Vivo Unprotected Palette, Swatches & FOTD!

Happy Friday my lovelies! Can you believe its November already?! This year has literally flown by! And we’re now starting to see the signs of the festive season approaching (red Starbucks cups!) though let’s face it, the signs DID start popping up at around September time. Seems to start earlier every year, soon we’ll be seeing Xmas decorations in shops around June time I think… ;)

Today I have a lovely little palette to share with you that has lately become my go to palette for both everyday & evening looks. I’m sure you’re all aware of the infamous Undressed palette that was released by MUA not long ago that had all beauty addicts a flutter with its supposed likeness to the Urban Decay Naked Palette? After seeing swatches galore it did seem like a fab dupe so of course I went hunting for it like a madwoman only to constantly find it sold out! I guess it’s not surprising really. Just as I was beginning to despair & think I would never get my hands on it, whilst in Tesco’s this little pretty caught my eye… the Vivo Cosmetics Unprotected Colour Block Eye Palette, with its lovely selection of shades that seemed VERY similar to the Undressed palette. And with its introductory price of just £3…well I couldn’t not pick it up could I? 

The Unprotected Colour Block Palette consists of a really nice mix of 12 neutral shades, that can be used to create a multitude of looks & includes both matte & shimmer shadows which I love! Plus they all have names! Its little things like that which make me happy, I’m just weird like that ;)

                                                             L-R: - Escape, Forever, Flutter & Today

                                                                 L-R:- Wisp, Flow, Adore & Relax

                                                                  L-R:- Engage, Devine, Free & Awaken

Very impressed with the quality of the shadows, they are all nicely pigmented & apply well. I’m sure that they'd work well applied wet as well to bring out more colour & definition & I’m absolutely in love with the shades in this palette; there are subtle nudes, frosty rose shimmers, bronzes as well as darker colours for smokey eyes.  For £3.99 which is the retail price I’d say that pretty darn fab!

Here’s a little FOTD I did using mostly the top & bottom rows of the palette, smoking out & adding definition to the corners with the darker shades Free & Devine.

Also the bronzer I’m wearing is the Vivo Baked Bronzer in Sun Kissed I blogged about a while back, another favourite of mine at the moment :D

So now I have this I’m not sure I have the need for the MUA Undressed one now, I mean I already own the Heaven & Earth palette which is another lovely nude palette…but then again if I DO by some chance happen to stumble across it on my makeup shopping travels…it may still fall in to the basket. Haha what can I say? I likes my makeup ;)

Vivo cosmetics are available to purchase from Tesco’s & online

Thanks as always for reading dolls! Till next time!

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. It's gorgeous! I was just putting my xmas wish list together today and number three on the list is a fab eye shadow palette! You look gorgeous, as always, superstar! Sarah xxx

    1. Aww thank you my darling Sarah! Oooh Xmas wishlist, exciting! It really is a lovely palette hun, cheap as chips too! xoxo

  2. I like how your eyes look on these one. But i think the eye liner does the trick.

    1. Thank you huny, I can't go without eye liner! Its my HG makeup product, it definitely completes a makeup look :) xoxo


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