NOTD - Yin-Yang Nails!

Peace my darling pumpkins, hope your all having a tip top Sunday? Oooh check me out with blogging two days in a row this weekend, must be a new record for me! Haha! But I can’t deny it is so nice to finally get some time to do so. As usual, life & work has a habit of going a bit crazy on ya every now & again as is the case with moi lately!

Often I get moments where I see a particular mani/nail art design that just blows me away completely & I literally have to drop whatever I’m doing so that I can have a go at re-creating it myself. Such was the case when I saw the awesome Yin-Yang design that one Katy Perry just so happens to be rocking on the front cover of September’s issue of Elle. I thought it looked bloomin awesome, so the moment I got home, I grabbed the nearest white & black polish in my stash & got to attempting some Yin-Yang nails!

What do ya think? I am actually seriously happy with how they came out, after many mani fails of late, it was so nice for one to go the way I wanted it to! :D 

To achieve the Yin-Yang nails I first applied my white polish of choice which was No7 Snowflake. Now if you’re a regular reader of my blog then you’ll know that I love No7 polish’s & have blogged about a couple of their shades. However, I’m disappointed to say that Snowflake was a let-down :( I don’t know if I just picked a bad bottle, but the consistency is awfully watery, but slightly gloopy too making application a pain in the bum with streakiness galore. I couldn’t make sense of it as the other polish’s have been a joy! Oh well. This was 2 heavy coats applied over the whole nail.

The black on the other hand is W7 Black, & is without a doubt, one of the BEST black polish’s I’ve ever used! It’s just a perfect formula, so super glossy & just so...BLACK. Everything you could want in a black polish. It applies beautifully & the best thing is that it’s so cheap! From the top of my head I only paid a couple of pounds for it in a set of 3 from TK Maxx! I think I’ve also seen W7 in Savers & Poundland too so will keep an eye out as I want me a backup of this gorguz black :)

For the Yin-Yang design, I first used a nail art brush & the W7 Black to draw a sort of backwards S shape in the middle of the nail, which I then filled in on the left side with more black so I had my two teardrop like sides of the Yin-Yang symbol. Once dry, I then simply used a hair bobby pin to place a dot of black on the white side & vice versa with the white on black, completing the Yin-Yang mani with a coat of topcoat. Done!  :D

Thanks for stopping by lovelies, hope you liked! Have you tried Yin-Yang design nails? Or been inspired by a particular design?

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. I don't have the patience to even attempt something like this, it looks great!

    1. Haha! It actually didn't take as long as I thought it would! Thank you hun :) xoxo

  2. love it!!!! so creative and actually looks really neat and perfect!!! how long did it take????? i wouldnt be able to do it if i had a whole day!! lol xx

    1. Awww thank you! Hmmm I think it took me about 15-20 minuutes? Next time I will definitely have to time myself! Lol! xoxo


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