly glitter skittles mani! As usual with a lot of glitter polishes, the best way to bring out the full sparkly goodness is to apply it on top of a base colour, here I applied each colour on top of Barry M Black.

On the thumb I went for two coats of the gold glitter…

For the index finger I used two coats of the red…

Two coats of the green glitter on the middle finger…

My favourite one of them all, I used the funky holographic glitter on my ring finger. So sparkly & dazzling, I love it!  

Finally on the pinkie I went for the blue…

At this point I ran out of fingers so haven’t had a chance to try the Silver or the Lilac purple yet, but judging by these I expect them to be just as fab! Really impressed with how densely packed the glitters are, each nail was just two coats & quick drying. They weren’t too rough to the touch but I still went for a coupla coats of topcoat to smooth them out. Oh & FYI...even though I was wearing all this glitter yesterday, I've already taken it of my fingers & the best part is that it took me just about a minute! If ya want to know how then keep an eye out for that upcoming post! ;D

Thanks for reading lovelies! Have you tried Colour Club polishes? What were you rocking on your nails Xmas day?

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. Super pretty and good that it wasnt too hard to take off, thats the worst thing when it comes to nail glitter polishes! Why is glitter polish like that? Nightmare!!!

    1. I knooooooow! Tis sods law & a price to pay for such prettyness I guess! Lol! But been using a new technique for easy peasy removal that's fab! Upcoming post ;) xoxo

  2. Yay! I love the super duper glitteriness!! Sarah xxx

    1. Wooo high five my fellow glitter babe! ;D xoxo


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