Hey there my lovelies! You all having a good week? 
The work waters have actually been pretty calm this week for a change, unless, speaking of waters, you count one of the customer’s casually informing moi that HER waters had just broken… O_o Thankfully though we have a Dr’s surgery right next to us so was able to pass the patient on with, I’m not gonna lie, a huge wave of relief on my part. For a minute I thought I would have to rush out back to whack the kettle on, grab towels & start initiating deep breathing exercises. Phew!

Anyhoos moving on, recently on one of my mad dash’s through Tesco’s to grab lunch, because as usual I was too much of a lazy bum to prepare anything, my makeup radar suddenly picked up a source & started going all ape on me. Hmmm, I of course needed to investigate you understand. So after performing an about turn I headed towards the BRAND NEW makeup stand that I could see was being put up in store.  Getting closer I squealed in delight at the sight of Maybelline, Rimmel, Maxfactor & many more well-known high street makeup brands that are now available in store!  :D

But the stand that caught my eye was VIVO Cosmetics, the makeup brand that is exclusive to Tesco’s & is not just fab value but I’ve heard great things too. Upon seeing I was actually reminded of a few Vivo goodies that I already own thanks to a blogger event a while back & which I hadn’t even tried out yet! So after making a cheeky purchase (which I’ll show you in another post) the moment I got home I dug out the few things from VIVO that I have & had a little play around & swatch-y sesh!


First up is the eyeliner in Black which from the swatch comes out pretty pigmented! It also has a nifty little sponge at the end of the pencil which you can use to smudge or smoke out the liner to create a number of different looks. Of course as with ALL eye liners it must be put through the WATERLINE test & I was actually quite impressed. Whilst it didn’t last ALL day, it still applies very pigmented & has better longevity than other more expensive brands I’ve tried in the past & the fact that this liner costs a grand total of £1.50 makes it a definite winner for me!

The other products I was fortunate enough to receive were two single Pearl Eye shadows in Shades 4 Rich Chocolate & 9 Goddess plus an absolutely divine looking baked bronzer in Sun Kissed.


      L-R - Pearl Eye Shadows in Rich Chocolate &  Goddess & Baked Bronze in Sun Kissed

The pearl eye shadows are…gorguz! Seriously, so buttery soft to the touch & beautifully pigmented & I adore these two. Rich chocolate is a matte brown which would make a fab crease colour or I can imagine a subtle smokey eye & Goddess is the most stunning burnt golden shade that is just so pretty. I don’t normally go for single eye shadows but I really do like these & at £1.50 each I’m very tempted to get more!


                                                 L-R - Rich Chocolate, Goddess & Sun Kissed
The marbled baked bronzer is muchos pretty to look at, Sun Kissed is a lovely shade & looks just as pretty on the cheekbones. I used it the other day in an FOTD which I’ll share another day & I just loved the subtle bronzed glow it gives to the face without making you look like you’ve been tangoed. It applies beautifully & £5 for such a large size is an absolute steal. I think I definitely need more baked bronzers/blushers in my collection. I have my eye on the Baked blush’s now…they look divine!


I haven't tried the mascara yet but my first experience with VIVO is most definitely a good un I’ll say ; ) I found the quality of the products to be really impressive especially considering the price. So next time you’re in Tesco’s doing the weekly shop, have a little browsy, they’re definitely worth checking out. VIVO is also available online

Have you tried any VIVO cosmetics? If so what’s your favorite? Thanks for reading!

Lotsa love to ya! 


  1. Ive also never used vivo cosmetics before but the gold eyeshadow looks so pretty! :) x

    1. Its even prettier in real life Shifa, so soft & sparkly. Deff have a looky! :D xoxo

  2. OH YUM! That gold eyeshadow looks sublime - I NEED IT!!! Sarah xxx

    1. YUM exactly Miss Sarah! And yes you dooooooo! Can imagine it looking lovely on you :) xox

  3. The eyeliner is my favourite eye pencil EVER (I only put it on my top lid!) I included it in my top 5 basic products, I like it that much! And so cheap!

    1. Its fab right?! Especially for the awesome price :) Plus it comes in some lovely colors including a GORG peacock green! Must. Have ;) xoxo

  4. I own the Baked Bronzer in Healthy Glow. It's honestly one of my favourite makeup products. I use it everyday x

    1. Its gorguz isn't it? Creates such a pretty glow to the skin! I really want to try their baked blushers too! xoxo


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