NOTD - Concrete Crackle!

Gooood evening me pretty cupcakes! Oh blimey, what I actually wouldn’t give for a cupcake right now…There should honestly be such a thing as a cupcake delivery service, wouldn’t that just make the world a much better & happier place? Perhaps one could put forward this venture on Dragons Den or something? And whilst at it bring up my, what I believe to be, most AWESOME idea of a makeup brush cleaning service. Lord sugar knows I would totally use that! *looks over & hangs head in shame at current state of makeup brushes*  O_o

Anyhoos, talk about digressing there.  Another day, another mani to share with you beauts! As much as I love my brights, my glitters, my duochromes, my metallic’s & so on (I think we all know the list is endless!)  I also find myself having a soft spot for greys. Odd, I didn’t think I would to be honest, but there’s something about a nice grey polish that just seems the way to go sometimes! :D Grey polish’s can look sleek & elegant, however you can jazz em up too like I’ve done here with mine!

The grey I went for here is an old Revlon polish in 455 Thunder, which is a gorguz gunmetal grey, with subtle purple tones running through it. Really wished I’d snapped it alone before I went all gaga on it *slaps forehead* Oh well, next time.

 Like I said, I wanted to add a bit more funk to the mani, so dug out Models Own Smash Up crackle polish in Silver, of which I applied one thin coat of on top to create the almost concrete like effect on the grey. I then wanted me some sparkle so reached for good ol’ Barry M’s Hex Hologram polish which is a perfect glitter topcoat, filled as it is with stunning holographic hexagonal glitters in a clear base.  

What do ya think? A bit of an odd mani for sure, but it kinda grew on me & I really liked the sparkly concrete like finish! Kept on getting the urge to scream out “hulk smash!” every now & again randomly though...hmm.

Thanks as always for stopping by lovelies! I’m off to hunt me down a cupcake, till next time!

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. how did i know about this polish from barry m. i need this stuff in my life. superb combination
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

    1. Haha! Yes you do huny! Its one of my fav glitter topcoats, the hexagon glitters really stand out & sparkle beautifully :D Thank you so much liloo! xoxo

  2. I love it! It's like Disco Subtle! Sarah xxx

    1. Oh my gosh, I have NO idea what that is but whatever it is sounds AWESOME! ;) Thanks doll! xoxo


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