Halloween Nails Part 3 - Vampire Nails with Lynnderella Very Pretty Vampire!

Evening sweetpeas! How are you all today? Had me the day off, keeping that weekend feeling going just a tad longer ;) Was actually a very productive one & saw me tackling the frightening pile of random crap that I seem to have accumulated in my room…& man…there was A LOT of random junk. Definitely felt very good afterwards, with two lovely big bags to recycle, plus found some old hauls that I’d done & conveniently forgotten about! Anyone else do that? Next stage…tackling the wardrobe…I’m breaking in to a sweat just thinking about it… O_o

Now Halloween is only round the corner, which still leaves time to squeeze in another Halloween-esque mani! I’ve definitely gotten into the spirit with two Halloween mani’s already, some spooky Jack O’ Lanterns & DrippingBlood Tips as well as an Eyeball & Screaming Ghoul Mask mani. This time I REALLY wanted to dig out a certain polish that I thought was perfectly fitting for Halloween & which I’ve been absolutely itching to try. It’s the divine looking Very Pretty Vampire by Lynderella…my first Lyn polish! Which was given to me by my sweetheart Chelle for my birthday, thank you so much hun!

Grrrr! Vampire Nails with a bite! Haha! I decided to do a bit of accent finger action with some snappy vampire fangs that I saw on the lovely Christine’s blog in her fab tutorial & totally loved so had to try! :D 

Very Pretty Vampire is a scrumptious deep red burgundy based polish filled with different sized black & red glitters as well as few burgundy hexagons & large red squares thrown in there too, such a lovely vampy polish! 

I wanted to bring out the vampy goodness of Very Pretty Vampire as much as possible so decided to use a coat of No7’s Damson Dream first, a rich deep wine burgundy shade. On to this I applied two lovely coats of Very Pretty Vampire. As the glitter is quite chunky, it does leave a bumpy finish, but this was sorted out nicely with two coats of top coat.

For the accent nail I used 2 coats of 2TrueCosmetics nail polish is shade 41 (no names! :/) a really pretty satin-y red. Once that had dried I drew on the mouth outline with my Models Own Nail Art Pen in Black which I filled in with some Barry M Black, then once that had dried drew in some (very wonky) fang teeth a’ la a vampire with a severe dental problem.

Hope you liked the mani me darlings! Thanks for reading as always. Have you lovelies done any Halloween inspired mani’s this year? Let me know!

Lotsa love to ya! 


  1. Please tell me you wore these nails to work!

    1. Why I absolutely DID Mrs A! Hehe! :D xoxo

  2. Arghhhhhh vampire fangs!! Such a fab idea my lovely! And it pairs perfectly with the Lynn. Which I might add is a bloody gorgeous glitter on you eeeeeeeeeek!


    1. Haha thanks babe! Was a bit freaky looking but I guess that;s the point! And I am looooooooving the Lynn, thank you again my sweet! mwah! xoxo


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