Halloween Nails Part 2 - Screaming Ghouls & Creepy Eyeballs!

Hey there you lovely lot! 

Happy Friday to you & a very happy Eid to everyone who has been celebrating today. I myself celebrated in true style by going to work & then indulging in a KFC lunch…exciting non? ;) But the end has fared much better I’m happy to report with some good family & eating time with the big bro & sister in law who have come down to visit which has been lovely :D

Before continuing on with all the eating & family-ing, I wanted to take a little reprieve & share todays manicure with you. I really enjoyed creating my last Halloween manicure & it seems I’ve caught the Halloween bug as I wanted get some more frightfulness on my nails! There were two designs I really wanted to try out, Screaming Gouls (akin to that hell-a-creepy, nightmare inducing mask from the Scream movie) & Creepy Bloodshot Eyeballs after seeing Fee’s awesome Eyeball mani!

Boo! What do you think? A lady in the queue at KFC grabbed my hand & thankfully immediately explained it was because of the mani, relieving me from all initial thoughts of being mugged & attacked. Plus a little girl burst in to a fit of screaming (& I assume happy) giggles at the sight of them…but whether that was because she liked them or was laughing AT them in pity at my pretty shameful attempt…I  guess we’ll never know…

One thing  I REALLY need to do is invest in a decent white  polish as the one I own by No7 really isn’t that great, so watery in consistency I had to apply 3 coats to get opaqueness! But I’m always side tracked when shopping for nail polish by all the other pretty colours & glitters that remembering to buy a simple white just goes out the window! O_o

For my Screaming Gouls I applied 3 coats of No7 Snowflake then just used my Model Own Nail art Pen in Black to create a very spazzed looking scream mask…but personally I think the retarded-ness of the face just adds character don’t you?? ;)

For the Creepy Eyeballs I used 3 coats of No7Snowflake as a base, then applied a dot of LA Colors  Wired (blue) circling out with a bobby pin. When dry I just added a large dot of black onto the blue, then a smaller white dot on top with the Models Own Nail Art pens. To finish the Creepy Eyeballs I need me some bloodshot veins, so went in with a nail art brush dipped in Collection Big Hair (red) & drew on the veins all higgledy-piggledy around the edge. 

Thanks for reading lovelies, hope you liked my second Halloween mani! Have you got any ghoulish goings on planned this year?

Lotsa love to ya! 


  1. These are amazing Honey! <3 x

    1. Awww thanks sweety! Hope you're well! <3 xoxo

  2. EEE scream nails - somehow they are cute and scary at the same time????!!!

    1. Haha! Thanks Mrs A! I think its my nail art skills that make them so scary ;) bwaha! xoxo


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